Stalker Found
Overview: After a brief stalking spree on NYU Campus, Manhattan, a stalker is found dead (http://ageofheroesmux.wikidot.com/log:2014-09-07-stalker-stalked)
OOC Contact: Ghost Fox or Red Sonja.

09-07-2014 - An NYU campus stalker was found dead after a few weeks of stalking students on campus. The police have no real clues about the circumstance of his death. Aside from some blunt force trauma that wouldn't of been considered deadly force, there are no other clues that have been found, other than he had an expression of fear on his face. This stalker was not a serial killer, yet many would argue his crimes were far worse. That the criminal's rather brief spree of crimes and violence against students and women in particular has ended, the police aren't throwing too many resources at figuring out the cause of death other than what the coroner his indicated. The official report only lists multiple organ/system failure (or those in the medical world would say the proper term is multiple organ dysfunction syndrome), though no suggestion of what lead to this simple term listed as reason for immediate death. The article is not first page, and any followups (if any) will be tucked away deep in the paper (or website).

Bank Heists Foiled
Overview: Shade and Neutron stopped by Stargirl, Jack Flag, and Cascade.
OOC Contact: Jack Flag.

09-04-2014 A fight broke out near the Federal Reserve in Lower Manhattan when two villains, known as the Shade and Neutron, were trying to break into the Reserve building. Limited destruction was maintained to Liberty Street where the fight occurred, relative minor damage to city with some damage to vehicles on the street, several destroyed. Apparently the two meta villains had robbed a number of banks that morning as some sort of contest to see who could hit the most banks in a 3 hour time span but came to a halt as they both went for the same target, the Federal Reserve. Three heroes arrived on the scene to battle these menaces. They were Stargirl, Jack Flag and Cascade. Coming in on a wave of water, Cascade managed to cool off the nuclear radiation of Neutron while Stargirls star constructs and beams chased the shadows away from the Shade. Jack Flag seemed to help, a little, somehow.
The Un-Dynamic Duo

Manhattan Mint Robbery
Overview: Mint Robbered - Justice League dealt with the incident
OOC Contact: Power Woman, Miss Marvel, The Flash, or Kyani

07/07/2014 - The citizens of the fair City of New York have at times heard all manner of rumors about what goes on beneath their city streets. Sunday afternoon, one of those rumors long held to be false was proven true despite all seeming logic to the contrary: There apparently is - or at least was - a secret Federal government mint operating in a pair of subbasement levels of a structure in the financial district of Lower Manhattan. At this time, no spokesperson has come forward to confirm this or explain the nature of the work done there. However, several eyewitnesses confirm that the facility exists, and that it was apparently robbed by a mysterious swarm of identically golden-suited speedsters.

A representative for the Justice League revealed that at least two of their members - Power Woman, and Miss Marvel - were present in dealing with the incident. Two more individuals were spotted, including one witnesses swear was The Flash, the heroine once known as Hummingbird. Witnesses also state that another speedster - believed to be an African American man - was also present and assisted the better-known heroes.

Apparently, a volume of cash was stolen, as well as quantities of various precious metals and even gems. No government spokesperson will go on record regarding the facility, its purpose, or any estimates of how much was stolen.

Most apalling, despite the heroes having successfully rescued all of the staffers and seemingly having neutralized all of the golden-suited speedsters, none of the money was recovered. Indeed, it appears that all of the golden speedsters were - despite best intentions otherwise - slain by the actions of the heroes, and reduced thereafter to bubbling puddles of golden goo. Again, no spokesperson was willing to go on record as to how this could be possible, or what might have been discovered thus far in the analysis of these strange remains.
Mint Robbery

Moon Maiden Stops Theft
Overview: One sentence overview
OOC Contact: Winsome

6.17.2014 - Project PEGASUS, the non-profit organization dedicated to discovering new energy alternatives, was attacked today by the metahuman merc team known as the Demolition Team. According to witnesses, the Demolition Team smashed into the Project PEGASUS facility and demanded a new gasoline alternative still in development. The Demolition Team was stopped by the Moon Maiden who arrived on the scene shortly after the attack began. One member of the Demolition Team, the team leader Rosie, escaped. The rest were captured and handed over to authorities.
Theft Stopped

