Frozen Turkey Interrupts Parade
Overview: Frozen Turkey rains on Veterans Day Parade in NYC
OOC Contact: Winsome


The annual Veterans Day Parade in New York City was interupted today when a frozen turkey fell from the sky and smashed into the lead parade float. No one was injured. This incident is one of a number of occurances of frozen turkeys falling from the sky worldwide that have happened this month. Meterologists are at a loss to explain why the turkeys are falling from the sky, causing property damage and even injury, but a specialist with the Daily Bugle has suggested that Spider-Man is definately involved.
Parade Rained

London Iceberg?
Overview: Ice Berg and Strange Soldiers attack in London, turned by Soldiers, government denial of the incident
OOC Contact: Power Woman or Ultimate


OOC: The huge headline is followed by a massive picture, front page below the fold, showing an almost oil-tanker-sized block of ice floating down the Thames River, right in front of Westminister Palace and the famous Clock Tower, aka Big Ben. There are shadowy shapes within the ice.

Early morning light fell across the Thames today in London, revealing a gigantic ice floe, captured above just before the arrival of Harbor Patrol forces to escort the huge block of ice out of the Thames and into London Harbor. Investigation has proven that there are ten figures, each estimated to stand about eight and a half feet tall, apparently wearing some form of golden armor, trapped within the ice.

On a potentially related note, several eyewitnesses reported the sudden arrival of two dozen heavily armored soldiers on the site of Charing Cross, just north of Downing Street and the Palace. The soldiers engaged what those same witnesses described as several large armored figures marching down the street towards the government buildings and complexes, right over the attempted intervention of London police and special intervention forces. The soldiers engaged with what has been described as various incredible weapons, including energy canons and various other seeming metahuman attacks, before one soldier managed to freeze one of the figures. Eyewitnesses claim this seemed to turn the tide of the battle, and the soldiers froze up the rest of the armored figures and two of them then pushed the huge ice floe down the road and into the river, while the rest immediately extracted by helicopter.

Most concerning, however, is the fact that all branches of the British military services deny having sent any personnel to assist in the security of London last night. Obviously, a further investigation is underway.

Giant Toy Robot
Overview: Giant Robot attack on metropolis stopped by Guardians of the Galaxy
OOC Contact: Jack Flag.

North of Downtown was the scene of a robot attack. Defeated by a group calling themselves Guardians of the Galaxy, of which little or nothing is known about, the robot is under investigation on how and why it made it into the city. US government officials took control after the seen unfolded.
OOC: Guardians of the Galaxy.
Toy Robot

Mystery Crash in Centennial Park
Overview: Crash in Centennial Park rumored to be 'advanced non-military aircraft'
OOC Contact: Xavin


Some seventy-two hours after the dramatic crash landing of what authorities are currently calling an 'advanced non-military aircraft' in Centennial Park, sources within both the DEO and Special Crimes Unit have indicated that neither organization is any closer to determining the existence of any survivors or confirming the remains of any passengers. Neither the DEO or SCU have released any official statements as to the origins of the craft beyond its status as a non-military vehicle, amidst simmering speculation.

(( Insert a few pictures of the wreckage from different angles: the worst of the damage damage was to the front end and bottom, with the largely intact back end jutting up from the crater the violently descending craft drilled into the ground. It seems to be composed primarily of lots of interlocking green plates, several of which sport dents and scorch marks. It is - or perhaps was, in its better days - faintly ovoid in shape, insectoid in design, and probably could've seated two to three people, judging from its size. ))

Both organizations have, however, cautioned Metropolitans to be on alert until the status of the craft's passengers can be confirmed. Residents of the Oldtown, Lowtown, and Southside/"Suicide Slum" neighborhoods in particular have been instructed to contact the authorities should they spot any suspicious activity in their vicinities.

The crash site has since been cleaned, rigorously tested, and deemed safe for public use; both the DEO and SCU have taken custody of various pieces of the mysterious craft for analysis. Sources within the SCU say that the Unit has begun reaching out to local and outside experts in a wide range of fields for assistance.

