Gemma Ward
Name: Whitney Pratt
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Unknown
Age: 23
Aliases: N/A
Origin: Metahuman
Present Location: Gotham City
Occupation: None
Team: None
Alignment: Neutral
Significant Other(s): N/A
Powers and Abilities: Machine Kinesis
Portrayed by: Gemma Ward

Daughter of Villain "Toybox" loses Arm

Whitney Fox was put into state care at the age of five after her mother Jessica Fox, AKA Toybox, was caught and put into prison for an extensive list of supervillain activity. She would be almost immediately adopted by Dr. Helen Pratt and Dr. Winston Pratt. Whitney was a tiny child with lots of issues over her size and over her adoption. The Pratt's were wonderful adoptive parents and dealt with the seemingly endless stream of drama she brought into their lives.

Kidnapped by Mom!

When Whitney was ten years old she lost her right arm in a horrible traffic accident. Thanks to the wonderful parenting of the Pratt's Whitney recovered from the accident quickly, both emotionally and physically. She wasn't going to let the loss holdd her back. She worked hard to adapt to the arm and actually become stronger and more confident in the process. Rather than being horrified by her artifical arm, she was fascinated by each one she was fitted for. The Pratt's bought her tools and gave her a spot to tinker with things as part of a deal to keep her from taking her arms apart. A deal which she regularly broke of course, but she figured that it only counted if she didn't put her arm back together again. She began taking things from around the house and disassembling them, examining how they were put together. Sometimes she would forget to put them back the way she found them, which lead to some family issues of course.

Jessie Fox would escape prison in time to crash Whitney's thirteenth birthday part in order to kidnap her daughter. Whitney found herself a prisoner of her crazy supervillain mother. It should have been a nightmare, but after the first few weeks she began to discover that it wasn't that bad. Sure, her mother was a crazy supervillain, but she really wasn't that bad. Try as she might, Whitney couldn't bring herself to hate the woman, especially once Jessie gave her a brand new arm, one that was oh, a million times better than any she'd had. Even better, she didn't freak out when Whitney promptly wanted to try taking it apart. In fact, Jessie helped her completely disassemble it and rebuild it. Jessie liked taking things apart and making them better too.

It would take nearly nine months before she was rescued. Which was long enough for her to have seriously mixed emotions about the whole rescue thing. Still, she was incredibly happy to be reunited with the Pratt's. They were wonderful parents to her. She seriously loved them. They were her Mom and Dad. But she loved Jessie too. Jessie understood her. Her brain worked the same way and Jessie clearly loved her, even if she wasn't really very good at the whole parenting thing. She was excellent at giving gifts and taking her cool places, and that was incredibly fun of course, but she just didn't know the little things that made a parent a parent. It would be several years before Jessie would crop up in her life again. During that time she would do her best to fit in and live a normal life with good friends and a great family.

Whitney and Jessie go to school and The Spectre too!

Whitney got accepted into Gotham University with a Wayne Scholarship. When she arrived at school she had a surprise visitor not five minutes after the Pratt's departed. Jessie Fox walked into her room and after hugs and kisses gave her a top of the line laptop, light years better than the one that she had brought with her from home. A few days later she found keys to a brand new car on her pillow one day after returning from classes. The gifts would keep coming as well as the occasional visit from Jessie. It was really easy to forget that Jessie was a wanted criminal. While Mrs. Pratt was still her Mom, Jessie had become her BFF.
Other than the stress surrounding Jessie, Whitney loved school. She was a good student and kept her nose to the grindstone for the most part. She liked learning. The more she learned, the more she wanted to learn.

During Whitney's sophomore year, the Spectre lifted his ban and suddenly Whitney's knack with tech was a lot more than a simple knack! It was freaking awesome. Whitney immediately runs to Jessie to share and it turns out she wasn't the only one who woke up to awesome. The two women experimented with their powers together, pushing them to the limits and having a ton of fun learning what they could do. Tech did what she wanted without much more than a touch and sometimes she didn't even have to touch.

The only down side to it was that the Pratt's weren't so keen on the return of powers to the world. They were all doom and gloom and Whitney kept her new found abilities from them. Their powers were a secret that Jessie and Whitney shared.

Whitney attends Jessie's Supervillain School

Whitney began to spend increasing amounts of time with Jessie. By her Junior year she was not only hanging out with Jessie socially, Jessie was one of her professors. Not officially of course, but Jessie took "Private Studies with Dr. Fox" very seriously. She pushed Jessie harder than any of her real instructors, which was saying something. Not only did she push Jessie to design and build complicated devices, she also pushed her to use her abilities, her powers. They worked out together religiously, training in martial arts and combat. Jessie was a firm believe in sound mind and body. On top of all that, Jessie began educating her in how to skirt the law.

It wasn't something that Whitney leapt at at first, but she had grown quite fond of having a generous bank account and quality toys thanks to the gift giving of Jessie. Protecting those perks only made sense. Jessie showed her the basics of laundering money and how to set up false backgrounds and identities. Still, Jessie never talked about her own criminal activities, and talked about crime in very disparaging terms for the most part.

Visiting home with the Pratt's became a challenge. There was so much she couldn't share with them about her current life. Thanks to her lessons with Jessie, she had a decent enough lie to cover most of her bases. She 'worked' for TechTron Inc., a company that she and Jessie had created as a cover. It made the lies a whole lot easier, but she still hated lieing to the Pratts.

Supervillains are bad. Superheroes are cool.

Jessie was out of country most of Whitney's senior year. She wouldn't go into specifics, but it was plain she was on the run. Even while on the run, she was a taskmaster, sending her the occasional encrypted message to make sure that Whitney wasn't slacking off on her 'independent studies'. Jessie returned in order to see Whitney graduate, and would pay the price for returning too soon. She was nearly murdered by criminal associates, and only survived thanks to the intervention of a superhero. It got Whitney to thinking.

She took the summer off and redoubled her training. She started piecing together information and gear that might be useful in hunting down the people that nearly killed Jessie. She entered grad school in the fall, but that didn't slow down her efforts. She wanted to make the people that hurt Jessie pay and that's just what she began to do.

She started small. It was a big organization, and the people she ultimately were after were pretty scary, so it was best to work her way up. That way she could hone her skills as she went. She found out quickly that she liked beating up badguys, and not just because of her quest for vengeance. It felt good to punish people who made the world so dark and dangerous. She liked helping out people. She liked being a hero. She also liked the fact that the badguys tended to have all sorts of money and things that she could take. Taking their money hurt them, and helped her

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