Visitors to NYC
Overview: Crown Prince/Princess visit to US - 1st Stop NYC
OOC Contact: Clueless

The Crown Prince and Princess of England are visiting the shores of the US! Due to arrive on 7 December, their itenerary is a whirlwind. First stop, our beautiful city of NYC, and in particular, the Upper East Side. While there, they will be visiting with friends, dignitaries, businessmen and financiers.

15 couples have been invited to dinner with the Prince and Princess, each charged $50,000 a couple.

Man Scales Tree!
Overview: A man climbs tree during lighting ceremony
OOC Contact: Jack Flag.


Rockefeller Tree Lightning was interrupted today as an unknown man 'flew' from the crowd, into the tree. Then proceeded to scale the tree. Rockettes dashed from the stage but the emcee rolled with it, giving a play by play of the scaling. Cameras broadcast the event. Police came to the tree, demanded the man climb down. He was complying when a nearby bomb exploded at a bank being robed. Nothing stolen from the bank, no culprit caught in that incident, but the police attention diverted form the man in the tree allowed him to escape. He seems like an unkown person at this time.
Tree Scaled

Fire Claims Several Stories
Overview: A fire causes damage in Gramercy Park, Outsiders respond
OOC Contact: Black Lightning, Topaz.

A fire on December 2nd raged in a residential tower in the vicinity of Gramercy Park. What seemingly started by a delivery truck, making its way towards one of the bridges, ended up as a case of arsony. The fire ran up the residential units, spurned by the arsons working from inside the fire, of the old building. It damaged most of the units on those floors. Curiously enough for as bad as this fire was, officials seemed more surprised to report there were no casualities sustained during the fire.
Early in the fire, Outsiders Black Lightning and Topaz showed up, doing something to help the spread of the fire. This reported after Topaz chanted and drew shapes in the air with a hand. Afterwhich, both flew into the building. Several men in fire proof suits were turned over to the authorities as the culprits, using their suits as flamethrowers.
Fire Harvest

JL Food Drive Attacked
Overview: Justice League holiday food drive attacked, statements issued
OOC Contact: Power Woman.

An ongoing charitable effort by the Justice League, with food drives and charitable donations across the country this holiday season was interrupted at the Brooklyn Hazelton Mall Tuesday afternoon, when three unmarked vans charged into the parking lot and disgorged a number of unmarked, unidentified gunmen in military-style fatigues but no insignia, wielding what witnesses describe as 'wicked-looking advanced assault rifles of some kind.'

The charitable drive included a gathered crowd of hundreds of civilians, including a large number of children, all present to get picturs taken and autographs from two of the League's heavy hitters, Power Woman and Miss Marvel. The heroines were decidedly not aggressive towards the assault force, and acted to stand down and talk rather than create conflict to endanger the civilians.

Recordings of the incident make clear that the soldiers were accusing the Justice League of kidnapping an unnamed leader of their organization, which they declared was a 'legally authorized organization of the government.' Power Woman is heard in the same recordings to declare that the unnamed individual in question was only seized as part of an evacuation, and had he been duly authorized, that he would have been delivered to the President at the time of the incident.

The incident did boil over into a brief conflict, with two other heroes - the Brit's own Black Knight, and a glowing winged woman others have named 'Angelus' - participating. Whatever weapons the attackers were using, they managed to disable three of the four heroes present, and took Miss Marvel and Power Woman into custody, herding them away in their vans as they departed. No civilians were harmed. A statement released by Ms. Pepper Potts indicates that the League still managed to gather over thirty-five tons of foodstuffs for distribution, and over four hundred thousand dollars which will be used to help at-risk and needy families and individuals during this holiday season. Ms. Potts also declared that this incident will not be allowed to end the charity drive, and that all dates will be honored by other members of the League, although additional security measures will be in place.

The Justice League's chairwoman delivered a statement on the incident, before heading into a meeting of the UN Security Council, and it is believed then fielded a meeting with the President of the United States.

