Comet X
Comet X
Vanessa Hudgens
Name: Lexxie Iolani
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Samoa Islands
Age: 16
Aliases: Comet X
Origin: Mutant
Present Location: Xavier's School
Occupation: Student
Team: X-School
Alignment: Hero
Significant Other(s): None
Powers and Abilities: Comet from the Sky
Portrayed by: Vanessa Hudgens

Lexxie Iolani’s Early Life

Lexxie Iolani’s mother (Alice Goldman) went to the Polynesian islands on vacation and fell in love with her father (Ipo Iolani) and stayed. The two were marred and nine months later Lexxie was born.

Lexxie lived on one of the smaller islands with her mother and father for the first five years of her life. After that her mother got job transfer to Newark New Jersey. Instead of moving to the city they found a nice home in a small town by the name of Hopatcong.

In New Jersey Lexxie finds her self-surrounded by her mother’s family a strange group compared to the people she was used living on the island.

Lexxie’s childhood was an odd one a mix of Jewish and Polynesian traditions and well as being brought up in NJ and the influences of her friend on her.

Lexxie grew up in this sleepy town finding the most exciting things to do away from school is to hang out in the parking lot of the Quick Chek with her friends.

In school she did well getting B’s, C’s, and rarely case an A.

After school she spent her afternoons practicing cheers with the cheer squad.

Lexxie Iolani’s Life Changes

Lexxie’s mother and father were killed in a car accident. Lexxie was at the mall, when she got home there was a police officer waiting on her front stairs with a child service worker. They explain what happen and that she had to go with them. Lexxie now with tears in her eyes refused to go and turns to run, but before the teenager could run away the police officer grabbed her by the arm and stopped her.

They take the struggling teenager to an orphanage. Lexxie is made to stay there, but within a few months the Dewald family becomes her foster family, a kind white family. She stayed there for a few weeks then she ran away not liking her new home.

She runs to New York City thinking she blend in better there then in Hopatcong.

She spent that night in the city at a friend’s house who had moved with his family a few years back. Most of that night she wonders about what will happen to her, after that day she lived with her friend and went to school.

Months pass and everything gets back to normal (or as close as it’s going to be) but that all ends when child services and a couple police officers show up at her school. They found her and pulled her out to take her back to the Dewald family. Like before she struggled and then it happen when she was in the parking lot, she vanished right out of the officer’s hand and reappeared high above the ground. Needless to say she was scared and more so when she started to fall. She fell fast and a bright pink energy surrounded her. Anyone who saw her fall said it looked like a comet falling. She lands hard on top of the police smashing it flat and knocking people off their feet and flipping other cars in the parking lot. It took Lexxie a moment to realize she was unharmed. Scared of what happen and being taken away again she runs before anyone can recover from the shock.

She does not return to her friends sure that she would not be welcome after what happen besides the police might look for her there. Instead she roams the roads picking for food in the trash and pan handling she also learns to pick locks and pick pockets.

One cool winter day not long after Lexxie had picked a guy’s pocket, she was sitting in an alley counting the cash when man and woman came down the alley and grabbed her. It turns out that Professor X sensed her with the help Cerebro and sent them to retrieve her. The man and woman settled her down and took her for lunch after they made her return the wallet and all its contents to the man she stole it from. He explained the situation and gave her an invite to be a student at the school. After some thought she agreed to come to the school, if nothing else she would get a warm bed and free food out of the deal.

IC Events

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