Jenae Noonan
Name: Shayera Hol
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Mongo (Yes, THAT Mongo)
Age: 24
Aliases: Shaira Hall
Origin: Alien
Present Location: Metropolis
Occupation: Protector
Team: Birds Of Prey
Alignment: Hero
Significant Other(s): N/A
Powers and Abilities: Flight, Strength
Portrayed by: Jenae Noonan

Shayera comes from the planet Mongo. The planet is a conglomeration of many different races all separated by kingdoms. The entire planet is ruled by a ruthless, conquering warlord by who goes by the name of Ming The Merciless. He's gathered these races by conquering their worlds and depleting the natural resources from the planet and then enslaving the population. The slave populations had earned a modicum of freedom as Ming allows them to self-govern as long as his will is done. For Shayera, the only way to bring her family out of poverty and the threat of being sold back into slavery was to join the military. Either that or to get sold into a brothel, so Shayera jumped at the chance and entered the Academy. She not only went through the ranks but excelled. She elevated herself out of the ranks of the winged infantry and landed into espionage school. She graduated at the top of her class and was assigned to go to Earth to be an advanced scout. Ming uses scouts and sends them to other planets in an effort to gather information. He takes the information and uses them to plan out which planets he conquers next.

Once Shayera had arrived on Earth, she realized that the world was like nothing she'd ever seen. Technologically primitive, the world seems to treasure it's most natural resource: it's citizens. A people looking to the future with a taste of true freedom, Shayera fell in love with Earth and humans and what this could mean for her own people. She made the conscious decision to become a double agent. She will send Ming enough information to keep him satisfied while preparing Earth for Ming's invasion, hoping to bring him down and restore freedom to her people.

IC Events

Hawkgirl's Logs

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(2014-08-22) Birds at Breakfast
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(2014-08-06) Birds Reunite
Birds Reunite Summary: Shayera takes up Dinah's offer and visits her at the florist...

(2014-07-30) Birds of a Feather
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(2014-07-25) In the Details
In the Details Summary: Blackout is curious about Hawkgirl's origins and motivations. Date: IC...

(2014-07-19) Huntress/Hunted
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(2014-07-16) Ants in the Pantry
Ants in the Pantry Summary: Giant antes erupt from a cafe. A handful of heroes push them back. ...

(2014-07-11) Flight Deck
Flight Deck Summary: Blackout and Hawkgirl encounter one another once again. This time aboard...

(2014-06-22) Initiation Gone Awry
Initiation Gone Awry Summary: A HYDRA initiation is interrupted by two unlikely interlopers ...


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