Feature Characters

Feature Characters are those with some basis in Marvel, DC or another comic universe. Any character who is actually from some published source is an FC. See the BANNED section for details regarding FCs that might be banned, or restricted.

Players of feature characters are, at Staff Discretion, permitted to use alternate versions of their character and their history, if it does not conflict with another already approved character. Origin stories of FCs should be as vague as possible when mentioning other FCs because of this.

While alternate versions are acceptable, you are still expected to play your character within the bounds of the version in use and the general 'concept' of the character. Wonder Woman doesn't suddenly because a super villains or have a fling with Lex Luthor. Staff will issue a warning if they have a concern in this regard, and if not rectified, a character may be sent back to the +roster.

Legacy characters based on non-Marvel/DC characters from the golden age may be allowed on a case-by-case basis. Such applications will be scrutinized carefully to ensure they match the theme of Age of Heroes.

Type +roster to see a list of the currently available characters. If a character is not on that list that you are interested in, speak to staff about the character becoming available.

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