(( OOC: If you have any questions or want to do any investigating, feel free to get in touch! ))
Mystery Crash

Power Woman Falls?
Overview: After fighting some golden armored robots, Power Woman seen falling?
OOC Contact: Power Woman


Two more of the mysterious golden armored robots much reputed around the world in the past weeks were found in Metropolis yesterday, making a rather stupendous entrance crashing into Gateway Park. Their arrival, however, heralded the immediate reponse of Metropolis' protect, Power Woman. The Woman of Steel quickly set upon the armored attackers, giving them no time to make good on any threat to the populace. She managed to hurl them into a nearby construction site, well clear of civilians. She then rapidly evacuated the workers on the site and enaged the robots.

The fight was swift and brutal, characterizing many conflicts with these figures around the world. Thankfully, the Kryptonian heroine emerged victorious, able to destroy one of the attackers and use its death throes to destroy its compatriot. Damages to the work site were not insignificant, but the tens of thousands of dollars damage caused is nothing against the fact that no lives were lost, and no one was harmed. A LexCorp spokesman praised Power Woman's rapid response, and promised that the site would be back on schedule within the week.

Most troubling to some, however, was the sight of Power Woman falling from the sky soon after the conflict was over. Most witnesses on-site claim she did not seem greatly injured, though one did mention it seemed she had done great damage to her hand in the swift battle. However, the heroine was soon surrounded by assistance from various bystanders, and two Justice League members, Marvel Girl and someone believed to be the mysterious Batman. Some bit of chaos is said to have ensued, but no serious damage was done. League spokeswoman Wonder Woman could not be reached for comment on Power Woman's condition.
PW Fall

Ballroom Blitzkrieg
Overview: Furious assault at posh hotel, heroes respond
OOC Contact: Ultimate


The charity gala fundraiser for the New York City Communities Foundation, held in the grand ballroom of the Marriott Marquis, was interrupted by an attack by as-yet unidentified assaillants. Several hotel security staff were murdered, and dozens of people were injured to a lesser degree during the furious assault that has left one of Manhattan's most magnificent hotels severely damaged, and shut down the power grid for several blocks. Repair crews are still struggling to restore power and replace damaged electrical components after a pair of intense electromagnetic spikes were apparently set off as part of self-destruct mechanisms embedded in the armor of these mysterious attackers.

Reports indicate that several heroes responded to this crisis in development, including attendee Tony Stark, who suited up with a briefcase-portable Iron Man armor and engaged the attackers in a roof-access stairwell. Other figures reported include the mysterious Gotham vigilante Batman and his reputed partner, Robin, a figure some identified as young New York City heroine Spidergirl, and Metropolis' Power Woman. Rumors also hol that another, as yet unidentified young woman assisted but was then carried off scene by Power Woman, presumably for medical treatment.

Repairs to the Marriott Marquis are expected to take at least the week to complete. All requests for more information on this incident have been met with statements offering little in the way of details. But the Daily Bugle is pursuing all leads to find answers to this heinous attack. The New York City Communities Foundation has indicated that despite this incident, the fundraiser was an amazing success, with donations totaling over fifty million dollars, with several very large donations credited to Stark Enterprises, The Wayne Foundations, and StarrWare, Incorporated.

OOC: Thanks to Fairchild, Batman, Robin, Spidergirl and Iron Man for participating. Questions or investigations by +req to Ultimate

Observatories Report NEO Miss
Overview: Massive meteor misses earth - phased beyond until it passed the planet
OOC Contact: Winsome


Observatories throughout the world are chiming in with confusion and mystery today, reporting the apparent but mysterious miss of a Near Earth Object - specifically, a single asteroid measuring in excess of ten kilometers in diameter. Observatories in the Pacific Rim have reported spotting the object moving "away from the Earth on a trajectory which would imply it somehow passed right through the Earth's orbital location" last night around midnight. Observatories in the Northwester Hemisphere have reported "suddenly getting readings and images" of the object just half an hour before this, with apparently no long range telemetry on the object's approach to the Earth.

The Justice League's spokeswoman, Princess Diana of Themyscira, known around the world as Wonder Woman, offered this statement this morning at a press conference held at the Perisphere and Trylon in Queens, New York:

"Justice League member Moon Maiden detected a sudden gravitational shift, and immediately sounded an alarm. Multiple members of the League responded swiftly, and were joined by additional persons we have yet to conclusively identify. At great risk to themselves, they were able to slow down the passing asteroid, and then use a dimensional gateway to briefly translate the asteroid out of our space, and then back on the other side of Earth. Moon Maiden is still recovering from her own efforts on our behalf. The League is offering all of our resources to assist in the investigation of how this object was able to reach Earth with so little warning. We have no further information at this time. Thank you."

