Diamond Lil
Diamond Lil
Ronda Rousey
Name: Lillian Crawley
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Canada
Age: 24
Aliases: Lil
Origin: Metahuman
Present Location: 'Merica
Occupation: Adventurer, Underground Fighter
Team: None
Alignment: Anti-Hero
Significant Other(s): None
Powers and Abilities: Invulnerability, Strength
Portrayed by: Ronda Rousey

Lillian Crawley grew up white trash, a trailer park kid from a craphole town in Canada, barely a truckstop going from city to city. Her mother danced the pole and waited tables and still barely made rent cause most of what she made got smoked up or swallowed down. Lil fended for herself from a young age, a series of men passing through the trailer. None of them were her father, a man whose name Lil didn't even know. Beatings were frequent and often barely provoked, whether from Lil's mother or from any of her numerous male companions. To her mother, Lil was a pest, kept only for the government checks she brought in once a month. Lil's clothes always came from the donation bins at the local church, other kid's hand me downs so the older ones on the playground could point to their old clothes on her back. By eleven, Lil was smoking cigarettes (right in front of her mother, who didn't care), and she could put down a good amount of whiskey by thirteen. She looked to be heading in the same direction as her mother's life if it wasn't for two things: a special boy and the rise of superpowers in the world.

When Lil was fifteen, she met a boy named Barry. Like most boys, he wanted little more than for her to tell him how great he was, hang around next to him, and let him have his way in the backseat. But Barry was into something else: MMA, mixed martial arts. He trained every day, was on the school wrestling team. Lil was immediately intrigued. When she asked the teacher to train her, he laughed at her. She kicked him in the knee, punched him in the ball and, when he bent over, punched hin in the throat. Even then, she had a killer instinct, and she'd had to fight off enough of her mother's drunken scumbags that she already knew how to fight dirty. Impressed by her aggression, he agreed to train her.

Lil and Barry didn't last much longer, but Lil and MMA did. She had to drop out of school at sixteen, getting a waitressing job to pay the bills her mother was too stoned or drunk to earn the money for. She still managed mat time almost every day, boxing, kicking, wrestling, choking. Women's MMA was still barely respected, but she didn't care. She wanted to fight. By eighteen, she started having professional fights and, by 20, she'd earned a reputation and a nickname: 'Diamond Lil'. They said she was unbreakable. They just didn't know how right they were.

When she was twenty years old, the Spectre's curse lifted from the world and her metagene kicked in. She hardly noticed at first, until two sparring partners in a row broke their hands when they caught her with jabs. It didn't take a lot of practice to realize that nothing was hurting her anymore. Punches, kicks…hell, they broke a sledgehammer on her head. Nothing. While this might have seemed great, for Lil, it was devastating. With the rise of superhuman abilities, metahumans were quickly barred from MMA competition for having an unfair advantage. Just as her career was on the rise, giving her a chance to get out of that dump of a town, she was disqualified by a quirk of genetics. Invulnerable as she was, no fight against her could possibly be fair.

After sinking into depression for a time, Lil's old coach came to her, to make sure she didn't sink into drugs or the bottle like her mother. He told her about rumors he heard, of superhuman cage fights in America. Underground still and probably illegal, the money was real enough, and between her indestructible body and her actual skill, she could make plenty. The next day, Lil sold most of her things for what little she could get, bought a cheap motorcycle, a passport, and a few cartons of cheap cigarettes and headed for the border. Over the last few months, she's weaved back and forth between New York, Metropolis, and Gotham, a gypsy life going where the fights are. She's already getting a reputation and is undefeated. And if, along the way, she sees a pack of wilding boys or someone about to play predator on a pretty girl, well…Lil doesn't mind taking the time to teach the punk a lesson he won't soon forget.

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