Harleen Quinn
Harley Quinn
Name: Harleen Quinzel
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Gotham City
Age: 28
Aliases: Harley Quinn, Harls
Origin: Human
Present Location: Gotham City
Occupation: Crazy Things
Team: Joker's Gang?
Alignment: Villain
Significant Other(s): Mista J?
Powers and Abilities: x
Portrayed by: NA


  • Harleen's life was normal, as normal as a girl can be when she discover she has genius-level IQ. This was discovered when she was in middle school, she started acting up during class. It turns out she was bored in the normal classes. They moved her from the normal to advance classes. Harleen did well in these classes even skipped the 8th grade all together.
  • Her after school life was just as advance, she had gymnastic classes. Here she was skilled as she was at school work. She competed in many tournaments taken a few metals. There was even talk of her competing in the Olympic Games; it was just talk she was never picked for it.
  • Instead of going to the Olympic she went to college. She had many offers from different colleges for scholarships for her gymnastic skills, finally she settled on Gotham State University. Her Major at GSU is Psychiatry. Her grades in college stayed high though she found college more challenging then all her school career before.
  • When she tried to get into the graduate program she found herself under Dr. Odin Markus. Like any student she needed a thesis, hers was 'There are only two circumstances under which a person disregards the rules of society. When they commit a crime, or when they're in love.' She invites Dr. Odin Markus back to the dorm room where she lives with her boyfriend Guy Kopski. She wanted Dr. Odin Markus to observe an independent experiment to prove her point. The Doctor hid in a nearby room and watched through a door which was left ajar slightly.
  • Guy, a scientist himself, noticed that Harleen was reacting different then she normally does around him. Harleen explains that she went on what could be a called crime spree, it started with her running a red light and ended with the shooting of Dr. Markus.
  • Guy does not react well to the news and the evidence, Harleen had showed him (a recently fired) gun, he ran out with the gun. Harleen followed after him, but she lost him. She only found him a little later in the gymnasium. The gymnasium is where Harleen was supposed to have shot Dr. Markus.
  • Guy had found a homeless man, he had mistaken the man for the doctor and killed him. Guy handed over the gun to Harleen and pleaded with her to help him end it. Guy died shot by the gun, but if Harleen shot him or if Guy shot himself only Harleen knows.
  • Dr. Markus had spiked Guys invention, a drink that was supposed to center and calm him, with diluted Joker Venom. This is unknown to Harleen making her blame herself believing the news drove Guy over the edge. The event with guy made her think that she understood the psychopaths and more so the Joker. She went to Dr. Markus and told him she do anything to get an internship at Arkham Asylum. Her end goal was to meet the clown prince of crime.


  • She started her residency at Arkham thanks to her good grades and a glowing reference from Dr Markus. Here she befriended Dr. Arkham, she convinced him that she was writing a book about serial killers.
  • She soon has full access to the Joker. In her first interview the Joker would not respond to Harleen until she said he could call her Harley Quinn. He points out that it sounds like the jester Harlequin. Harleen is pleased that she got the Joker to speak but he does not stop there. The Joker strikes out and starts to strangle her. The only thing it stops him from killing her was her eyes, instead of fear or hate she had love in them. This confuses the Joker who enjoys striking fear into people.
  • The two of them have an affair for over a year. In that year she helped Joker escaped Arkham many times. In time she was caught and locked away in Arkham, she lost everything because of her love for a madman.


  • Harleen Quinzel now Harley Quinn escapes from Arkham to be with the Joker many times. The two of them go on many crime sprees. She becomes as well-known as Joker himself. She was always the loyal, loving sidekick to the Joker and never took charge.
  • Her relationship with joker is complex, while she's always loyal and loving to Joker, he's not always to her in return. He showed to be physical and verbal abusive to her. She even admits he's abusive to her.
  • She grows over time making friends in and out of Arkham (sure they are other supervillains). She even teams up with some of them for short or long time spans. Even with new friends she always returns to her pudding, always deeply in love with him.


  • Her life changed again after she murdered one of the prosecutors who put the Joker behind bars. After taken in she was made to join the Suicide Squad. While not the most stable member on the team she soon becomes a value teammate. She shows intelligent and skill in fighting.
  • In time she escapes with some help and returns to Gotham City. She decides to become a crime boss and creates The Quintets. She's not very successful as leader, she leads her team to a few failed missions. After that a member on her team put a hit on her head. Many try to cash in on the reward by killing her but she proves she's not easy to kill.
  • After the attacks failed the traitor is shown when he attacks Harley. She has no upper hand with the traitor. She's about to be killed when a man who is a gangster and arsonist hears the struggles and saved her life. Harley has no idea who this man is or why he helped her. She never saw the man after that. After that she disbands The Quintets.


  • After the event with The Quintets she was done with the whole master mind of evil. She was getting tired of the whole badgirl thing and with Joker still locked away she decided to go striate. She does not turn herself in to the police but instead goes to a lawyer to help her. She wanted him to talk to the D.A. on her behalf. After a few days of back and forth phone calls the D.A. agrees to a plea deal for some reduce time.
  • She did her time and the D.A. kept his word. Even with the deal she did most of her time. When she got out she try to have a normal life. She got a job being a therapist (even without a license). She also gets on a roller derby team.
  • It does not last, another reward is discovered by the people who live in her building. They try to cash in and she has to flee. She realizes she could never have a real normal life. Once again she puts on the grease makeup, but this time her goal is to stay on the right side of the law.

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