Actor Name
Name: Annie Ritter
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: San Diego, CA
Age: 22
Aliases: "Orange Crush"
Origin: Altered Human
Present Location: New York City
Occupation: Wrestler
Team: N/A
Alignment: Hero
Significant Other(s): N/A
Powers and Abilities: Strength/Agility
Portrayed by: Actor Name

* Anna Marie Ritter is born to Boris and Nina Ritter in San Diego Ca. Boris is a plumber in the Navy. Nina is a mechanic.

  • Boris and Nina divorce with irrevocable differences. Anna stays with Nina* Annie is a pretty and popular in school. She is tall and a natural athlete.
  • While touring Nurad Industries, there is an explosion. Annie and several of her classmates are seriously injured and exposed to a toxic cloud of experimental biological and chemical agents. Annie is something of a hero, saving several classmates.
  • Annie and her fellow classmates are changed by their exposure to the NuRad chemicals; their skin turns orange along with other changes that are different from student to student.
  • Because Nurad is the main employer in the area, and responsible for the bulk of the local economy, most families accept settlements. Although Nina Ritter doesn't want to accept a settlement, she evemtually caves in to pressure and takes the settlement as well.
  • Annie continues to get bigger and thicker. When she graduates she is over seven feet tall.

* She attends Oregon State University and her body continues to change. She grows larger. Her pinkies wither and in a grotesque bathroom moment, she pulls them off. Her nose soon follows. Annie is horrofied and hides in her dorm room as much as possible while her body transforms. Although Oregon is fairly progressive and accepting, Annie suffers from a lot of hate for being so distinctly different and fails to complete her junior year.

  • Annie gets an apartment and becomes a recluse, living on her settlement. During this time she works her way through depression and into acceptance, then pride in her new self. She attends some mutant support groups. At one of these meetings she meets Big Bonnie, a mutant who encourages Annie to join her in a small time wrestling organization.
  • Annie tries out wrestling and finds it a lot of fun, and she enjoys the company of fellow freaks. She goes out on the road, wrestling as "Orange Crush"
  • During a gig in Chicago, she stumbles into a supervillain in the middle of a crime and defeats him. She likes it. She starts studying up on how to become a superhero.
  • Meanwhile her wrestling career gains momentum, and she decides to head to NYC to try to join the big leagues…of wrestling and more importantly, of heroing.

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