Agent Drop-Bear
Temuera Morrison
Name: Matari Yarraman
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Nhulunbuy, NT Australia
Age: 34
Aliases: Bunyip
Origin: Mystical
Present Location: New York
Occupation: SHIELD Agent
Alignment: Lawful
Significant Other(s): None
Powers and Abilities: Monster-Form, Mystical Arts
Portrayed by: Temuera Morrison

The Dream (Story's Dawning)

The Judgement of the Spectre - robbing almost all super-powered beings on Earth of their extraordinary gifts - hit the Indigenous communities of Outback Australia hard (just like everywhere else). The shamans (most commonly known as "Clever Men") that used pure magic to guide and serve their people found themselves cut off from their spiritual source - the Dream Time.

It was into this vacuum of power that Matari Yarraman was born.

He was the son of Aboriginal Australian mother, Apanie Yarraman, and an American father, Walter Fess. Fess was a conservationist working in the Northern Territory when he met Apanie. They fell in love, married, and had Matari (whom his friends all called Mat) soon afterward. The marriage did not last, however, and Fess returned to the States. Apanie raised Matari herself, believing he needed the spiritual guidance of their tribal Elders.

She did not know how right she was.

Yarraman was born with what would have been a strong connection to the Dream Time, had the Spectre's judgement not prevented such powers from manifesting. The Elders told Yarraman that he was descendent from the Koobor-Spirit (koala), his totem - which would influence how his mystical aptitude would manifest in his life. The koala-totem represented the protection of dreams and memory, the ability to calm and engender trust in others - those born "of the Koobor" usually became Karadji: healers, medicine men, etc… (assuming they became shamans at all). Of course, all of this… was "all theory" to young Matari, as the majority of Clever Men (perhaps, as far as he knew, ALL of them) had no powers to speak of.

And then he met Waiwera.

The Lie (Story's Turning)

If Matari had paid more attention to the stories his mother (and Elders) had told, he would have known not to trust anyone calling himself "Waiwera" - named for the trickster-spirit that kidnapped a beautiful girl, turning her into a bird so he could keep her for himself, in the heavens - but Matari (still only a boy), had been a poor student. Waiwera (claiming to be a wandering Clever Man, a Kgun'diri - one who offered spiritual guidance), told the boy that he had great potential within him, and that (with Waiwera's help), Matari could ensure that when his powers awoke, they would be… incredible.

Matari, impressionable as he was, believed the man - and soon found himself participating in a ritual that was meant to unlock his greatness. Waiwera called upon the Koobor-spirit, speaking in a dialect Matari had never heard before - in fact, looking back, it was likely that everything Waiwera told him about what he did… was a LIE. Still, the boy dreamed of the days when his people could reshape the land, call upon their ancestors and the Wandjina (sky-beings - spirits). Filled with pride and ambition, he went through with the ritual.

Nothing happened. Well, nothing right away (how could it? The Spectre's Judgement reigned supreme).

Matari returned to his life, and did not see "Waiwera" again for many years. Had Waiwera really been a Kgun'diri? Had he been a man at all? Did he really have powers, despite the Spectre's Judgement? Or had it all been a sham to impress a nave youth? None of these questions would be answered until the day the Spectre lifted his Judgement, and power and knowledge once coursed through the Earth's veins as it had of old.

The Nightmare (Story's Curse)

Matari's time divided between his studies in Darwin, and his training with the tribal elders (and, of course, carousing with his friends in between). He was a daredevil, a thrillseeker - taking just about any dare, no matter how ridiculous (sky-diving, cliff-jumping…). He was fearless. Spiritual training consisted of intense exercises of endurance, memory and intuition and resourcefulness - he might have quit were it not for the encouragement of his mother, and the whisperings of Waiwera, echoing in his mind.

Shortly after Matari turned 18 in 1998, his mother fell victim to a hate-crime, and was killed by a racist who threw a heavy glass bottle at her, hitting her hard in the skull. She died in hospital three days later. Matari, not coping with the loss (and much to the disapproval of most of his tribe), quit his studies and disappeared.

He was gone for four weeks, during which time the man who had murdered Apanie mysteriously turned up dead (a fall and a broken neck - an accident, apparently). Matari resurfaced soon afterward, and enlisted straight away in the Australian Defense Force to eventually become Special Forces (TAG - Tactical Assault Group). He continued serving in the armed forces, making friends, protecting his homeland, being promoted to Sergeant… for the next eleven years.

Everything changed - again - for him, when in 2009 the Spectre lifted his Judgement upon the Earth, and super-powers began returning or awakening for people all over the world (Matari included).

Yarraman's… "awakening" came in the form of nightmares - the mystical energies that had lain dormant all these years suddenly kindled into a veritable bushfire of understanding… and it was not pleasant. The worst of it, however, were the dreams of… "becoming something" - a monster. A hideous monster. The awakening experience was so mentally and emotionally debilitating that he suffered PTSD, and was honourably discharged. He returned immediately to his ancestral home in Arnhem Land (along the North-eastern coast of the Northern Territory), to consult the Elders.

