Checkmate is a shadow intelligence operation dedicated to the protection of the United States of America. Checkmate operates independently of the military, CIA, FBI, and NSA and is answerable only to the President. Checkmate is organized following a chess theme and divides into Black and White courts. In theory, the Black Court is responsible for international operations while the White Court is responsible for domestic operations. The truth is both courts go where their leads and missions take them. Agents of Checkmate are ranked as chess pieces by function. Low level operatives and intelligence gatherers are known as Pawns. Field agents of Knights. Bishops are special solo operatives while Rooks lead groups of Knights and Pawns. Each court is controlled by joint consent of a King and Queen. Players are allowed to create OC Pawns, Knights, or Bishops of Checkmate. The black King and Queen of Checkmate are Wade Elling and Amanda Waller. The white King and Queen of Checkmate are Henry Gyrich and Ivana Baiul.

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