OOC: Questions to Winsome (awesome scene!), Ultimate, Power Woman. Many thanks to Jack of Hearts, Iron Man, Marvel Girl and Starfire for their bravery and assistance.

NEO Miss

Tealboro Fire
Overview: A bad fire in Metropolis is brought into control by heroes
OOC Contact: Jack Flag.

09/18/14 - A fuel tanker collided with a chemicals factory today in Tealsboro, what started as a five-alarm disaster was diverted when heroes converged on the scene. Among them was Stagirl working with two other identified as Justice and Jack Flag. It seems they were identified as being "Guardians" or something to that affect before they left the scene in the hands of capable first responders. Another heroine arrived to help the firefighter directly with a special suit, but quickly had to leave because of rain (Aerial).
Metro Fire

Out of the Frying Pan
Overview: Pod containing deadly virus stopped by heroes in Metropolis
OOC Contact: Jack Flag.

08/19/2014 - Disaster was avoided in the central business district today as an object fell from the sky. The object, later identified as some sort of space vessel, was stopped by Power Woman, Stargirl and two other heroes. As the vessel plummeted and was engaged by the heroines, attack drones were seemingly deployed. Power Woman worked to stopped the vessel while it fell, assisted by an unknown hero that used tornadoes to help buffer the fall. One heroine and Stargirl worked to stop the robots. The unidentified heroine falling with one and taking blunt force nuclear trauma/injuries in the process, she saved the surrounding area from much more damage. Stargirl harassed and guided the other robot into Power Woman's laser vision, destroying it. A hailstorm of metal was released from this devastation, the tornado hero used his tornado to catch/stop the failing metal bits.

However the crisis wasn't over, the pod was never 'opened' for fear of a contaminant. CDC, DEO, and SCU were all notified of the need to contain the pod and its contents. Crews worked into the night to contain whatever was inside of it, the pod eventually moved from the business district to an undisclosed location.
Jack the Meteor

Power Woman Foils Tijuana-style …
Overview: One sentence overview
OOC Contact: Ultimate


The peace of a calm Saturday afternoon in Little Bohemia was shattered when men in non-descript clothing attempted to kidnap an elderly woman. Upon hearing the ruckus, Power Woman had arrived on scene to foil the men single-handedly and allowed the woman to escape to somewhere safe. Unfortunately the identity of the target is unknown and she has made no comment. More news as it happens.
Tijuana Power Woman

Power Woman Pulvarized
Overview: Metallo defeats hero Power Woman before fleeing
OOC Contact: Ruth Maxwell

7.4.2014 - Central Business District

Breaking news as the mechanical villain Metallo broke into and stole equipment from manufacturing firm Adamant Solutions. Shortly after dusk, Metallo's minions forced workers to clear the building. Workers suggest Metallo may have been after the DiamondForge hydraulic ultracompressor, used to make synthetic crystals and gemstone components.

Power Woman arrived on the scene shortly and engaged the android. Details of the fight itself are sketchy and unreliable, but Metallo apparently employed Kryptonite-based weaponry with the intent to kill Power Woman outright. The DiamondForge was destroyed during the battle, but Metallo was victorious over Power Woman. Paramedics responding found her with numerous serious injuries and in an advanced state of reaction to the Kryptonite.

"I don't know what it was that spooked Metallo," one worker said, "One second he was just beating her down in that horrid light, and then next he was running for his life."

Paramedics stayed with Power Woman until League transport arrived to care for her, but could offer little care for her injuries or treatment for her exposure.
Power Woman Pulvarized

Bikers AttacK Sub Diegoans
Overview: Sub Diego students held hostage, saved by JL members
OOC Contact: Winsome

6.21.2014 - Three bikers armed with sophisticated weapons attacked the Metropolis Grand Hotel this morning. The school group from Sub Diego was held hostage for several minutes before Justice League members Power Woman and Miss Marvel appeared on the scene. Witnesses also describe a being made of liquid silver and a flaming skeleton.

