Guardians of the Galaxy
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Location: Some dwell on Earth
Purpose: Protecting peace, throughout the galaxy, on their own accord - no one's asking for it, sort of non-profit.
The Earth Team:

You can call the Guardians whatever you want to. But to the rest of the galaxy, all the people we've helped crawl out from under you and crap like you…the Guardians are the good guys. Not to brag, but we actually go out of our way to help people. We help people who can't help themselves.


IC Events

The Beginning

Vance Astrovik and Jack Flag return to Earth after having some space adventures with the Guardians. Vance having gone to the 31st century, then back to the current century to form the currant Guardians. Back at earth, the meet up with and induct (abduct) Stargirl into the Guardians. There are several instance involving space bounty hunters coming to capture the Guardians on behalf of Lady Martuk of the Skrull empire. As well, they are forced to deal with one space nemesis, Despero. He has somehow learned of a future plot to stop him and has come to try and stop Vance from living in order to complete that future timeline. The end of the beginning comes when, after meeting Lobo, they find a real lead in space and begin to trail after Lady Martuk to find out why she is after them.

July ~ September, 2014:

Action Vs Reaction

After learning more of Lady Martuk from Lobo, the Guardians more actively pursue interests in finding out what Martuk and the Skrull are up to. This is interrupted after Power Woman meets with Jack Flag to ask what they know about Ming and Planet Mongo. Likewise, meeting Marvel Girl, Courtney and Jean consider using the Guardians as a forward scout while Justice League readies its solar-system wide surveillance system. After initial scans of the planet and an fight with several war ships of Ming, they Guardians must land on the planet due to a damaged fuel cell. They encounter Prince Barin, take his son to safety and Marvel Girl makes contact with them to hopefully serve as a telepathic relay between potential ground resistance and any team Justice League sends in to hopefully stop this threat on earth. While working to become hero's on earth again, they have another visit to Mongo, meeting Prince Thun of the Lionmen. They refocus efforts in November to find a balance between earth life and being Guardians of the Galaxy.

September ~ Beginning of December, 2014:

Righting Wrongs

The Guardians start to follow the trail of the rogue/rebel band of Skrull that have duping Vance, Jack and other Guardians.

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