Chloe Grace Moretz
Name: Tsu-Zana (Susanna Sherman)
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: unknown
Age: 18
Aliases: Suzy
Origin: Kree Metahuman in hiding on Earth
Present Location: Gotham City
Occupation: Student Gotham U
Alignment: Hero
Significant Other(s): None
Powers and Abilities: Flying Brick
Portrayed by: Chloe Grace Moretz

Early Life - Not much is truly known about Tsu-Zana who would be known as Susanna Sherman. It is unknown if she was born on Earth or brought there. She isn't human though she does appear to be. In fact she is a Kree metahuman. What is known is that she ended up there and was placed with adoptive parents. There is a few lines of thought that she was hidden on earth to protect her as she was is thought to be spoken of in Kree writings. There she is spoken of as the Ultimate Unifier, that will eventually restore glory to the Kree Empire, overcoming both the Shi'ar and the blue-skinned kree. As she was hidden on Earth and even believed herself human this meant that her powers and heritage were kept from her. She had a pretty good childhood though eventually her adoptive parents divorced. During her teen years, Suzy was a struggling Model in LA while going to High School. It was hard for her to get work as a model though. She was rapidly developing muscles and most agencies were thinking that she was too buff to be a model. She did manage to get a few jobs, though mostly due to the fact that her 'book' had some photos from before she sprouting. Suzy didn't know it at the time but her was her alien metahuman nature expressing itself. At this point it was just developing muscles and such.

Emerging Powers - Now Suzy had always been a bit different from the rest of the girls her age. She was a bit tougher, faster, stronger. If anything, some just thought she was an athlete at the top of her game. THen that all changed 1/1/2010. On that day, when things changed. Things changed for Suzy as well. She found herself even faster, stronger, a lot stronger, more agile, she could even fly, and she healed faster. For her the biggest change was that she could see energy auras around people, that let her see if they were human, metahuman, robot, or even alien. She thought she was going crazy. She realizes now after seeing other things in the news that she is like others and is a metahuman. She has learned a bit about how to use her powers, but hasn't really had any formal training. There was one incident. There was a fire and she went to help people, after she was being interviewed by a reporter. She kept using the word Ultra and the reporter dubbed her Ultragirl and she started to use the name. So far she has managed to keep her true identity secret.

New Life - Suzy has decided to move from LA. She just graduated from High School. She has decided to go to Gotham University, though she isn't sure exactly yet what she is going to major in. At this time she is undecided. She isn't sure about keeping her powers secret as its all new to her, but she has started to get a grip on them and thinks that she can do it.


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