Protests Against Genohsa
Overview: National Church of God's Purity protests Genoshan embassy
OOC Contact: Winsom

6.16.2014 - As protests by the Fathers' Rights Initiative continued for a second day outside the Themyscirian embassy in New York City another protest in front of another embassy began. The National Church of God's Purity began a protest in front of the newly established Genoshan embassy. Some two hundred members of the church showed up Monday morning and began protesting. According to a spokesperson for the Church, their goal is to call for an investigation into what they consider war crimes perpetrated by the metahuman forces, under the command of Maxwell Eisenhardt, against the Genoshan people.

The National Church of God's Purity, also known as the Friends of Humanity, are led by controversial televangelist Reverend William Stryker. Stryker was not at the protest himself.
Genosha Protests

Mall Brawl
Overview: Brawl in Salem Mall involving Miss Marvel and Bombshell?
OOC Contact: Winsome

6.3.2014 - The normally peaceful shopping atmosphere of the Salem Mall in Salem Center, NY was interupted today by what witnesses describe as a brief brawl between two costumed metahumans and three men with high tech weapons.

Eye witness accounts put new heroine Miss Marvel on the scene along with a younger woman some on the internet have taken to calling 'the Bomb' or 'Bombshell' or 'Explosion Lass'. They engaged in combat with and defeated three men who used flying motorcycles and ray guns. Two of the tree assailants were captured and turned over to the authorities where, for some reason, they committed suicide using cyanid capsules hidden in false teeth. Authorities say their bodies melted into some sort of goo once death set in.
Mall Brawl

"Heroes" Bungle Disaster
Overview: Metahuman brawl in Hell's Kitchen causes more damage then doing good
OOC Contact: Winsome

5.29.2014 - The derailment of a cargo train in Clinton and Midtown West, more popularly known as Hell's Kitchen, was made worse tonight by the interference of several so called "superheroes". Instead of allowing first responders to do their job and help the people injured by the accident, several costumed individuals chose to make the site the location of a metahuman brawl. Witnesses state that a reptillian giant being called Blockbuster by the internet stumbled out of the derailed train, at which point he was assaulted by the urban vigilante known as the Punisher, a red haired woman in a metal bikini wielding a sword and a man moving so quickly he could not be seen. Witnesses also place a woman with a golden glow and the Los Angeles heroine known as Hummingbird on scene. It is unknown what role these two women had in the incident, though Hummingbird may have endanged several lives by moving the injured to a hospital without proper immobilization. The metahuman fight left the street in tatters, doing damage that will cost the taxpayers of New York City thousands of dollars.

Government officials moved in quickly after the fight was over to arrest Blockbuster and clean up the accident site.
Disaster Bungled

Genoshan Ambassador Arrives
Overview: Wanda Maximoff arrives as UN Ambassador for Genosha
OOC Contact: Wanda Maximoff

(AP) NEW YORK - In a step towards normalcy in the nation-state of Genosha, the new United Nations Ambassador from that country has arrived to represent the new regime led by "Magneto." The Ambassador is one Wanda Maximoff, best known for being a metahuman who had sought political asylum in the United States from the former regime, and was living in the United States for the three years prior to this appointment. Rumors have it that she, with other metahumans, were instrumental in freeing the enslaved metahumans of that country and liberating them from the so-called tyranny of the previous government. In a brief public statement, she noted that she was glad to be back in the United States and that she was looking forward to representing the new regime to the world.
Genoshan Ambassador

Construction of Raft Complete
Overview: Construction of underwater prison, Raft, complete
OOC Contact: Winsome

5.23.2014 - A spokesperson for the Department of Justice announced the completion of the underwater prison known as the Raft, an attachment to Ryker's Island which sits in the middle of the East River. The Raft will serve as a containment facility for metahuman prisoners and will help ease congestion in facilities that are already designed to contain super criminals such as Belle Reve and Arkham Asylum.

