Actor Name
Name: John Coltan
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Ohio
Age: 19
Aliases: Cyber
Origin: High Tech Symboite
Present Location: New York City
Occupation: Chef / Part Time Hero
Team: N/A
Alignment: Good
Significant Other(s): N/A
Powers and Abilities: Powers and Abilities:
Portrayed by: Actor Name

Cyber-Suit History

*In the distant past An Alien race desiring to learn about the universe constructed a number of probes. These probes were designed to work with a host, to absorb the knowledge of the host without harming the host, and learn of the culture. To work in Symbiotic relationship, to better understand the species in question. The best way to learn of a culture, people, or species is to live among them. And to keep the suit true to it's programing allowed it to form protective armor over the host to ensure the host's survival.

*The probes were sent out in a pod to a number of worlds across the universe, these pods were intended to periodically summon the Probe and host for periodical up load of accumulated data and transmission. The probe sent to a small blue green planet that would be called Earth by future inhabitants. All information of the probes experiences with it's creators was either Locked away, or deleted.

*Landing on earth the Pod dispatched the probe and then the probe and Pod had been discovered by the Deviants, who learned how to activate the probe by blood. At this point, The probe was claimed by a scientist as his creation, and for his lord attempted to study and replicate the probe as a weapon. Leading Cyber to conclude he was constructed as a weapon.

*After it's previous host had been murdered for the suit, The Suit in it's dormant form was captured by an Atlantian strike team that raided the lab and Cyber and taken as a spoil of war.

*Deactivated, the Suit sat in a treasury or armory with no one knowing how to activate it perhaps for hundreds of years. Until a coup allowed the suit to be stolen. Weather or not the coup was successful is unknown, But the suit turned up on African shores. Appearing as a large clump of gold, the suit was taken to one of the tribes.

*In at attempt to turn it into jewelry the suit did not yield to the various methods, when a young tribal struck it with his axe his blade shattered and drew his blood, splattering over the golden cover, the suit absorbed it. Lashing out the suit then bonded with the young tribal. Transforming into a suit of armor resembling that of a great lion.

*The Tribal used the armor to become Chef of his clan, and protected his tribe. But never revealed how he attained it. As a result a jealous son poisoned his father, and attempted to claim the suit for himself. With the previous host dead, the armor reverted back to it's default form. What appeared to be a large hunk of gold.

*It is unknown exactly what happened to the son of the previous host, but over the centuries, appearing to be gold, often proved problematic. Being stolen, attempts to melt it down, cut it up all in vain. The Suit's history is anything but dull.

*Passing from one hand to another over the centuries. once in a while the suit would be activated. With Blood from someone being spilled upon it, becoming a powerful suit of armor.

*Both heroes and villains had obtained the suit using it for their respective goals. Through out it's time being joined by various hosts, the Probe evolved sentience, with a mind and will of it's own. Governed by it's programming to be symbiotic, the suit displayed a desire to work with the host in co-operation, rather than be considered a tool.

*The Suit being alive and sentient, Sometimes clashed with hosts, often in cases where the host considered himself to be the master and the suit an object. Resulting in the suit abandoning it's host. It's history extends through Africa, through the Mediterranean, the middle east, into Europe. Where the last owner was burned at the stake by the Spanish inquisition, and the Armor buried under a church to contain it's… evil.

*The most recent past of the suit would involve it's capture at the hands of the Nazi's in WW2, While it appeared gold, their inability to melt it down, or slice it up made it prime candidate for one of their weapon's program believing that it was not gold, but some sort of new indestructible metal.

*An allied attack disrupted the research center, and the Suit was locked up and spirited away to a secret location, discovered decades later while pursuing Nazi war criminals. Discovered along with dusty Nazi Records, reporting it's resistances. The Suit was to be sent to a Laboratory in the United States to have it's properties analyzed.

*During the Spectre's Judgement As the suit was not joined with a host, it was therefore not subject to being banished home, but as Supertech it was rendered Dormant but given that the Suit was only to be rediscovered in 2013 it was not an issue.

*In route to the laboratory, rumors of a large amount of gold, a new indestructible alloy, can make people very greedy. And that is where the attack happened. During the attack heroes in the area, or showed up managed to distract the villain, but an explosion knocked a young man into the gold spilling his blood on it in the process. This activated the bonding protocols causing the suit to envelop the young man.

*After a time the Suit began to take on it's newest form. Thank of a red and black striped bipedal dragon. Having read the host's mind and thoughts, and assuming a form that the young man found aesthetically pleasing. Thus… Cyberdragon was born.

John Coltan's History

*John's own personal history is more or less nothing special. Unlike some heroes or villains, His own history is fairly mundane. Growing up in Ohio, John had a fairly decent youth, growing up in school, and like some youngsters who grow up in a world where Super heroes are starting to immerge around the impressionable age of 13-15 he would often as a young boy run around the house pretending to be a hero. Combining his love for dragons was often the focus of his fantasies. The Dragon Ninja, Dragon Ranger, Dragon Knight.

*Growing up John discovered something else he loved. Cooking. Often learning from his mother, many of her own dishes. Like any teen you have those people who seem to make it their mission to make your life hell, John was no exception. After graduation, John went to New York hoping to attend a culinary college.

*Taking time to enjoy the sights and sounds of New York, He was pleased to actually get a chance of spotting a couple heroes. When an explosion on a truck with an unknown Villain attacking a Truck, John attempted to assist a guard who was knocked out when some local heroes arrived, John was attacked and hurt by the Villain. Knocked into the back of a Semitruck cut and bleeding, His blow poured over the shattered box which held a huge chunk of what looked like gold.

*The Gold then flashed as it then lashed out and started to cover John's entire body in a metallic cocoon, After a time the cocoon began to alter it's color and form into the shape of a bipedal metallic dragon. And John learned… that he was now bonded with a suit of armor that was alive… and sentient.

IC Events

Cyberdragon's Logs

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