Descriptions To Be Installed

-==[ Monarch Theater - Gotham City - #41 ]==------

Once the center of the cultural and social elite, this theater is long past its' day. Red the carpet may remain, but red with stains and mildew. The plaster and paper of the walls have taken a turn for the worse, pealing, breaking, rotting. While in the main theater room, the floor offers some support, but could give way at any moment under any strain or weight. The rows of chairs that look toward the stage remain, though they too have fallen under disrepair and rot. Above all, this theater serves as a hideaway for street people, criminals, and rats. Not really the best hangout spots.

-==[ Holodeck Suite - WatchTower - #909 ]==-------

The Holodeck Suites (all 6 of them), when active, can look like anywhere and anything. When inactive, this most recent incarnation of it looks just like the last: a very large, circular room with four entrances equally shaped around the walls. The floor is dished, lowest in the center, with walkways leading down to a raised dais in its center. Set into the ceiling, directly above that dais, is the observation and control booth - its walls and floors are dull gray just like the rest of the facility.


Obvious Exits:

[HW] - Habitat Wing - WatchTower

-==[ Mechanical Wing - WatchTower - #912 ]==------

The Mechanical Wing Hub of this space station is a vast network of open spaces and grand corridors. There is a central tube that runs the length of the station allowing those who can fly access to the entirety of it's length and accessible areas. There are also lifts, stairs, catwalks, and so on. The main hallway is circular, running the internal circumference of the station and allowing access to on-deck zones. Like the rest of the WatchTower, the decor has a lot to be desired, gray walls, artificial lighting, and sometimes the view port to look off into space.

-==[ Reactor - WatchTower - #915 ]==-------—-

One of the larger superstructures of this facility, the reactor/power tap is an area of high tech goodness. The WatchTower is powered by a Fission reactor that produces enough energy to not only maintain the facility for more than 30,000 years, but also to power such things as the death laser that can destroy entire cities.

High tech gizmos, monitors, terminals, conduit, and anything one can imagine mechanically/electronically relating to the power creation through fission is here.

-==[ Laboratories - WatchTower - #921 ]==------—-

The labs of the WatchTower are possibly the most technoligcally-advanced rooms in the entire facility. A huge monitor, set in front of a large control panel with countless buttons, runs back multimedia files and sets up a two-way video connection between the user and others. Gadgets are scattered about the room. Some are finished, others are simply shells. They're on tables, on the floor, all over. Wires line the room, from the floor to the roof and high-tech robotic equipment are constantly assembling various designs. There are a few doors in the room, but they're all heavily sealed. There's also several security cameras and operatives in the room right along with techs, scientists, and so on.

-==[ Peaks Park — Westchester County — New York State - #1499 ]==-

Primarly an upper class suburb, this area is littered with the extriemly rich who do not wish to live in the hussle and bussle of the city. Small shopps, botiques, coffee shops, and other upper class commercial areas dot this suburb. Yet they do not mar the luxury and beauty of the area. The land becomes more hilly and forests are prevalent. In the autum the trees are some of the most beautiful as the leaves turn, and in Winter, the snow covers the ground in its grandure.

-==[ Leawood - Central City - #2139 ]==-------

Northwest of Central City is a number of working-class neighborhoods, Leawood and Brookfield Heights being the largest and most well-known. Mostly sets of rowhouses surrounded by community businesses (local grocers, gas stations, and the like), the neighborhoods are each almost towns in their own right - and the residents of each prefer theirs to the other. In the center of Leawood is the Central City Stadium, a towering structure used for every potential sporting event that the city can schedule into it. To the south, adjacent to the neighborhood known as University Town (and giving it its namesake) is Central City University, a state-funded institution known for its impressive science and engineering schools.

-==[ Chubbuck - Central City - #2143 ]==------——

A number of small office parks adorn the roadside throughout Chubbuck, an area mostly noted for the presence of the Central City Hospital, the largest medical facility in the region. While there are residences among the back streets off the main avenues of this district, they are primarily apartment buildings and condominium developments, surrounded by corporate suites and convenience business for those near the hospital (with perhaps the largest plethora of fast-food establishments in the city). Further south, away from the city proper, is Windsor Heights - the most elite of communities in Central City. Flanked by a few hills and mountains to its own south, Windsor Heights is a midwestern Beverly Hills, although its residents would tell you they prefer Windsor Heights. Gated complexes, towering mansions, and sprawling acres of lush green grass mark the territories of the wealthiest homeowners in the region.

-==[ Lawrence Hills - Central City - #2151 ]==-----—-

Central City's southeastern boundary is a thinly-spread suburban set of developments and neighborhoods, of one- and two-story homes with flat, open lawns and children on newspaper bike routes. There are some rolling foothills and larger, single hilltops visible on the southeastern horizon, but most of the inhabited area is on the plain. Recent development has provided even more houses and supporting businesses, creating insulated communities that can rely less and less on Central City's core and more on the immediate area, even though the downtown skyline, too, can be seen on the horizon to the northwest even in overcast weather.