Marvel Girl Saves New Yorkers
Overview: Marvel Girl saves construction workers from Spider-Man
OOC Contact: Spider-Ma

(On the DBNC news network, website, and newspaper the following story runs with varying depth.)


Today in Lower Midtown Manhattan, the Justice League Member Marvel Girl was responsible for saving the lives of seven of the city's construction workers from the wild and dangerous escapades of Spider-Man. It was during one of his daredevil parkour exhibitions that Spider-Man attempted to utilize a skyline crane. The load held by the crane fell and almost crushed the construction workers were it not for the timely arrival of Marvel Girl who promptly showed up and extracted the menace from the situation he had created himself.

The crowd turned on Spider-Man as he confronted their savior Marvel Girl. The following was captured by an eyewitness:

« A shaky camera video shows Spidey standing in front of the angry crowd pointing angrily and then he says quite clearly. "I don't have to explain myself to you people!" »

The NYPD has issued a warrant for Spider-Man's arrest.
Marvel Girl NY

Heroes Assemble to Form Justice League
Overview: Themysciran Embassy announces formation of Justice Leage
OOC Contact: Diana or Justice League Members

At a press conference held at the Themysciran Embassy today, Princess Diana of Themyscira joined an impressive collection of heroes to announce the formation of the Justice League, a spiritual successor to the Justice Society of America. "Today, I am honored to stand with these brave companions to celebrate the beginning of a new group to fight for peace and freedom for all mankind." Princess Diana continued with a basic outline of the purpose of the League. "The League is not affiliated with any one nation or government; even though I am a part of it, there is no affiliation with Themyscira. We have however, secured certain approval from the General Assembly of the United Nations to act as an international peace-keeping group, involved only in cases that conventional authorities are unable to deal with. This includes incidents such as invasion by an extraterrestrial foe. We will respect the rights and laws of each nation granting us this charter, and will also respect the rights of each nation to refuse our help. We act only as an aid to local and national law enforcement agencies, turning over all suspects to face trial according to the laws of that nation."

The assembled heroes included known legends such are Captain America and Power Woman, as well as recent heroes such as Moon Maiden and Marvel Girl. Tony Stark has also been named as both a member and one of the financial backers of the group. Princess Diana is also using her resources to fund the Leaguess activities.

The question of the Genosha situation was raised by reporters at the event, with Princess Diana only saying, "The League is monitoring the actions taken in Genosha, but will remain uninvolved except for any requested humanitarian aid. If abuses by either side, metahuman or human, come to light and the UN authorizes it's own forces to become involved to end those abuses, the League would then act appropriately if it has the support of the UN. We oppose and condemn the use of violence to settle a nation's internal matters, but recognize that Genosha is still a sovereign nation, regardless of which regime is in control."
Justice League

NYPD Attacked by Spider-Man
Overview: Masked man and Spider-Man almost apprehended by NYPD
OOC Contact: Spidey or Taskmaster

Across the DBN website, news network, and front page of the bugle there's finally a crystal clear picture of Spider-Man being shown. It depicts Spidey swinging away from a rooftop with some police officers looking disshevelled and ragged but waving after Spider-Man as the masked man departs.

(The website and news article as well as the newscast all present the information along these lines)

Yesterday, responding to a call of shots being fired and a man apparently doing Tai Chi on a rooftop, the NYPD attempted to apprehend a masked man on the roof. Arriving on scene the officers were attacked and restrained when the masked man's accomplice, none other than Spider-Man, arrived. Luckily the city's blue defenders were able to free themselves and chase off the masked villains seen here in the first ever clear picture of Spider-Man. More as we know it.
Spidey vs NYPD

Hypno DJ Apprehended in Bowery
Overview: DJ Sim0n stopped by Supergirl and Miss Marvel
OOC Contact: Supergirl or Miss Marvel


by Tom Thompson (Staff Reporter)

An illegal warehouse party, known more popularly as a rave, became more than just the typical cautionary tale. The bowery became alight in rainbow right before it was quenched by Blue, Red, and Yellow. A known villain going by the name of DJ Sim0n infiltrated the party and began to mentally control the innocent guests. Reports by the police and those affected state that two heroines had interrupted the dastardly scheme and easily apprehended the suspect. One blonde heroine was identified as Supergirl, while the older woman identified herself as Miss Marvel. Citizens, keep your eyes out for these two in the future.
Hypno DJ

