Honeymoon Tracy
Honeymoon Tracy
Olivia Holt
Name: Honeymoon Tracy
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: N/A
Age: 18
Aliases: N/A
Origin: Alien Hybrid
Present Location: NYC
Occupation: Private Investigator
Team: N/A
Alignment: Hero
Significant Other(s): N/A
Powers and Abilities: Magnetic Fingertips
Portrayed by: Olivia Holt

Three Generations

  • Back in the day, Richard "Dick" Tracy built a reputation as America's "top cop". As a detective he built a major crimes unit that became the model for police departments across the nation who were trying to deal with an increased presence of both organized crime and theme and powered criminals. Detective Tracy's exploits against colorful criminals known by monikers such as Pruneface, Flattop and Big Boy became the stuff of legend and inspired movie serials, television shows and even a comic strip.
  • Eventually, Dick Tracy and his wife, Tess, adopted a young street urchin by the monikor of Junior. As a kid and a teenager, Junior is precocious and involves himself in a number of his father's cases, like it or not. When he grows up, Junior becomes first a police sketch artist and then a full detective in the MCU.
  • Meanwhile, famed inventor Diet Smith played around with a new invention designed for long distance teleportation. An energy surge allows his device to briefly reach through a temporary crack in the Spectre's Judgement and bring an alien named Mysta to Earth. He is unable to return her and tries to help her adjust to life on Earth. Due to language issues, at first Diet believes Mysta is from the moon. She is, in fact, from a moon - just not the Earth's moon.
  • Diet introduces Mysta to his friends, the Tracys. They help her fit in on Earth. Eventually, Mysta and Junior fall in love and are married. It isn't long before they are blessed with a baby girl who they named Honeymoon. Honeymoon's early childhood is wonderful. She is loved by her parents, grandparents, her godfather Diet Smith and the extended MCU family.
  • When Honeymoon is a toddler a dying mobster named Big Boy places a bounty on Dick Tracy, determined to see his rival go before he does. Dozens try for the money. One would-be assassin rigs a bomb to Tracy's car. When Mysta goes to start the car it blows up. She dies, instantly in front of her entire family.

Growing Up Tracy

  • Despite the loss of his wife, Junior struggles on and raises his daughter as best he can. Since she was so young, Honeymoon's memories of her mother fade. She never forgets but it doesn't traumatize her as much as it might have had she been older. She spends a great deal of time in the MCU's offices and learnes the tools of the trade directly from some of the best detectives in the country. She also spent time in California with famed actor and family friend Vitamin Flintheart and on the Yakima Indian Reservation with her aunt Bonnie.
  • As a tween Honeymoon and her friends, inspired by the MCU, formed the Crimestoppers. A club for kids interested in fighting crime, information from the Crimestoppers proved instrumental in helping the MCU crack several cases including a stolen goods trafficking operation, a dogfighting ring and a bootleg DVD operation.
  • Around her thirteenth birthday Junior married his childhood sweetheart and friend, Sparkle Plenty. Already a family friend, Sparkle treated Honeymoon like her own daughter and the two quickly and happily bonded. As she grew older, Honeymoon continued to spend time at the MCU when she could, learning about modern investigation techniques.
  • As Honeymoon approached her sixteenth birthday strange things began to happen. Paperclips stuck to her fingers. She gave people static shocks when touching then with her hands. Worried, she went to her godfather Diet. Until now, the only sign of her alien heritage were small hornlike buds just above her hairline which she kept hidden. Now, though, it seems she was developing some minor powers. With the help of Diet and her family, Honeymoon learned to control her magnetic fingertips.
  • As she approached her eighteenth birthday Honeymoon had a decision to make. Her grades were fantastic and with her family legacy she was guaranteed admission to any police academy or university in the country. However, she decided that she wanted to find her own way. While she wanted to go into the family business she didn't want to follow the same path as her grandfather or father. Instead, with her family's blessing, after turning eighteen she has moved to New York City to see if she can make her way as a private detective.

IC Events

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