-==[ Danville - Central City - #2159 ]==------——

Central City's southeastern boundary is a thinly-spread suburban set of developments and neighborhoods, of one- and two-story homes with flat, open lawns and children on newspaper bike routes. There are some rolling foothills and larger, single hilltops visible on the southeastern horizon, but most of the inhabited area is on the plain. Recent development has provided even more houses and supporting businesses, creating insulated communities that can rely less and less on Central City's core and more on the immediate area, even though the downtown skyline, too, can be seen on the horizon to the northwest even in overcast weather.

-==[ Englewood - Central City - #2163 ]==------—-

Northeast of Central City's center is Englewood, a set of fairly affluent neighborhoods in the few rolling hills that exist in the area, the residents thereof most noted for their combined push for 'green' living, from community-operated gardens to solar power generation. To the east of the homes here is Granite Peak National Park, a thick forest that serves as an inspiration for the residents nearby. On sunny days, the skyscrapers of downtown Central City can be seen to the southwest, as can the mountains to the northwest.

-==[ Petersburg - Central City - #2167 ]==------

Petersburg is primarily a cluster of closely-built homes that was, at one time, a suburban outcrop of Central City, but as the city has grown, the need for housing has eradicated a great deal of the acreage that used to exist as lawns. Now, winding residential streets connect as many of the cramped homes here as they can, though some of the more remote c various field, sheep are grazing. A stone wall lines the path, its not smooth or mortared together. Someone just long ago stacked the rocks up into the position to form a wall, the grey line follows next to the path all the way up to the great gates of the Keep.

-==[ That Italian Place - Gotham City - #3175 ]==-----

As you enter this restaurant, you are met with the smells of garlic and fresh bread. There is a cash register behind the counter, with an attractive brunette there ready to take your money when you are ready to pay. Near the cash register are a couple padded benches where you can wait till you are seated. There is a large salt-water aquarium by one of the benches filled with many tropical fish.

There are many tables in the main dining area. The tables are covered with a white table cloth and a clear plastic cover on top of the table cloth. Each place setting has a white cloth napkin that is folded fancily. In the back corner of the restaurant is a bar with some tall tables surrounding the bar area. This is where some people go to wait to be seated. Near the bar area is a T-shaped hallway that leads to the kitchen area and restroom area.

-==[ Shore - Isle of Themyscira - #3302 ]==-------

Pristine white sand rushes into the surf as the waves crashes onto the island's shore. Palm trees rise along the edge of the beach at various intervals and look out across the sea, peering toward the jagged rocks and smaller islands that surround this one. Toward the head of Paradise Island, the jungle becomes thick with mixed tropical and subtropical plants and trees. A nearby flow of fresh water makes its way between those trees to spill out into the sea. Further beyond the forest/jungle that expands in front of you are rising hills and eclipsing mountains. The wind flows warm through this area and carries the smell of salt from the sea to intermix with the tropical flowers upon the island.

-==[ Pool - Wayne Manor - Gotham - #7414 ]==------

The gardens gracefully transition into an area that could simply be described as decadent. Inside a greenhouse-like structure with a roof that soars overhead, a free-form, black-bottomed pool dominates this area, its color making the actual depth of the water indeterminate from casual observation. Flanked with natural rock outcroppings and lush, meticulously cared for foliage, the region looks more like it was transported from some tropical paradise than part of Gotham. The sound of water cascading off a series of waterfalls on the far side of the pool adds a soothing backdrop to this region.

The ground rises up to meet the lip of a large hot tub situated in one of the corners of this greenhouse.

-==[ Builders' Depot - Bakerline - #7452 ]==------

Rumor has it that this establishment is one of the most profitable in Salem Center - what with the regular construction that always seems to be going on *somewhere* nearby. It looks more or less like any other home improvement and building center - rows on rows of tall metal shelves, sections for everything from plumbing to carpentry, fresh wood stacked all the way to the warehouse-level ceiling with a smell that makes half the people there check themselves for sawdust clinging to their clothes as they leave. Somehow, the faculty from Xavier's Institute are spotted here rather frequently, and some of the employees know them by name.

-==[ Bludhaven - Gotham City - #1326 ]==------——

The smog that can be found to the south can also be found here, the same thick, perpetual smudge that clings to the air pretty much all year around. The factories and refineries run 24/7 and there is almost always some form of traffic to be found here as cars exit and enter the various parking lots. The area itself is not one you'd want to walk through alone during any time of the day as it looks to be crime-ridden and would surely be dangerous to be caught in while one's guard is down.

-==[ Sommerset North - Gotham City - #9953 ]==-----—-

The sky seems to be a perpetual smudge of smog over Gotham Airport, a result of the near continual air traffic that is in the form of planes and jets departing and arriving. The airport itself is expansive with several runways and terminals and gates that jut out onto the tarmac. Several large parking lots sit along one edge of the main structure and several parking garages have been built as well, meant for long term parking.

