Justice League Saves Island
Overview: Island of Suerto saved by Justice League
OOC Contact: Winsome or Justice League members

5.22.2014 - An earthquake in the Atlantic ocean triggered a tsunami today. While the giant wave lost power before reaching most Carribean islands or Europe it did have enough power to threaten the small resort island of Isla Suerto. The crisis was averted when the Justice League arrived on the scene. While the Moon Maiden temporarily held back the wave, witnesses say four other heroines: Power Woman, Wonder Woman, Marvel Girl and new heroine Miss Marvel evacuated the small island's entire population into one of the local resort homes and then carried it to safety on Barbados. The Red Cross and United Nations have pledged to help the refugees but reports are that most of it not all the infrastructure of Isla Suerto was destroyed. The Secretary General thanked the members of the Justice League and said this was vindication of the United Nations controversial decision to ratify the League's charter.
Island Saved - JL

Terror Twins Captgured
Overview: Captain America, Marvel Girl and Green Lantern stop Terror Twins Tommy and Tuppance
OOC Contact: Winsome or JL Members

5.19.2014 - Tommy and Tuppance Terror, also known as the Terror Twins, were apprehended by members of the newly proclaimed Justice League after attempting to steal technology from the Metropolis branch of STAR Labs. The Terror Twins have recently made headlines for a series of robberies and thrill killings across several southern states. With their tremendous strength and near invulnerability the twins were almost impossible for law enforcement to stop.

Justice League members Captain America and Marvel Girl were assisted by new superhero Green Lantern in stopping the Terror Twins, who were turned over to the custody of the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit headed by Captain Maggie Sawyer. STAR Labs has not commented on what the Terror Twins attempted to steal.
Terror Twins

Power Woman Addresses United Nations
Overview: Power Woman talks about her role during Metahuman War at Genosha
OOC Contact: Power Woman or Winsome

5/20/2014 - Famed superheroine Power Woman addressed the United Nations today regarding her role as an observer during the Metahuman War in which Genosha's government was overthrown by outside forces. We are publishing a portion of Power Woman's speech to the United Nations.

"Madame Secretary General, I apologize for my lateness today; it was unavoidable. I thank you, Ma'am, and everyone present, for making the time to hear me today. As most of you are aware, I made a point of being present in Genosha during a recent event that has seen the displacement and overthrow of the regime which had been in power, and which evidence currently supports was abusing and enslaving its metahuman citizenry. I have personally spoken with the head of the force responsible for this event: a man using the name Magneto. I can assure you that this overthrow, as dangerous as it could have been, was handled in an exceptionally humane manner. Magneto's forces killed no one, and inflicted absolutely minimal injuries, instead disarming, subduing and capturing military forces and those inciting to loot or riot. No one, not even the cabinet ministers and former President, were killed. I have Magneto's personal assurances that he intends to maintain order in a similar manner, and intends to allow UN observers and Red Cross volunteers shortly. He hopes to carry out open elections in twelve months time, and has stated an intention to see the regime put on trial for crimes against their citizens. I understand how difficult and stressful it can be to sit back and wait, when something like this is happening. But I want to assure all of you that I am keeping an eye on this, as are others, and we will make our evidence available to all of you as we have it. I strongly encourage you to seek peaceful and reasoned discourse with this man and those he represents, as I believe he deserves that respect, and will return it. I wish to see this end peacefully and justly, for all concerned."

The Genoshan Ambassador to Russia, the highest ranking member of the former Genoshan government who isn't currently imprisoned called the speech a sham and suggested that Power Woman collaborated with terrorists to perpetrate the overthrow of a sovereign nation.
United Nations Address

Metro Tech Recovered
Overview: Green Lantern recovers the stolen tech
OOC Contact: Kyle Rayner or Power Woman

5.13.14 - The Metropolis technology that was stolen from a STAR Labs transport yesterday was recovered hours after the theft. A Metropolis Special Crimes Unit spokesperson told the Planet that the Woman of Tomorrow, Power Woman and a new hero calling himself the Green Lantern worked together and recovered the technology. The tech was delivered to STAR Labs, the original destination. It is unknown if this new Green Lantern is related to the Green Lantern of the 1940s.
Tech Recovered