Spider-Man Defeate!
Overview: Spider Man Thwarted trying to steal construction vehicle
OOC Contact: Spidey or Jean

Earlier today the masked villain, Spider-Man, was thwarted in his effort to steal a $200,000 vehicle from a local construction site. The city's worst menace of late was seen absconding with the vehicle and wresting it from the control of the construction worker who was driving it. Luckily for the city an unknown hero was able to stop his rampage using apparently telekinetic powers. This hero was able to save the life of the construction worker as well when he was thrown angrily from the cab of the vehicle by the Spider-Menace
(OOC: The article also includes some rough telephone images of Spider-Man perched atop the cab of the truck. Also a link to the Bugle's youtube account that has a snippet of video showing Spider-Man throwing the worker out of the truck. Questions to Spidey or Jean.)
Spidey Defeat

Heroes Stop Nazi Robot
Overview: Robot attacks Brooklyn Bridge, under construction, foiled by heroes
OOC Contact: Captain America

BROOKLYN (AP) — Just a week after the Brooklyn Bridge was destroyed by a giant radioactive dinosaur, the still under construction link between Manhattan and its namesake borough was manaced by a giant flying doomsday machine. Rising from the bottom of the East River, the manta ray-shaped monstrosity cast a shadow over a third of the bridge and began firing explosivie missiles from its segmented tail at boats on the water. In addition, energy beams streamed from the eyes of a fifty foot tall skull mounted on its back.

Fortunately for the city, and unfortunately for what is being called a WWII 'Sleeper' robot, Moon Maiden, Wonder Woman, and Captain America were on hand. While The Girl Who Lives on the Moon, and the Warrior Princess began dismantling the warbot, the Sentiel of Liberty took to sabatoging it. He was nearly flung off it into the river [,Redact by SHIELD begins] but was rescued by a woman in black using a swingline [Redact by SHIELD ends]. Eventually the [Redact by SHIELD begins] four [Redact by SHIELD ends] three heroes succeeded in destroying and sinking it, after it subjected the nearby populace to a rendition of Ride of the Valkyries. Moon Maiden further kept missiles from raining down onto the immediate riverfront property.
Nazi Robot

Attack at Themysciran Embassy
Overview: Cyberdragon attacks Embassy
OOC Contact: Cyberdragon or Wonder Woman

4/27/2014 - The Themysciran Embassy was the site of a battle today with Visitors reporting what they could only describe by some as a Cyborg Dragon, crashing through the wall of the Embassy pursued by three armored figures.

Photographs from various cameras Show three Silver Armored Suits similar to the Famed Iron man armor only farm more bulky and angular.

Reports indicated when Challenged the Suits of armor unleashed a number of Missiles or Rockets that Flied around erratically, striking random targets. Two suits of armor began attacking the Embassy and Embassy Staff and Visitors while a Third Continued to engage the Cyberdragon as some called it.

Reports indicate that Embassy Staff and The Ambassador, Diana AKA Wonder Woman Succeeded in defeating the Trio of Armored suits taking three pilots captives, although the Cyberdragon is reported to have fled the scene.

Currently Neither the Embassy, nor The Ambassador herself have made official comments, claiming investigations are incomplete, and it is too early to make a confirmed Assessment of the situation.

Those injured and wounded during the attack where provided Medical Care at the Embassy it's self.
Embassy Attack

Bridge Reconstruction Ahead of Schedule
Overview: Bridge Reconstruction Aided by Superheroes
OOC Contact: Winsome

4/25/2014 - Just days after the monster attack on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, experts from construction firm Damage Control estimate that reconstruction of the Brooklyn Bridge has already reached fifty percent.

"We've had generous support from Stark Enterprises. They provided materials and some experimental new technology that speeds up construction." Marie Hoag, CEO of Damage Control said to reporters, "In addition, we've had help in reconstruction from several superheroes, including Power Woman, Moon Maiden and a young woman calling herself Marvel Girl. You'd be surprised at how much faster things go when you can sink an entire bridge support as a single piece instead of building it section by section."