"The Justice League's charter makes absolutely clear that the League and all active members will respect the authority of the law of the land and those appointed with that authority. The group in question is not legally authorized by any nation on Earth, and can be conclusively tied to the kidnapping and systematic torture and experimentation on numerous teenagers, all citizens of the United States. The League will continue to investigate this case, and will bring the parties involved to justice, including facing charges in the appropriate courts. In the meantime, let it be known that the Justice League does not and shall not negotiate with terrorists. Those holding Miss Marvel in custody are warned that we will do whatever is necessary to effect her release, and whatever harm they are their properties suffer in that effort is entirely their own fault."

There has been no word yet on a response from the UN or the US Government regarding this incident or the League's statements.
JL Food Drive

Black Cloud Over Queens
Overview: Cloud at construction sight, possible demon attack, Outsiders respond
OOC Contact: Black Lightning or Topaz.

Sightings of a black cloud at a construction site in Forest Hills, Queens, surfaced today. Mostly radio call in followed by some cell phone images of the black mass covering most of a construction site, steel girders only several stories high for perspective. The Bugle reports the culprit as an assocaite of Spider Man, warns readers to be weary of household spiders that Spider Man man have influence over. No injuries where had, but Outsiders did go to the scene, dealing with what may have been a demon though this is unconfirmed by official sources.
Black Cloud

Turkey buy-back
Overview: Stark Industries will buy the odd frozen turkeys that are falling
OOC Contact: Pepper Potts.


In light of the raining frozen turkeys, there will be a Stark Industries representative at the Mission House on 7th, Midtown, ready to purchase them for $5, no questions. Turkeys must be in a recognizable form, and cookable. The representative will be there Monday through Saturday, 9-2.

Odd Explosion
Overview: Strange storm and explosion over NYC
OOC Contact: Black Knight or Scarlet Witch

Today over New York, a curious explosion, amidst an odd storm. Some report it as blue fire rain and lightning, others as a red energy of unkown origin. Some figures noted, two or three flying on horses, one horse with wings, another, a female all in red. As the blue fire rained down, it seems to scorch some metal and concrete, buildings are being investigated for strucutral integrity in the vicnity of Midtown. The storm and fire seemed to end in a massive explosion, audible to some on the street itself. All figures left the scene.
Weird Storm

Ride of the Four Horsemen
Overview: Four mysterious headless horsemen arrive mysterious and are dealt with by heroes
OOC Contact: Black Knight. Bombshell, or Hawkeye


Following curious sightings of odd colored clouds and supposed tornadoes in NYC, internet footage of misty headless horsemen appear. The photos and videos are cloudy themselves with digital devices not capable of capturing that quickly. But misty clouds move with headles horsemen. The paper reports on the phenomenon of four supposed headless horsement that arrive in the boroughs, converging on midtown.
Several heroes responded, including the Black Knight who stayed for questioning by police. He does not give the name of the other heroes, the Bugle suspects to protect identities of otherwise criminals. After giving enough information, the Black Knight mounted a winged horse and flew away from the scene.
Four Horsemen

Armory Damaged in Explosion
Overview: Army Depot in Manhattan damaged by 'light' explosion
OOC Contact: Ultimate or Power Woman.

The 69th Infantry Armory on Lexington Avenue in Manhattan was significantly damaged Friday night by what witnesses are calling a 'detonation of light'. Hundreds of people were evacuated from the building just minutes before the explosion by what they report were 'soldiers', though the authorities cannot identify who these soldiers were or what they were doing at the night's major charity gala fashion show.

The fashion show was apparently interrupted not first by the soldiers, but instead by the arrival of four very large golden armored figures, each standing almost ten feet tall, wielding incredible power and glowing blue-white energy weapons. As these figures burst into the armory, witnesses say that black-garbed soliders rushed in and started directing them forcefully to leave the building. Whatever else these soldiers may have done, they also engaged the golden armored warriors, preventing any known deaths, though some serious injuries were suffered.

Less than a minute after the last of the civilians cleared the armory building, a 'detonation of light' rippled outward from the armory, incinerating sections of the roof of the structure and sending a rain of ash down over a ten block area. After the explosion, no sign could be found of the golden armored figures, or the soldiers. Spokesman for the Pentagon declared that there were no active duty military on site in New York City.

