Ryan Reynolds/Nolan North
Name: Wade Wilson
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Aliases: NA
Origin: Top Secret Government Research
Present Location: Unknown
Occupation: Mercenary
Team: None
Alignment: Mercenary
Significant Other(s): That Handsome Guy in the Mirror
Powers and Abilities: Regeneration
Portrayed by: Ryan Reynolds/Nolan North

Before the mask
Long before he ever donned his trademark mask, Wade Wilson was known by the name 'Jack.' Having lost his mother to cancer, he was raised by an abusive single father, which caused him to lash out often as a child, and he was labeld a delinquent.

From Military to Merc
As soon as he was old enough to get away from his father, he enlisted in the US Army, but was soon kicked out, due to his mental instability. Using the skills he learned in the military, he sold his services around the globe, but refused to kill anyone he considered 'innocent'. He botched a mission, and was forced to go on the run and was injured in his escape, and nearly drowned.

A New Name for Himself
Still injured, he was rescued from drowning by a newlywed couple, Wade and Mercedes Wilson, who were unaware of his nature. Attempting to usurp Wade's identity, to hide from his former employers, the couple fought back and Mercedes was killed in the crossfire. At this point, he snapped, and believed himself to be Wade Wilson in truth.

Yet Another Stint at Merc Work
Returning to his life as a mecernary, now using the identity of Wade Wilson, he was hired to infilitrate a sumo-wrestling ring. He got romantically involved with the owner's daughter, and was ordered to assassinate the owner. He refused to do so, fleeing Japan, and returning to America, falling for a teenage prostitute there

In Which He Fails to Die of Cancer
Soon after failing yet another mission, this time in the Middle East, he discovered he had cancer. Submitting himself to the Canadian government for what he thought were medical experiments to cure cancer, but was in truth a series of military experiments, he was genetically altered, the result being a superhuman healing factor, and his body fighting a constant war with itself, cancer cells and healthy cells in constant flux. He was labelled a failed experiment, and shunted off to a facility to hold others like him.

A Facility of Failed Experiments
When he arrived at the facility, he made friends with a man commonly known as Worm, but due to his constant pain from the cancer, he was suicidal. His plan for suicide was to mock the super-powered sadist(Whom he mocked by calling him Francis) who ran the facility until he was killed, but Francis did not give the man what he wanted, and instead lobotomized his friend, Worm, as revenge for the mocking.

Youth in Asia(Or was it that other thing?)
Discovering what had been done to him, Wade mercy-killed Worm, and, since Francis would not allow him to die, took revenge on him, killing him, and proclaimed that Wade Wilson was dead, and that I was now Deadpool. I left the facility behind, and continued my work as a mercenary, working as a mercenary again, and I also collected taxes for a local crime boss.

Another Cure For Cancer?!
I eventually returned to the Canadian government, to see if they could get my cure right this time.. The doctor tried to treat it, but he couldn't get rid of it. I did steal a nifty little teleportation device from him, though, so not a total loss.

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