Ms. Hoag went on to assure reporters that the aid of the superheroes and Stark Enterprises means the bill to the New Jersey/New York Port Authority will be lower than expected.
Bridge Reconstruction

Monster Attacks Brooklyn Bridge
Overview: Giant Lizard comes out of East River, defeated by heroes and contained by SHIELD
OOC Contact: Winsome

4/22/2014 - The Brooklyn Bridge was destroyed today when a giant, lizard-like monster rose from the waters of the East River and crashed through it. The monster, which witnesses say bore a passing resemblence to the famous film beast Godzilla, proceeded onto shore and began to decimate several blocks worth of portyard and warehouses.

New York's bravest and finest, the NYPD and FDNY worked together to evacuate the remnants of the bridge as well as the citizens of New York within several blocks of the monster's location.

Our emergency responders may have been assisted in this by the arrival of several so-called "metahumans" on the scene. However, the way the metahumans engaged the monster in combat may have only served to further enrage the beast and cause more destruction. According to footage of the event Power Woman, Moon Maiden, some sort of living comet woman, an unnamed female flying metahuman, and some sort of military stealth jet all battled the monster. Eventually, the monster was drawn out to sea but not before leaving roughly ive square blocks of Manhattan and much of the docks on the Lower East side in ruins. Very little is left of the proud and storied Brooklyn Bridge itself beyond a few sad, broken supports and a great deal of debris. Needless to say both the bridge and the East River are closed today, seriously impacting both traffic and New York City commerse. The mayor has declared a state of emergency for that portion of the city.

This monster attack was not without bright spots, however. As cars were dredged from the water those trapped inside describe being overwhelmed by a sense of calm and peace. In addition, two witnesses, an older gentleman and his grandson, described their rescue by a decidedly "unsuper" hero.

"We were trapped on the bridge and this man, dressed in a fedora and trenchcoat like in grandpa's old back and white movies, came and saved us! First me and then he came back for grandpa!" The brave young man said, describing his rescuer. Combined, these incidents only serve to prove the valor and bravery of the normal everyday citizen of our fair city.

SHIELD has announced that the monster in question has been captured and the threat eliminated.
Brooklyn Bridge

Dock Fire; Arson
Overview: Follow up on recent dock fires
OOC Contact: Cyberdragon

Dock Fire; Arson

The Dock Fire at Warehouse 13 has been deemed Arson by investigators. Video footage show a number of masked men planting what investigators have confirmed are Thermite Mines in various locations on the west side of the Warehouse.

Video footage shows them running from the area where the fires escape, which then erupted out of control. Consuming the Warehouse, The Fire damage has consumed a lot of property estimated in over 50 million dollars in losses.
Hisuthorities are still unsure as to the presence of the Creature that emerged from the fire and plunged into the Harbor area.

An Anonymous source Posting on various web pages, has branded the figure a demon, a devil straight out of hell has escaped into the city. And warns New Yorkers to beware the Demon of hell that possesses people and condemns their souls to hell.
Dock Fire 2

SoHoHomes, Businesses Demolished
Overview: Juggernaut destroys buildings in SoHo - stopped by heroines
OOC Contact: Karen, Laural, Marko or Sally

The one-man wrecking crew known as the Juggernaut, previously seen attempting to hijack an armored car, and then assaulting Themysciran Ambassador Diana, was seen charging through and demolishing two buildings in SoHo. The oversized behemoth's rampage was brought up short by the quick intervention of Power Woman and Moon Maiden. The ladies prevnted further disaster by seizing Juggernaut and carrying him up into the sky, well beyond any witnesses. It is unclear what happened after that, but the two heroines soon returned to the scene of the damage and assisted with putting out fires, rescuing those trapped, and cleaning up in the aftermath. Some witness statements have hinted that a third powered woman may have been present, attempting to disarm the situation before confrontation was necessary, but no identity has been attributed to the 'golden glowing girl' as yet.
SoHo Demolished

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