The three bikers were subdued but later managed to escape when their prison transport was hijacked by an unknown accomplice. A police spokesperson says a second transport, charged with bringing the students from Sub Diego to the police station, was also briefly hijacked. The transport was recovered unharmed, though one of the chaperones sent from Sub Diego is currently missing.
Biker Attack

Film Crew Attacked
Overview: Skyway attacked, Elasta-girl and Power Woman save day
OOC Contact: Kara

Downtown Metropolis was witness to an apparent terrorist attack today, as explosions ripped the southern Central Low skyway from its morings, and nearly collapsed it to the street below. Thankfully, lovely actress Rita Farr, now also known as the heroine Elasti-girl, was present. With the help of Metropolis' own Power Woman, the collapse was stopped and temporary repairs were made.

The attack seems to have been engineered as cover for a robbery. The film crew on Ms. Farr's latest movie were demonstrating new StarrWare filming technology based on what a representative is calling 'smart goggles,' which were stolen by thieves. Some of those thieves were captured by Elasti-girl's quick actions, but apparently some of the 'smart goggles' were not recovered. Power Woman gave all credit for the day's heroics to Elasti-girl, and spoke quite highly of her efforts.
Film Crew

Father's Day Protest
Overview: Father protest women's rights at Themyscirian embassy
OOC Contact: Winsome

6.15.2014 - The normally tranquility of the Themyscirian embassy was interupted today by massive protest. Several hundred members of the Father's Right Initiative (otherwise known as FRIday's Warriors) gathered in front of the embassy holding placards and chanting slogans advancing their agenda.

"In the eagerness of the world to embrace the right's of women they have trampeled on the rights of men!" said group spokesperson, Akimbo Sawyer, "Men deserve a say in the life or death or adoption of their unborn children. Domestic violence against men is underreported and ignored when it is reported. Taxes are disproportionally used to treat women's health issues. Men are more likely to receive harsher prison sentences than women. Time and time again, men receive the short end of the stick and we are here, in front of this symbol of exclusion and bigotry against men to say NO MORE!"

Sawyer said the group plans to protest in front of the embassy "indefinately". The Themyscirian embassy has not yet issued a comment on the protests.

Seminar Holdup
Overview: One sentence overview
OOC Contact: Karen Starr

A medical science seminar being held at Metropolis University's Bibbo Auditorium was infiltrated by a group of heavily armed men, who stormed the stage just as Doctors Miles Hawkins, John Stonebrake and Amy Ellis took the stage to unveil their LexCorp-sponsored assistive exoskeleton project. The men attempted to hold the auditorium full of students and professionals in medical science and technology hostage whole gathering the exoskeleton project, their apparent goal.

MPD spokeswoman Maggie Sawyer released a statement saying that apparently at least one unidentified metahuman went to great trouble to surreptitiously move about the auditorium and neutralize the gunmen, without serious harm and without any threat to the civilians present. She expressed disappointment that the heroes did not stick around to speak with police, given their excellent job.

LexCorp spokeswoman Mercy Graves released a statement thanking the unidentified metahuman or metahumans responsible for saving the lives and the technology at the seminar, and reaffirming LexCorp's intention to continue backing the assistive exoskeleton project to its future potential.

The gunmen are in MPD custody, and their gear has been turned over to STAR Labs for processing. No word yet on where Power Woman was during this incident.
Science Held Up

Spontaneous Cancer Cure Baffles
Overview: 30 cancer patients in Metropolis spontaneously cured
OOC Contact: Winsome or Indigo

6.12.2014 - The spontaneous cure of nearly thirty cancer patients in Metropolis is leaving experts baffled.

"This isn't remission. The cancer was literally expelled from their body through various… umm… means." said Doctor Emil Hamilon of STAR Labs who is working with doctors at Metropolis General on the case.

There is speculation that this might be a side effect of the alien technology that has bonded with Metropolis and upgraded the city into a science fiction marvel.

