Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Name: Dwayne Geyer
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Gotham
Age: 30ish
Aliases: Twilight Man, Mostly-Invisible Man
Origin: Parasite Bite
Present Location: Metropolis
Occupation: TV Star, Superhero, Spy
Team: Checkmate, Blood Pack (formerly)
Alignment: Alignment of Character
Significant Other(s): None
Powers and Abilities: Invisibility/Super-Sight/Enhanced Physique
Portrayed by: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Nowhere Man

“Zero-to-hero” — that more or less sums up Dwayne Geyer. Ish.

Dwayne Geyer was a nobody. He was born and raised in Gotham City, the only child of his parents, and lived a relatively cosy life throughout his childhood and adolescence. He was smart enough, good-looking enough to avoid being a ‘loser’ in the eyes of his peers, he had a girlfriend (Evelyn Longfellow), and after high school he attended college and became a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) — but, for all his looks or his wits, he never managed to really… stand out.

And he really wanted to stand out. He was good-looking, a fitness-freak, martial artist… so why did no one seem to notice him? His sorry, "Oh woe is me!" demeanour might have had something to do with it… He was a bit of a sourpuss.

Things took a dramatic turn for the worse when he accepted his first job — book-keeping for a pharmaceutical company called “Chem-Max Compounds”. Chem-Max had… a very bad reputation — and some very good lawyers. Chem-Max was the sort of company that attracted swaths of protestors, for issues ranging from chemical-waste dumps, to experimentation on animals, and so on. Unfortunately for the protestors, Chem-Max had air-tight legal documentation, which only incited the public more.

Due to Geyer’s willingness to ‘do the Devil’s book-keeping’, his girlfriend left him — as did most of his friends. He ended up taking the night-shift at the office (partly for the pay-rise, and partly to just avoid people), and gradually retreated from the ‘social scene’ almost altogether.

That is what put him in harm’s way.

Touched… by an Alien

When the Judgement of the Spectre ended in early 2010, aliens (of myriad worlds, races and moral values) turned their eyes and other assorted sensory organs toward Earth… including an entire brood of parasites. These creatures - shapeshifters all of them - infiltrated cities all over the world. One such parasite (a leader among them, named Pritor) made Gotham his hunting ground. On one fateful night (at approximately 02:00), as Dwayne was walking to his car from the office, Pritor fell upon him and bit Geyer in an attempt drain him of his spinal fluid. But the bite had a side-effect: it introduced a pathogen into Geyer's bloodstream, a pathogen that altered his DNA. The parasite might have drained his victim dry had it not been for the timely intervention of some of Gotham's superhero protectors. Pritor was forced to flee, leaving his prey for dead.

Geyer awoke in an alley much later the following evening, with no memory of what had happened to him since he had left the office the night before. When he stepped out into the street, though… he turned completely invisible. Several passers-by ran in fear from the ‘talking ghost’. Geyer ran out into the street, only to be blinded by the street-lights and head-lights of passing cars — but he discovered he could see perfectly well in the dark. He also discovered he was stronger, faster - but more importantly: anything touching his skin could be turned invisible as well (even other people). He sprinted the whole way home, keeping to back-alleys and shadows.

Once home, he called in sick.

Over the next few days Geyer tested his newfound abilities, and concluded that, if he wanted answers, he would have to track them down himself. To preserve his identity he picked out a costume and called himself ‘Geist - the Twilight Man’ — then he went out on the streets. Geist’s efforts attracted the attention of both heroes and villains alike - including Pritor, who could smell Geyer's blood - leading to an all-out ‘life-and-death’ match with the alien. Geist was successful in destroying Pritor, and learned at the same time that he had not been the only victim of the parasites. Others had been bitten. Most died. A few - like Geyer - lived, granted various powers.

Geist found some of these other "gifted" (or cursed) individuals, and teamed up to track down (and kill) more of the aliens.

It felt… good. Really good.

Greatest American Hero

Realising he could never go back to his old life (even if he had wanted to), Geist left the identity of ‘Dwayne Geyer’ completely behind him, and took up the life of vigilante crime-fighter full-time. He loved it. The pay sucked, though. One good thing did come of his efforts in the end, and six months later, Geist was approached by a television company to star in a new ‘reality show’ called ‘The Blood Pack’ — with real superheroes, with real powers… fighting ‘staged’ crime.


Go figure.

The show was a hit. A huge hit - understandable since superpowers were now "back". Ratings were through the roof. The story was great; the action was great — the combat training alone turned Geyer into a fighting machine. The stealth training made him the show's "resident sneak". The producers (strangely well-funded) outfitted all the show's cast members with impressive gear - so many "toys", because viewers loved "toys" to go with their heroes. Geist was a ‘fan favourite’ — depending on which fans one asked — and now he had a job he loved, a real use for his powers, and some real friends on top of it. It all seemed… too good to be true.

It was.

Nearing the end of the first season (late 2011), Geist stumbled onto a recording taken by one of the remote cameras used in the show. It revealed one of the security guards MURDERING Geist’s friend and co-star: Loria. He showed the rest of the cast (but not the crew), and this kicked off a daring investigation into serious corruption amongst the show’s producers and sponsors — experimentation on metahumans, super-soldier programs, stolen alien technologies, global domination, and… terraforming?! Geist and his friends were successful in exposing one of the most horrific conspiracies in television history.

They were heroes.

HE was a hero.

Then he found out he was only ON the show due to a clerical error… so he quit.

++On the Road Again…

Geyer/Geist became… something of a ‘has-been’ after he left the TV-show. Even after new producers took up ‘The Blood Pack’ and asked him to return, he refused (clerical error or no clerical error). Geist made a living out of ‘guest appearances’ on talk-shows, children’s parties, or at conventions — signing autographs, standing for photos… He also had the money he’d earned as a star (his severance package was… very generous), but he wanted to be a ‘positive influence’ any way that he could. In the meantime, he fought crime — but, once again, his life seemed to be going nowhere.

Geist found himself seriously torn — between trying to do something good with himself, and trying to just "get by". In his one year of television fame, he had earned a lot of money - and with his skills as an accountant, he had used it well. But even so… it was hard to "walk the straight and narrow" when it pays so little… So he indulged in petty crimes as well (taking some inspiration from Robin Hood - "steal from the rich/give to the poor"… namely, himself. Sometimes. Sometimes, others). It did not go smoothly either - mistakes were made; lives were endangered. Some lives were (apparently) lost.

And soon afterward, Geist - the "Mostly Invisible Man" - was caught. By the government. "Men in Black".

He was given a choice: pay for his crimes (which would surely mean life in prison at the least), or… he could sign on with this "covert division" as an operative.

Well of course he said yes.

And just like that, any records connecting "Dwayne Geyer" to "Geist" were destroyed, and Geist became a full-time agent of Checkmate. His training began almost immediately, as did his field work. Given his powers of stealth, he was assigned to the "Black" court - Operations - and by 2014 he had well-earned the rank of Knight. Whilst he was permitted to continue his previous, post-TV star life style - guest appearances, autograph signings etc - Geist was sent around the world on small missions of retrieval, sabotage, and like. He was outfitted with an experimental 'suppressor' device that allowed him to walk 'in the light' without disappearing - however it required frequent recharging.

But at least he got to pretend to be normal again. He could pretend to be "Dwayne Geyer" again - even if only for a short time, now and again…

…Even if a shady spy-organisation had him by the short 'n curlies.

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