This is a Superhero and Comic themed MUX, combat is going to be a common affair for most people. This is also, however a consent-based MU and we do not have a dice system or sheets with stats. We have our traits, our common sense, and hopefully the desire for everyone to have fun. Realizing this, and realizing that combat between Player Characters may be common, we should try to keep in mind that we don't always have to win, and that we should try to make sure all involved parties are having fun.

Please do not go into combat with the intent to 'win'. Everyone's intent in combat should be to facilitate fun for everyone involved. On a consent-based MU such as this, give and take is required. Take a hit here and there, get back up, throw a punch, and hope the other player is operating on the same wave length. Also, try to leave room for the loser to get away somehow. Sure, maybe 'your PC would never let that villain or hero get away alive!' but remember that we're here to have fun. Killing characters really isn't fun. It can be emotional at times, but we'd like to save such things for big moments or events, if ever.

A note on 'twinks' and 'twinking' think twice before doing something that places you into the following categories, please.

A player who dodges attacks that their character wouldn't otherwise be able to dodge.
A player who shrugs off damage that their character shouldn't be able to resist based on their traits.
A player who does things that his/her character cannot do or is not listed in his/her +traits.

Sure, sometimes in the comics/etc a character might do something they shouldn't be able to. And it's even fine to do once in a blue moon in RP (within reason). Sure, maybe Wolverine twists and dodges a bullet. But if Wolverine is constantly avoiding everything, nobody is going to want to play with him because it's not fun. (Also, it's Wolverine. He heals, fyi.) Don't be afraid to 'take one for the team' as it were. Let someone else win, and if they don't try to make sure you have fun as the 'loser', people will keep that in mind in the future, and it's the kind of information that spreads, and you might find less and less people willing to engage you as a player in such scenes.

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