Alison Brie
Name: Rita Farr
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Charleston, South Carolina
Age: 28
Aliases: N/A
Origin: Altered Human
Present Location: Metropolis
Occupation: Actress
Team: N/A
Alignment: Hero
Significant Other(s): N/A
Powers and Abilities: Size Manipulation
Portrayed by: Alison Brie

Rita Farr grew up in Charleston, South Carolina. Her father, Don, was a professional boxer, fighting under the name of "Drop 'em" Don Farr, while her mother, Jolene, his high school sweetheart, was a piano teacher and housewife. Her parents were conservative, protective and firm, but undeniably loving. They raised their daughter to be respectful and well-mannered, always a lady. Rita was a good girl by all accounts, pretty, sweet and eager to please. She did break the mold in a few ways: her Daddy taught her to fight, figuring the best way for her to keep grabby boys at bay was a good left hook. She pursued athletics, and became a champion swimmer. She won state and, by her junior year, national championships in the freestyle and butterfly. In 2004, she won a gold and two silvers at the Olympics. Her pretty face and gentle manner made her a national sensation, getting her on cereal boxes and talk shows. It also allowed her to pursue her dream: since she'd been a little girl, she'd nursed a secret hope of becoming a movie star. With a new agent and Hollywood opening its doors, eighteen year old Rita had her chance.

Rita's pretty face and publicity got her a good start, but her actual talent did the rest. Guest appearances on sitcoms and commercial spots eventually lead to supporting roles in romantic comedies, then starring roles. By 23, she was a legitimate star. Shy by nature, Rita often felt overwhelmed by fame, but she tried to stay humble, protecting her privacy and visiting home often. She never hit the party scene or gave much grist for the gossip mill. Her few boyfriends were stable, straightforward and rather boring, at least by Hollywood standards. Was Rita more worldly than her image? Of course. She's an intelligent, grown woman, well-read and discerning. But her shyness, her sensitivity, they were real and she was happy to hide behind the old fashioned image a bit, to let them idealize her. Four years ago, in 2010, she went to shoot a movie called "Wild Love" in Africa. Getting to see the world was a dream, and Rita took advantage to tour the countryside. A tour of a mountainous volcano, however, proved dangerous when it spontaneously erupted. Though the party tried to escape, the road in front of them cracked. From beneath the broken crust of the earth, a cloud of strange fumes arose, washing over Rita and the rest of her tour. Everyone else died. Rita, somehow, survived. But when she came to in the hospital, she quickly discovered she'd never be the same again.

Rita's powers emerged quickly, as she didn't have full control at first. After shrinking, growing and stretching at different intervals, she realized that the gases had somehow transformed, mutated her. Quickly, word of her transformation leaked to the press, a nosy orderly taking a bundle for the scoop. In a week, headlines declaring her a 'freak', a 'monster', her career 'in ruins' quickly spread across the media. Shy and hurt by the scandal, she did the wrong thing and hid herself at first, refusing to answer questions and becoming a recluse as she tried to make sense of what had happened to her. So she might've remained if a criminal mastermind hadn't built a massive war machine, threatening her Hollywood neighborhood in an attempt to kidnap a starlet he'd been stalking. Before she'd even thought, Rita was fifty feet tall and pummelling her frustrations out on the robot until it was in itty, bitty pieces. She discovered, at last, that maybe there was a good reason for her powers…and that using them to do good felt even better than acting! After designing a costume and taking the name Elasti-Girl, Rita emerged back onto the public scene. She didn't wear a mask or hide her face, instead standing up for herself. While still often the subject of gossip, she's found her acting career starting slowly back up. She's down a few Lifetime movies, a talk show or two. Recently, she's decided to try and work the stage. Resettling in Metropolis, she's pursuing her heroic career mostly full-time, with acting as a sideline. However big she gets, though, in fame or stature, she remains the same small town girl at heart!

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