They Came to Life
Overview: Control Freak is unleashed upon Gotham!
OOC Contact: Jubilee or Black Knight.

11/7/14 -

An odd story relating to a video rental store in the Westend relates how a man came in, brought items to life in the store because his favorite movie trilogy (Space Wars, I, II, and III) was not on the stores top ten list of all time for best movies ever. From TV's coming to life with menacing faces, to cardboard persons sprining to life, they clerk would of been in trouble if not for the arrival of two heros. One identifed as an Asian-American girl/young woman, the other as the Black Knight. Other than the destruction of some TVs and the animated cardboard cutouts, no one was harmed.

Real Monsters
Overview: Guardians of the Galaxy deal with several random monster attacks in Gotham
OOC Contact: Guardians of the Galaxy


In the early hours of the morning on Halloween, several monster attacks around the city seemed to occur. All answered by a group calling themselves Gaurdians of the Galaxy. The first reported as some mummy attack, who was burnt to ashes according to the guardians and the second a creature from the black lagoon monster near the rivers. The second monster captured and restrained by the Guardians and turned over to proper authorities.
OOC: Guardians

Silver and Blue
Overview: Meta's foil a robbery
OOC Contact: Nightcrawler or Mercury


An attempted robbery of a jewelry store was foiled by a Silver woman and a Blue devil. Five known gang members were apprehended in the store. Clerks report the silver woman simply stopped their bullets while the blue devil just appeared around the room as they stopped all five armed men. Neither woman nor devil remained at the scene.
Blue Silver

Gang Fight Ended by Intervention
Overview: Two crime fighters stop a gang fight from escalating and before any lives are lost
OOC Contact: Black Lightning.


Last week, a gang fight was interrupted by two crime fighters. While collateral damage was abound at Ming Wong Imports in Gotham, no one was critically injured. Some damage came from a masked heroine working from inside the shop, and minor damage was done to some of the gang members outside the place of business by the hero identified as Black Lightning.

OOC: Black Lightning or Huntress
Gang Intervention

Exhibit Explodes
Overview: Explosion at the Gotham Museum of Natural History destroys Greek artifacts
OOC Contact: Winsome

10.3.2014 - A priceless exhibit formerly on display at the Gotham Museum of Natural History is no more. Featuring artifacts related to the gods of ancient Greece from the glory days of Athens and Sparta, the exhibit was ground zero for an explosion Thursday night. Unfortunately, most of the artifacts in the exhibit, on loan from a number of Greek museums, were destroyed in the disaster. Authorities are blaming a faulty gas main below the museum for the explosion. Museum officials are currently in crisis mode and are in discussions with the Greek ambassador on how to proceed now that several priceless Greek artifacts are no more. Some witnesses to the explosion reported an orange shockwave that eminated outward from the museum but authorities believe that this was an optical illusion created by the gasses present.

OOC: This post opens our THEME OF THE MONTH, which will be posted about on +bboard 5. Anyone investigating the museum explosion will discover that this was, indeed, an actual accident - a result of Gotham's crumbling infrastructure needing some serious repair.

6 Found Injured in Alley
Overview: Six injured men found in a theater alley, all had warrants out for their arrest
OOC Contact: Scandal or Batwoman.

09-19-14 - A group 6 apparent gang members weer found in an alley outside of a movie theater in the late hours of the morning. Three of the men appeared to have been stabbed and slashed with bladed weapons and were in critical condition, while others seem to have been in a phsyical struggle. All 6 were arrested for wants and warrants in connections with other crimes.

Contact Scandal Savage or Kate Kane for more information.
Six Found

Kate Kane's Latest Conquest?
Overview: Kate Kane spotted with Karen Starr at Federal Contracts Expo
OOC Contact: Kate Kane or Karen Starr

08/11/2014 - Debutante, society darling and noted party girl Katherine 'Kate' Kane was spotted at the Federal Contracted Suppliers Expo opening ball at Hamilton Towers. The Expo, hosted by Catherine Hamilton Kane and others, was opened with a formal social reception. While in attendance, Kate Kane was spotted talking with young Metropolis University science phenom Karen Starr, noted for having already founded her own tech company, StarrWare Incorporated, a presenter for the Expo for the first time this year. Witnesses and photographs indicate that the lovely young ladies then spent a good while alone on one of the attached balconies, engaged in what was described as very intimate conversation. Speculation is rampant that the previously very private Ms. Starr may have been swept off her feet by the notorious Kane.
Kates Conquest

Rampage Stopped
Overview: Solomon Grundy stopped during rampage
OOC Contact: Robin/Richard

5.25.2014 - A creature known as Solomon Grundy went on a rampage in Gotham's diamond district yesterday. He was opposed by three metahumans, though only one is publically known, Supergirl. The other two metahumans were identified as a biker with a flaming skull for a head and someone made out of some sort of living metal.

The three engaged Grundy in battle. The fight ended when a series of cars were smashed on top of Grundy by Supergirl. The flaming biker then melted the cars, seemingly killing Grundy.

