We are interested in maintaining an air of civility and common respect between all players and staff. In furtherance of this goal, please refrain from the following offensive behavior in the OOC Areas as well as OOC Public Channels:

  • Please keep all language to a PG-13 level. Excessive vulgarity and offensiveness is unwelcome.
  • Racial and homophobic slurs are absolutely prohibited. Refrain from attacking the religious and political beliefs of other players.
  • Excessively affectionate fondling: Snuggling, lapcurling, hugging.
  • Always treat other players with respect and courtesy.

If some behavior falls within (or even outside of) the categories above, it is your duty as a player to politely and privately page the offending player to ask them to stop. If the behavior continues, only then should you report the activity to the Admin, who will intervene as necessary. The road goes both ways. What is "offensive" to one player is not offensive to another and being a passive-aggressive whiner towards someone you perceive to be offending you can be just as upsetting for the other player in question.

We are confident that if the above guidelines are followed, one and all can enjoy the OOC environment here..

Please understand that we will not tolerate this behavior and if you are found acting in such a manner, you will be warned. If this behavior continues you will be removed from the MUX.

Thank you for your understanding, and be courteous to one another.

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