Missing Building
Overview: Suite of rooms taken from building, Outsiders respond
OOC Contact: Black Lightning.


An entire medical suite was heisted from a commercial building in the Financial District today. Near the top floor, the cuplrit most likely had enough knowledge of structural engineering to get what the rooms they wanted without jeopardizing the entire building. Likely culprits include Spider Man or Gorilla Grodd, citizens should be on the lookout for either of these beastly candidates and report suspicious activity to the authorities, or the Bugle - awards from the Bugle commencerate on the details. Topaz and Black Lightning arrive early on the scene.
Building Gone

Gorilla Infestation
Overview: Two gigantic gorillas rampage at Central Park Zoo - the situations is eased by Red Sonja and Black Knight
OOC Contact: Black Knight.

10-16-14 An article talking about the problem with Gorilla's in the city, comparing them to sewer gators, is released today following an episode at Central Park Zoo. Two gorillas were somehow affected such that they grew to some 10-12' in height and rampaged at the zoo. Two figures came quickly to the zoo before anyone could be hurt. One a bikini-clad red-haired warrioress that has been showing up in various internet clips slinging a sword to great affect. The other is a man recently arrived from England going by the mantle Black Knight, also slinging a sword during the confrontation with the monsterous beasts. As the red-haired warrior stayed to confront one large gorilla, she left when the beasts were soothed - one by her, the other by repeated injection from elephant tranquilizers. She left the scene as Marvel Girl arrived to help lifted the Gorillas to a medical holding facility at the NYU medical campus, Black Knight joined her atop a flying horse to escort the gorillas for treatment. The gorillas are undergoing treatment for radiation sickness that is somehow connected with their sudden growth.

OOC: Black Knight
Gorillas in Midst

Slight Oktoberfest Disturbance
Overview: Abra Kadabra foiled by Sara Pezzini (Power Woman as Sara), with slight help by Black Lightning
OOC Contact: Black Lightning or Power Woman.

10-14-14 - Oktoberfest, well under way since mid September for some locations, was marred slightly yesterday during a scheduled magic performance. What started out as routine stage magic show turned odd when the man seemed to use some form of hypnosis on the audience, getting them to donate valuables (jewelry, rings, etc.) for his performance. If not for the intervention of Detective Sara Pezzini, there is no telling what may have happened. Able to hypnotize other officers at the festivities, the detective was somehow unaffected during the performance of a man calling himself Abra Kadabra; even Black Lightning of the Outsiders seems to have fallen under the spell even while the detective did mention his interferrence and arrival distracted the man enough for her to move on the target. The man was apprehended and all valuables were returned to their respectful owners by officers on the scene.
Oktober Magic

Gangs Stopped in Forest Hills
Overview: Mystery individual(s) stop a few gang members in Queens
OOC Contact: Black Lightning.


An odd finding by the police, several gang related individuals and vehicles with some unregistered weapons and lots of drugs were found. The gang members shot up, wounded, or incapacitated on the scene, no evidence to who did this. Being that it happened in the middle of the night, few witnesses can be found. The only curious rumor is that of a lightning strike right before the scene erupted into a battle that left no gang members free to leave. Police have all members from the scene in custody.

OOC: Black Lightning
Lightning Strike

Death on Watch
Overview: Heroes save all but one in building collapse
OOC Contact: Nightcrawler.


New construction in Times Square collapses into adjacent Studio. A new extension atop on of the buildings in Times Square collapsed today, careening into a neighboring studio during normal morning media mayhem in times square. The collapse left construction works trapped in the rigging as well as several studio guests and media personalities in the neighboring building. Super Heroes arrived to help as responders were laboring to stabilize the buildings, lacking time with continued instability, both heroes went to the groups to save them.

One all in black (Black Panther) saved all but one from the studio while a blue devil (Nightcrawler) helped construction works. For all the good done by the two, the media seems to focus on the one victim of this building collapse despite how many more would of died if not for the heroic intervention.