Robbery of Metropolis Tech
Overview: STAR Labs delivery truck attacked
OOC Contact: Winsome

5.12.2014 - STAR Labs suffered a setback today when a shipment of the alien technology that has inhabited the city was stolen on route to their Metropolis facility. The STAR Labs delivery truck was attacked on Skyroute 34 by an unknown group of five men. The thieves were using jetpacks for flight and carrying sophisticated energy based weaponry.

"The technology came from the center power plant." Emil Hamilton, chief research scientist at STAR Labs told the press, "We were hoping studying it would help us better understand the miraculous changes our city has undergone."

Authorities believe the technology is still in Metropolis since it becomes inert once it leaves the city.

Island Nation Enslaves Metahumans
Overview: Genosha enslaves Meta Humans
OOC Contact: Winsome

5/7/2014 - The people of the world were shocked today when a story was published in Time Magazine by investigative journalist Trish Tilby. In the story Tilby provided documents and photographs that seem to prove that Genosha, an island nation located off the eastern coast of Africa, is openly practicing a modern form of slavery. According to the story Genosha has a policy of enslavement of any citizen that displays metahuman abilities. Photographs published alongside the story show images of people, some of them visibly mutated, in orange jumpsuits and mechanical collars performing manual labor under harsh conditions. The article alleges that the collars are a method of control, allowing overseers to either electrocute the metahuman slaves as punishment or detonate as a method of execution.

Genosha is famous for being named as part of the "Axis of Evil" by President George W Bush in 2002, alongside Iran, North Korea, Bialya and Zandia. In 2005, Genosha demonstrated it had nuclear weapons capability. At present, Genosha is still a member of the United Nations but is suffering under economic and political sanctions from the United States and European Union.

A spokesperson for Genosha denies the charges of slavery insisting that the photographs are not of slaves but of legitimate prisoners of the state performing labor as part of their criminal punishment. The collars, the spokesperson insists, are not for punishment or execution but part of a GPS system to ensure the prisoners do not escape.

The United States State Department has issued a press release insisting they take these charges of slavery very seriously and are investigating the situation.

Giant Machine Attacks Town
Overview: Three woman stop giant robot attack
OOC Contact: Supergirl

4/29/2014 - The sleepy town of Salem Center was rudely awoken today when a giant, three legged machine crushed a local bakery. The device was intercepted by three women with super powers. Witnesses describe them as a green woman with red hair, another who could apparently make things explode by pointing at them and a woman in a Supergirl costume. The three women pulled the device into the air and then destroyed it. Police have no comment at this time.
Giant Machine Attack

Grand Opening
Overview: Voodoo Lounge opens in Metropolis
OOC Contact: Topaz

A blurb in the Nightlife Section of various Metropolis newspapers.

The owner of the famed Voodoo Lounge is pleased to announce that the famous bar will be opening in the seaport area of Metropolis. In honor of the grand opening, the Voodoo Lounge will have live entertainment, ½ off drinks and appetizers. Come say hello to the bartender, Topaz, who New York Night Life Magazine voted as the most beautiful bartender in New York for three years running.
Grand Opening

Woman of Steel Breaks up Meteor Storm
Overview: Power Woman stops meteor shower
OOC Contact: Power Woman

4/5/2014 - Power Woman, famed woman of steel and hero of Metropolis, protected the city yesterday by smashing apart a freak meteor shower set to rain down on the city. She was assisted in these efforts by out of town heroine, the Moon Maiden. Afterwards the two heroines transported a large meteor to the Metropolis Museum of Natural History. A museum spokesperson estimated the meteor to be at least five hundred pounds, easily one of the largest ever retrieved intact. The museum plans to consult with NASA and the astrophysics department of Metropolis University to determine how best to study and display the extraterrestrial rock.

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