Matt Ryan
Name: John Constantine
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Liverpool, England
Age: Late 30's
Aliases: The Laughing Magician, The Constant One
Origin: Magic
Present Location: Usually England, but travels a lot.
Occupation: Supernatural Investigator, Master of the Dark Arts
Team: None
Alignment: Neutral
Significant Other(s): None that have managed to stay alive long.
Powers and Abilities: Deceit, Magic
Portrayed by: Matt Ryan

- John Constantine, the Laughing Magician - One of the world's foremost supernatural experts, a powerful magus, a humanist who will defend humanity against the machinations of both heaven and hell; he is all of these things.
- John Constantine, the Constant One - Con man, liar, trickster, opportunistic bastard; he is all of these things too.
- Born in Liverpool, England, the only surviving twin of two (having strangled his twin in the womb), John never knew his mother's love. She died giving birth to him, an event that left him forever estranged from his father. Raised with his older sister by their aunt due to his father's alcoholism, it wasn't until his teens that he began to learn of his magical lineage, and to experiment with the occult.
- The Spectre's judgement, however, prevented him from developing actual magical power, even kept the true gift of his bloodline, the mantle of the Laughing Magician, from truly activating, which forced the budding magus to have to sharped his skills as a con-man and liar at least as much as his knowledge of sorcery.
- Traveling around Europe, he sharpened his meager magical skills, his budding talents with Synchronicity, and formed his punk band, Mucous Membrane, while doing some stints as a stage magician.
- His first attempt at doing something 'heroic' with his occult knowledge, however, was a total disaster, resulting in the deaths of several of his friends and band members, and the damnation to hell of a little girl, Astra, as he accidentally stumbled into one of the 'cracks' in the Spectre's Judgement that allowed powerful demons to come through. The fallout from that event landed him in Ravenscar Asylum, where he nearly finished losing what was left of his mind after witnessing this.
- It was during his time in Ravenscar that the judgement was lifted… and Constantine truly came into his power. The Synchronicity freeway called to him, the seductive song of magical power thrummed through him, all his years of study and theory suddenly becoming very, very applicable.
- Escaping from Ravenscar thanks to his newfound gifts, John dedicated himself to trying to do some good with his knowledge and power… even if that good often came at too high a price. He's a powerful magus now, but he knows better than most the cost of such power, and he knows that it can be taken away as quickly as it arrived. He focuses more on his birthright and his skills as a liar and con-man than his magic, for the price of magic is one that the people around him tended to end up paying more often than him.
- Throughout the years since rising to his true power, John's gone up against some of the heaviest hitters of heaven and hell, and through guile, deceit, and just a touch of magic here and there, bested them all. How long this streak will hold out, no one knows.. and the victories have never come without a harsh price, not least of which is the demon's blood that now courses through his veins.
- What he's doing away from his usual haunts, and here, is a mystery to everyone.. perhaps including himself. But where the Laughing Magician walks, trouble can only follow.

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