Green Lantern
Green Lantern
Jay Hernandez
Name: Kyle Rayner
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: North Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA
Age: 23
Aliases: None
Origin: Alien Technology
Present Location: Gotham City
Occupation: Graphic Artist, Student
Team: None
Alignment: Hero
Significant Other(s): None
Powers and Abilities: Green Lantern Ring
Portrayed by: Jay Hernandez


  • Kyle Rayner was born in North Hollywood to Maura Rayner and Zachary Rayner. His father is deceased and his mother supported him throughout his youth, working as a nurse at a local hospital.
  • From a young age, the Kyle was interested in art, especially painting and sculpting. His mother supported him in pursuing art as a career, though it was difficult with a single parent: art supplies are expensive, after all.
  • Their home life was a simple one; Maura's job provided what they needed, though it was tough on her at times. This worried Kyle, and he tried to keep an eye on her. He wanted to leave home as soon as possible, so as to help his mom.
  • As he grew up, Kyle's personality slowly developed, becoming a bit reckless and careless. This led to problems when he started attending college in Gotham on a scholarship. He focused a great deal on his own personal pursuits, art, and ignored his classes. He came very close to blowing his scholarship. After a year spent working, he returned to school and applied himself more diligently.


  • It was during this time that he broke up with his girlfriend, Alexandra DeWitt, the girl having encouraged him to take things more seriously.
  • This pattern repeated itself quite often. Kyle is a responsible young man, but sometimes doesn't take things seriously, and has a tendency to let things go too far, then he realizes this and fixes things. School, friendships, relationships, this is typical for him.
  • Kyle's college life in general has been met with some success. He won the occasional award for his work, and discovered a love for graphic art especially. Surprisingly, he also discovered that he loved writing, and started working on his own comic book that he publishes online.
  • Not everything was roses, however. While Kyle likes Gotham University, he was not fond of the corruption in Gotham City, and would often joke with his friends that it was bad when a city made Los Angeles look tame. These jokes would be remembered with irony, later on.

Birth of a Lantern

  • Not long after Kyle was graduated from Gotham University, something strange happened. After visiting his mother, Kyle went camping for a brief time in the hills, when there was a large explosion not far away, blinding. Curious, if rather reckless, he went to see what had happened, and found a space ship crashed in the hills. Staggering out of the ship was some sort of an alien.
  • Kyle was, to be honest, frightened. But he mastered his fear and charged forward to try to help the alien, who was bleeding. He was too late, however, and the alien died without speaking anything rational.
  • A glowing, green ring floated away from the alien, and surprisingly, it floated in front of Kyle: ~~You have the ability to overcome great fear. Welcome to the Green Lantern Corps.~~
  • A rather simple, prosaic beginning to be sure, but Kyle was shocked. The ring continued to hover in front of him, as if waiting. Kyle took a step away, and the ring followed. After a moment, Kyle took the ring and put it on, not sure what would happen. A green field of energy surrounded him, and he was garbed in a strange outfit. He was also hovering off the ground!

A New Green Lantern

  • ~~Initiating jump to Oa.~~ With this, the ring streaked out into the atmosphere, and Kyle found himself in space. He wanted to panic, but something inside him was simply captivated by the glorious view. Some time later, he reached Oa.
  • It was perhaps lucky that Kyle had not yet applied for his postgraduate work at Gotham University. Kyle found himself being trained by a huge alien that called itself Kilowog. It was some of the most strenuous work he'd done, and Kilowog was something of a hardass as an instructor. Kyle enjoyed it, however, if only due to the fact he was /on another freaking planet/!
  • Finally, Kyle returned to Earth. His mother, by that time, had been frantic and quite literally slapped him once or twice before hugging him and crying. Settling into life again was … difficult. He'd changed on his rather strange trip. After a few months, he applied and was accepted to Gotham University's art department, and he started attending again, working on his Master's part time while pursuing other interests.
  • … namely, being a superhero. Kyle is new to the scene as it were, but he tries his best. His main problem is inexperience, though he Kilowog and memories of past mistakes have caused him to take things seriously. He is able to learn!



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