Eleven Found Murdered
Overview: Reports on gun discharges, police respond at Canal Street, 11 found dead
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Approximately at the time of 2 a.m. yesterday evening, a call was placed to the NYPD's 911 call center reporting multiple gun discharges. Officers responding to the call on Canal Street immediately took control of the situation and discovered multiple apparent homicides. Eleven corpses were discovered in total, then upon fully securing the building 17 young women of various nationalities were found being held against their will in a converted shipping container in the basement of the building.
The NYPD issued the statement that this incident was most likely gang-related and possibly connected to other crimes in Gotham City. The women are currently being cared for in various medical facilities throughout the city. We will have more for you as the story unfolds.
Eleven Dead

Dock Fire, Fiery Creature Spotted
Overview: Fires rip through Warehouse Thirteen, fiery creature spotted
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Accident in the Docks, Fire Creature Sighted.

In New York Docks Warehouse Thirteen, An explosion ripped through a number of Transport containers, investigation are still underway. A massive Fire ripped through the warehouse catching numerous crates on fire.

A number of civilians where hurt, with reports of at least one casualty. Who has yet to be identified or located. The Civilian was attempting to help assist injured when an explosion, had knocked him into a crate. A few eye witness reported indicated that the contents of the Crate, some sort of large object actually enveloped the Victim.

At which point Fire erupted into the area. After fire fighter's managed to suppress the majority of the blaze after several hours, eyewitness account and video footage show a larger than man sized creature bursting out of the inferno, spreading burning wings and then taking off into the sky, before diving into the Harbor.

((Imagines are fuzzy but shows a vaguely Demonic looking image of a humanoid figure with large bat wings that are used to take to the sky.))

Police and investigators have found no body in the Harbor, and are tight lipped on speculation of what this new creature could be. Nor are inclined to comment on the possibility of the creature being responsible for the blaze.
Dock Fire

Mad Slasher Found Dead
Overview: Serial Killer, Mad Slahser, found dead after weeks of terror
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4/2/2014 - The Mad Slasher, a serial killer who terrorized the streets of the Lower East Side for weeks, has been found dead according to NYPD. An NYPD spokesperson states that a tip from "an intelligence agency with whom NYPD has formed a relationship with" led to the apartment of one Raymond Anthony Mater. Mater was found dead on the scene, apparently as a result of slashing his own throat. Documentation in the apartment confirm for the police that Mater was the serial killer known as the Mad Slasher.

According to a neighbor in the building, Mater was a robotics expert fired from his position at LexCorp several months ago. When asked what the apartment was like, the neighbor said, "Filled with gizmos and books. That guy was a nut. Loved his Ayn Rand."

Police have no further comments at this time.
Slasher Dead

Themysciran Ambassador Attacked
Overview: Juggernaut attacks car in motorcade
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The arrival of Princess Diana of Themyscira to the Themysciran Embassy was marred today when a Metahuman criminal, who identified himself as Juggernaut, attacked an armored car nearby. The Juggernaut reportedly partially disassembled the armored car with his bare hands, then the Ambassador attempted to halt the individual and a fight broke out. Some damage was done to the street before Princess Diana was rendered unconscious. Luckily none of the contents of the truck were actually stolen, thanks to the quick actions of another Metahuman, identified as Aerial, who dispersed the funds to various nearby police officers. The Ambassador regained consciousness soon after the fight and has not sought hospitalization.
Ambassador Attacked

Kite Man Attack Bike Show
Overview: Kite Man foiled by Moon Maiden while attacking classic bike show
OOC Contact: Moon Maiden or Logan

3/23/14 - The 4th Annual Classic Bike Show in Washington Heights was interupted yesterday when the costumed criminal known as Kite Man and his gang attempted to steal several vintage motorcycles. Kite Man's plans were foiled by the Moon Maiden. Witnesses say Kite Man was armed with an advanced technology energy weapon. A police spokesperson has stated Kite Man and his gang are all in company and the weapon has been confiscated for further investigation.
Kite Man

Heroines Destroy Glass Monster
Overview: Moon Maiden/Black Canery fights Monster in Battery Park
OOC Contact: Black Canary


The normally busy Battery Park area got a tourist of an unexpected sort when a human-like monster seemingly made from glass went on a rampage. The creature was destroyed by international superheroine Moon Maiden and a then unknown blonde woman riding a motorcycle. Afterwards, Moon Maiden and her ally stopped for chili dogs and rootbeer floats at Nathaniel's, a mainstay of the area. The Moon Maiden introduced the blonde woman to the crowd as Black Canary. It is unknown if this Black Canary has any connection to the Black Canary that fought crime in Gotham, New Jersey in the 1980s. Police have no word on what the glass monster was or why it was rampaging. Efforts to contact Moon Maiden for a comment have gone unanswered.
Glass Monster Destroyed

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