Gazette archives mention a Solomon Grundy of similar description as an occasional foe of the original Green Lantern in the 1940s. It is unknown if this is a new Grundy or the same one. A spokesperson for the GCPD said today that while they appreciate the help of Supergirl and the other metahumans in stopping Grundy they do not approve of lethal measures taken by civilian vigilantes.
Rampage Stopped

Senate Passes Anti-Meta Law
Overview: Metahuman Research Guidance Law passed
OOC Contact: Winsome

5.22.2014 - The Senate today passed the Metahuman Research Guidance Law, a law aimed at limiting the ability of private organizations to do research into the creation of metahumans and artificial intelligences. As written the law will require corporations, universities and not-for-profit groups seeking to do research into activating methauman abilities or programming artificial intelligences to apply for permission from the Department of Extranormal Operations. If permission is granted the research will be subject to DEO oversight.

A similar bill is currently being debated in the House. The President has indicated he will sign the bill if it crosses his desk.
Anti Meta

Charity Gala Holdup
Overview: Technology/Tech Job Training charity fundraiser held up - stopped by vigilantes
OOC Contact: Power Woman or Black Canary

May 5th, 2014 —

A star- and celebutante-studded charity gala, attended by the rich and powerful of Gotham City, including key figures from some of the City's biggest employers, was held Monday evening at the Gotham Convention Center. The event was sponsored by StarrWare, Inc, and hosted by Ms. Karen Starr, the science and programming wunderkind who founded the company, still attending Metropolis University in pursuit of an advanced Engineering degree. The event was intended to benefit a newly established charity focused on providing technology and tech job training to the unemployed and underemployed in the city, and assisting them in finding jobs.

Unfortunately, the event drew the attention of some of Gotham's underworld, and the event was held up by a gang of apparently twelve heavily armed perpetrators, who disabled power for the building and locked everything down, holding the notables of the audience and the staff hostage while seeking to rob them.

Reports indicate that one of Gotham City's noted vigilantes, the mysterious Black Canary, may have been responsible for stopping this. What is known is that a powerful sonic weapon was deployed, knocking unconscious perpetrators and hostages alike. GCPD breached the convention center to find everyone unconscious, but largely unharmed. The GCPD spokesman said that the crisis intervention team gave all due credit to Ms. Starr for some quick thinking, calling them for help and providing detailed video and other information which enabled their rapid response to the crisis.
Gala Held Up

Private Collection Pilfered
Overview: Collection of Maximillian Zeus was robbed - three ancient coins
OOC Contact: Winsome

5/11/2014 - The private artifact collection of Maximillian Zeus, CEO of Olympus Shipping, was robbed last night. Mr. Zeus reports only three ancient Roman coins were stolen. The coins depict a trinity of ancient Greco-Roman gods: Zeus/Jupiter, Poseidin/Neptune, and Hades/Pluto. According to Zeus, the coins have relatively little value compared to the rest of his collection, which was untouched. He is offering a ten thousand dollar reward for information pertaining to the safe return of the coins.

This is the fifth robbery of antiquities from a Gotham museum or private collection so far this year. Police believe the same thief is behind all five crimes.
Private Collection Pilfered

Grand Opening
Overview: Voodoo Lounge opens - East Side, Gotham
OOC Contact: Topaz

A blurb in the Nightlife Section of various Gotham newspapers.

The owner of the famed Voodoo Lounge is pleased to announce that the famous bar will be opening in the East Side of Gotham. In honor of the grand opening, the Voodoo Lounge will have live entertainment, ½ off drinks and appetizers. Come say hello to the bartender, Topaz, who New York Night Life Magazine voted as the most beautiful bartender in New York for three years running.
Grand Opening

Airship Disaster Averted!
Overview: Two blimps collide - two heroines save the passengers
OOC Contact: Moon Maiden or Ultragirl

4/9/2014 - Disaster was averted today when two superheroines stepped in to prevent two Gotham Police Department blimps from crashing. The two blimps crashed into each other after the pilot of one craft suffered a heart attack while the two were performing a complicated docking manuever. The gas bags of both airships were injured during the crash but, fortunately, two superheroines were on hand to prevent a crash. Famous heroine Moon Maiden and the newer heroine Ultragirl worked together to catch the two GCPD airships and deliver them to an airfield. Emergency personnel were on hand to rush the injured pilot to the hospital. A GCPD spokesperson has stated that the pilot is expected to make a full recovery and the two airships will be repaired and back in the air within the month.

Grisly Mafia/Gang Murders
Overview: Major Arms Deal Disrupted in Gotham
OOC Contact: Huntress

GCPD have been tight lipped about the events taking place down at the Port of Gotham warehouses last week. Either they know more than they want to admit or they're baffled. What is known is that an apparent arms deal between known Mafioso Tomas "Tommy" Capretti and what was considered a street gang on the rise known as the O.P. after the small Orchard Park projects of Gotham's inner city.

Sources that spoke on condition that they would not be identified because they did not have approval to discuss the investigation say that the O.P. members were all incapacitated, many had burst ear drums from some loud noise or explosion while most of Capretti's men were killed by what appeared to be crossbow bolts. Capretti himself was shot in both thighs and managed to crawl some fifty yards outside of the warehouse where he was apparently tracked down and shot in the throat with another bolt. A phonecall was made from his cellphone to 911 services alerting authorities to the crime. The source went on to note that the caller was female. GCPD apparently has no other clues.
Mafia Murders

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