Odette Yustman
Name: Helena Rosa Bertinelli
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Gotham City
Age: 20s
Aliases: Huntress
Origin: Human
Present Location: Gotham City
Occupation: Heroine, Heiress
Team: Solo
Alignment: Antihero
Significant Other(s): None
Powers and Abilities: None
Portrayed by: Odette Yustman

APPROVED: BACKGROUND_1 Becoming The Huntress

- Born Helena Rosa Bertinelli - the illegitimate child of Maria Bertinelli, wife of Gotham Mob Boss Franco Bertinelli, and Santo Cassaemento.
- Raised as Franco's daughter, Helena was subject to the same beatings as her mother.
- At 8 years old she witnessed the hitman carry out the contract on her family - ordered by Sicilian Don Stefano Mandragora.
- Whisked away by her uncle, Tomasso, she stayed in Italy under protection as she grew.
- Wracked by nightmares of the killings, her cousin told her that blood was crying out for blood. For vengeance.
- Determined to track down the killers - and orchestrators - of her family, Helena began to train for this single minded purpose.
- At 15, she was sent to a boarding school in Switzerland due to law enforcement pressure on the Family.
- While following the events from afar, she had the epiphany that all of the stories of how good the Family was were all a lie to cover up the crimes committed, the laws broken.
- At 16 she visited her uncle in Gotham again only to be present when the Batman raided a Family holiday gathering to apprehend a member.
- Seeing the reaction the Batman caused, she was inspired to avenge her family's murders herself.
- Returning to school abroad, she began to study the mafia in exacting detail, learning names and methods while also doubling her physical efforts to be capable of carrying out her vengeance.
- Now in her early 20's, Helena has returned to Gotham. Employed as a teacher by day, she has begun to set her plans in motion, intent on drawing out every Mob figure even remotely connected to her family's contract and hit.

IC Events

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