The surrounding land is dotted with businesses and even the odd house or two.

-==[ Daily Planet - Metropolis ]==--------

The lobby of the Daily Planet is spacious and well appointed, intended to reflect a kind of old New York class that has nearly vanished in the present day urban sprawl. The whole lobby is panneled in wood, including the elevator doors. It is ringed by windows out onto the street. Large support columns are strewn at intervals throughout the large open space. Near the elevator is an information desk. Here and there, large terrariums hold plants and trees, and in one case a small waterfall providing a soothing atmosphere. On one wood panelled wall are portraits of the various Editors-in-Chief and Publishers of the Planet through its history, including a prominently placed portrait of Perry White. Several large lounge chairs are spread about in the lobby, making it appear almost like that of a hotel. Behind the information desk is a smaller mirror of the gold Daily Planet legend and logo from the building's exterior, lit from the rear twenty-four hours a day.

-==[ City Room - Daily Planet - Metropolis ]==-----—-

The city room takes up an entire floor of the Planet building, a vast, sprawling space broken only by the occasional structural support column. Into this space have been brought dozens of desks, all with phones and computers, all showing obvious signs of daily, frantic, use. By day, the city room is a constant swarming hive of activity. By night, it looks like a forgotten battlefield, with little attempt made to straighten or clean the wreckage of each day's work. Someone can be found here at nearly any time of day or night, trying to make that last deadline. One chunk of the room has been sectioned off with glass walls, the wooden door leading in identifying it as the office of Perry White. Another section has two four-pot coffee makers, which fill the room with a constant reak of coffee brewing and burning. No decaf here.

-==[ Elevator - Daily Planet - Metropolis ]==-----——

The elevator is panelled entirely in brown wood panelling, with a silver metal handrail around its circumfrence at waist level. The floor is carpetted in thin brown carpetting. The ceiling is made up of white plastic grills over bright flourescent lighting. A fairly high tech panel with a prominent microphone is next to the right hand door.

-==[ Roof - Daily Planet - Metropolis ]==------—-

The roof of the Daily Planet building is forty five stories above the street below. It is broad, square, and pyramidal reaching up to a gigantic rotating globe. Around the edge all the way around is a one foot rise, with three feet of lip, before the steep, straight drop to the bustling crowds of Metropolis. Other than the occasional air conditioning unit, much of the roof is just an expanse of concrete, brick and steel, solid underfoot.

-==[ Fortress of Solitude ]==---------

Sparked by the last crystal of Krypton, the Fortress of Solitude stands within the frozen depths of Antarctica. Spires, shafts of crystal, ice, snow, and strange alien structures exist within this area. All enclosed and secure, the Fortress stands as a memory of the cities of Krypton, their design, nature, and being. It is here Superman makes his escape. Where he stores most of his memorabilia and has all the knowledge of Krypton's many thousands of years.

-==[ Teleport Station - WatchTower ]==--------

As with the rest of this space station, the walls are stark and dull blue gray. They surround the central fixture of this room - a raised area just over 15 feet across with various small discs upon it. Those discs are responsible for the transporting of matter through space. Just outside the raised dais are various work stations with many control buttons and knobs. Used by the operators to send and receive travelers. The room itself is just larger than 30 feet across and has a ceiling of 10 feet. There are no windows and one exit from this room. Additionally, this area controls the many jump points throughout the base for faster travel if need be.

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-==[ Lobby - MetroTower - Metropolis ]==------——

Massive in size, this lobby is decorated in a modern approach; The black marble floor and mirrored walls make the already gigantic two level lobby look even larger. The walking area is quite large and open allowing room for the masses of people who pass through here every couple of minutes with a sitting area for those on a break or waiting for a meeting or other business to move freely. Large statues of heroes (fallen and current) are placed on the left and right emphasising the location of doors and hallways with floor maps on the left side of them reducing confusion for those who are new to the building.

There is a hallway that leads to the eastern side of the building that leeds to garage area, stairway, and restrooms. On the west side there is a doorway which has written on a plaque "Security Offices". On the south end surrounded by large glass windows opening up to the common area are four large automated glass doors. And finally on the North wall are the elevators which lead to the rest of the building. It is clear that this room probably handles the majority of this buildings traffic and is highly secure.

-==[ MetroIsle - Metropolis ]==--------—-

Hundreds of square yards of concrete decorated with some artist's impression of the modern age. This island is the foundation that makes up MetroTower's parameter. A roadway runs right down the middle of the island, a bridge extends in either direction toward New Troy and St Martin's isle. Across the freeway is a large globe of the world. There's an underground parking structure accessable as well as a few heliports and a javelin airstrip. The centerpiece of this island is the MetroTower. Extending upward from lateral arches, the tower rises 100 floors and spreads larger than two football fields. Magnificant architecture that is reflective of the Metropolis standard.

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