The Truth (Story's Revealing)

With the onset of Matari's powers (and the returning powers of many others), the three Clever Men of his tribe - the Karadji (healer), the Kgun'diri (guide), and the Kgai'dai'chi (arbiter) - began his training in earnest. Now, at long last, his previous training had proper context - and "practical" use to go with the theory. The Karadji and Kgun'diri both agreed that something had… interfered with Matari's connection to the Dream Time, corrupting it. Instead of imbuing him with the healing and calming powers of his totem (the Koobor, or koala), Matari found himself causing people PAIN if he tried to heal them. Several other mystical abilities of his proved to be stunted as well… so the Kgun'diri proposed a rite of summoning, to join Yarraman with the Koobor-spirit and (hopefully) unlock his potential.

What happened shocked and dismayed everyone - especially Yarraman.

Instead of embodying the gentle spirit of the Koobor, Matari underwent a horrific transformation - into a creature that appeared part man, part Koobor, and all monster. The change was excruciating, and proved to be irreversible. Some of Matari's friends took to calling him a "dropbear", after the predatory breed of koala rumoured to prey upon unsuspecting tourists. The Elders, however, called him "Bunyip" (demon) and immediately set about trying to exorcise the evil spirit that had apparently taken hold of Matari. For WEEKS, spell after spell was cast to try and restore Matari's humanity and rid him of his horrifying bestial form.

Nothing worked.

Then, that same year, Waiwera returned.

The Awakening (Story's Proving)

Chaos among the Elders ensued, for "Waiwera" was an outcast, a pariah - an arbiter-turned-sorcerer who practiced forbidden arts - and the fact that MATARI had had dealings with him (and not told anyone), meant that HE, too, was an accessory to such awful crimes. The Elders blamed Waiwera for "corrupting" Matari when he was young - thus explaining (for themselves) how Matari could become such a hideous beast as a Bunyip or "dropbear". Waiwera blamed Matari himself - stating that he had had NO powers when he and the boy had met, and it was MATARI'S own ambition that had led to his downfall. Of course, he did not call it a "downfall" - Waiwera saw the manifestation of Matari's powers as a TRIUMPH.

Waiwera had done the "ritual" just to see how deep the darkness in Matari really was.

This left Matari in a serious predicament. Sorcery was a crime punishable by DEATH, according to ancient law. His Elders might have called for his death, but reprisal from the government (not to mention the Australian Defense Force), for such an act, would have been certain. In the end, Matari Yarraman was EXILED. He travelled with Waiwera for a while, learning to ACCEPT (and USE) his animalistic abilities, as well as Dust Magic (healing, scrying, mind-tricking) to HIDE his true form. Waiwera also repeatedly insisted he had not corrupted his new protg, but that Matari had always been "destined" to mete out judgement (as a Kgai'dai'chi) rather than healing (as a Karadji or Kgun'diri).

Hence, the pair of them became "itinerant arbiters and executioners" all across the Australian Outback.

It did not sit well with Yarraman. The listless wandering with Waiwera, punishing (often killing) those whom the sorcerer deemed "criminal" seemed too much like reckless murder, and too little like justice. After about a year of this, in 2010, Yarraman's disagreements with Waiwera came to a head and resulted in a fight that left Yarraman severely wounded, and Waiwera… apparently dead. Yarraman called upon his "dust magic" (magic of the land) to heal himself, despite the agony, and journeyed toward the nearest town…

…he never made it there.

The Redeeming (Story's Gift)

En route, men and women identifying themselves as S.H.I.E.L.D. agents intercepted the morose and broken Matari Yarraman, stating they had been watching him for some time. Yarraman even recognised two of the agents present - they had been in his TAG-unit. Covert recruiters. The agents explained they had known about Yarraman's transformation (despite his Illusion-spell), AND his…activities since then - the good, the bad, and the criminal. They offered him a deal: join S.H.I.E.L.D., protect the world - in return for a clean slate.

Yarraman accepted.

From 2010 onwards he trained with S.H.I.E.L.D. until achieving Field Agent status (Level 3), and earning the official callsign "Dropbear". Given the mystical nature of his abilities (and the obvious ferocity of his dropbear-form), Yarraman was often assigned to operations involving the paranormal and/or "assault support". He enjoyed the work, the cause, and the camaraderie - and showed it in his seemingly unflappable, carefree manner and incessant jokes.

But, at night, the nightmares would always be waiting. Yarraman could never go back to his people again (they would never again even SPEAK HIS NAME, by tribal law). He could never see his friends or his old haunts again. He could never undo the things he did on his own, or the things that Waiwera convinced him to do - knowing full well the consequences. Nevertheless, life had given him another chance, and he took it with both hand (or paws).

And every chance is a gift.

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