OOC: Contact Nightcralwer or Black Panther
Death Watch

Attack at the Embassy
Overview: Anti-metahuman attack at the Genoshan Embassy during public assembly
OOC Contact: Black Lightning.

A public address by the Genoshan Ambassador turned sour when activists raised a serious threat, making a scene with powered exoskeletons, they were defeated by the Ambassodor with the help of Black Lightning and fellow, unidentified, Outsider (Diamond Lil). Minor injuries were suffered by bystanders in the crowd before the Scarlet Witch and other heroes could stop the activits. The Outsiders were then seen enterint the Embassy, afterwhich, the Ambassador was scene flying away with Captain Atom and Black Lightning.
Embassy Threat

New StarkPhones Go Flying
Overview: Internet prank gone wrong
OOC Contact: Winsome or Tony Stark

9/26/2014 - When a seemingly legitimate website claimed that the newest StarkPhone model had secret, built in repulsor technology, the same kind of technology that allows Tony Stark's armored alter-ego Iron Man to fly, it seems some people took the prank seriously. The internet buzzed last night with reports from all over the world of StarkPhone users tossing their phones off buildings, throwing them into the air, and otherwise destroying technology worth hundreds of dollars - all because they believed a phone could fly.

A spokesperson for Stark Enterprises has confirmed that there is no repulsor technology built into the latest StarkPhone models, though she did sing about the praises of the phone's new predictive typing algorythm.

OOC: Questions about your broken StarkPhone go to Tony Stark.

Bombs and the Museum
Overview: Several bank bombings, and a theft foiled by Topaz and Black Lightning
OOC Contact: Black Lightning.

9/25/2014 -

Today in the Bugle, two separate articles.

One detailing three bank bombings that happened consecutively in the boroughs. In Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx, three banks were bombed at precisely the same time, several people injured and in critical condition but no deaths. Several Outsiders came to help search while responders helped injured and combated fires.

At the Museum of Natural History, a precious artifact was briefly taken from the vaults. A bomb used to open it, the heist was preplanned such that the bomb was the first indication there were intruders. Topaz alongside Black Lightning of the Outsiders defeated Cheshire and Dwarfstar as they fled. They were picked up by authorities on a nearby rooftop.
Bombs Day

Villains Escape!
Overview: On one of the nearby islands in New York, meta prisoners escape under moonlight.
OOC Contact: Black Lightning.

09-19-14 - The Bugle's front page shows an image of Spiderman, exclaiming villains have escaped from a local prison designed to hold super criminals. The article never indicates Spiderman as one of those in the prison. It does describe that last night, near midnight, a group of Villains escaped. Amongst the group was Gorilla Grodd, Star Man, Evo, Weather Wizard, Griffin, Major Disaster, The Top, The Glider, Captain Cold, and Captain Boomerang. Many of them recently scent to jail from the new group in town that is being called the Outsiders. Much like before, no one from the Outsiders was available for questions on this topic. Inquiries are going to Captain Atom who seems to be a face for this group and a member of the USAF.
Prison Break

Hostage Crisis
Overview: Hostage crisis averted by Black Lightning and Mercury
OOC Contact: Black Lightning.

09/18/14 - A hostage crisis in Tribeca came about after bank robbers were alerted quickly to the authorities. Black Lightning, of some group calling themselves Outsiders, arrived on the scene to help deal with the situation. A second hero was witnessed inside by the hostages, some sort of metal being or liquid that took out two of the gunmen. Black Lightning or these Outsiders weren't not available for questions after authorities learned of the other hero.

Outtage in Lower Manhattan
Overview: Strange occurrence and rumor follows about small outtage in the city.
OOC Contact: Black Lightning.

09/15/2014 - A few cameras and some street lights near and around the First Shearith Israel Graveyard in Lower Manhattan were out for a brief period on Sept. 15th. Reports of odd activity and strange lights have emerged but nothing concrete on what has happened. The only official report coming out of this is that there was minor damage to a sarcophagus in the cemetery and some of the nearby electrical lines were cut and attached to the fence.
Power Out

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