"We don't completely understand the MetroTech." Hamilton explained, "It filters pollutants from our water, cleans the air of toxins and, for some of our poorest residents, provides basic nutrients through matter replication. It could be this miracle cure has to do with the technology but it is too soon to tell."
The Cure

Crooks Crash Crystals
Overview: Jewelry robbery abated - set ablaze
OOC Contact: Aerial

6.1.2014 - Metropolis Village

Crystal Collections, a private jewelry gallery, was set ablaze in the aftermath of a robbery. Near the end of the business day, twelve men armed with neural stunners entered the store and took the employees and customers hostage. One of the employees tripped the silent alarm, and Ultragirl and Iron Man responded.
First police responders to the scene were amazed at Ultragirl's negatiation skills. The criminals had already released their hostages and eight of the criminals surrendered to her without conflict while four more escaped out the back. As the robbery approached a peaceful resolution, explosions from within turned the store into an inferno.
At the rear of the store, Iron Man confronted a new robotic villain calling himself Metallo, who was apparently responsible for the explosions. Rather than stay and confront Iron Man, Metallo burned an escape tunnel beneath the street and fled into the underground conduits. Iron Man assisted fire rescue with extinguishing the flames. Two of the remaining four criminals remained behind in custody, and two got away in the chaos with over fifty thousand dollars of loose merchandise and several priceless works.

Asked about the strange compliance of the robbers, Police responded, "It was like they wanted to go to jail. They had several opportunities to run and fight back, but they surrendered cleanly and waited for us to put the cuffs on them. Even when the explosions went off, they waited for us to get back on our feet and finish the arrests."
One of the customers who had been taken hostage, "They were disapponted some Grimbal woman wasn't here. They were after some particular kind of green gems, had special scanners for it and everything. Geiger counters, it sounded like, the way they ticked and squealed."
Crooks Crash

Reading Becomes Protest
Overview: Banned books in Zandia and Bialya read in open protest
OOC Contact: Moon Maiden

5.31.2014 - Reading became a form of peaceful protest today when thousands of citizens in the nations of Zandia and Bialya took copies of the books 1984 by George Orwell and Farenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury into public spaces and openly read them. Both books are on the proscribed reading list in those two nations. Sources suggest that crates of the two books were left in locations throughout Zandia and Bialya overnight. Thus far, the government of both nations seem paralyzed by these "read ins" perhaps aware of how assaulting and arresting citizens for the mere act of reading a banned book might appear to the outside world.
Book Protest

Queens ADA Kidnapped
Overview: Assistant District Attorney Anna Williams of Queens kidnapped
OOC Contact: Karen or Spidey

The following story will be carried in all of the Daily Bugle Communications outlets, with suitable variations on the theme of good ole JJJ's personal bias, on Thursday, May 22nd, 2014:

"Assistant District Attorney Anna Williams, for the burrough of Queens, was kidnapped today, apparently by Spider-Man and several new henchmen."

Some grainy footage is shown here of Spider-Man and three gumbas in suits, one with a cowboy hat on, moving around an open panel van, the figure of a woman visible collapsed within.

"Thankfully, the Woman of Tomorrow, Power Woman, the heroine most often associated with Metroplis, happened upon this travesty, and was able to drive off Spider-Man and his goons, and rescue Mrs. Williams, whom she then delivered to Manhattan General Hospital for cardiac arrest."

"It appears that despite Power Woman's efforts, Spider-Man escaped justice, apparently escaping while she was busy saving ADA Williams' life. The NYPD is still investigating, in hopes of at least tracking down that webbed menace's accomplices."
Asst Dist Attorny Kidnapped

LexCorp Gets MetroTech Contract
Overview: Alien Tech stuy contract awarded to LexCorp - scientific community upset
OOC Contact: Winsome

5.23.2014 - There was an upset in the field of scientific research today when the government of Metropolis took away the contract for the study of the alien technology that powers the city of tomorrow away from not-for-profit STAR Labs and awarded it to LexCorp. A spokesperson for the mayor announced safety concerns as criminals have twice now stolen key MetroTech technology from STAR Labs. Only the intervention of local heroine Power Woman, new hero Green Lantern and members of the Justice League kept the technology out of villainous hands.

MetroTech is the name commonly ascribed to the alien technology that was fused with the city of Metropolis two years ago after a fierce battle between Power Woman and an alien robot known only as Brainiac. The technology, which only works inside the Metropolis city limits, truly turns it into a city of tomorrow with such marvels as flying cars, sonic showers, matter replicators, stasis field food storage, and robotic repair drones. STAR Labs was studying the technology in the hopes of discovering how it worked and possibly expanding the technology to the rest of the country. That job will now fall to LexCorp.

A spokesperson for LexCorp applauded the city's decision and stated that they hope to crack the secret of MetroTech so that it may benefit all mankind. STAR Labs did not respond to a request for comment.
LexCorp Contract

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