Name: Ezekiel Marcus Gray
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: New York, NY
Age: 17
Aliases: Kiel
Origin: Metahuman
Present Location: New York - Xavier's School
Occupation: Student
Team: None
Alignment: Hero(ish)
Significant Other(s): None, nada, zippo
Powers and Abilities: Biochemical Control
Portrayed by:

Ezekiel Gray is the middle of three sons of Jonah and Elizabeth Gray. Actually the eldest of a set of fraternal twins. The Gray's are old money from early investments in industry and land during the early years of the United States. Kiel, as he prefers to be called, grew up in a situation of always getting everything he wanted. Though as is often the case with both rich children and middle children, he was always an attention hog. It didn't matter if the attention was good or bad, he just needed it, and bad attention was so much easier to get. It started with acting up as a child, getting in trouble at school and causing mischief. By comparison his younger twin bother was calm and thoughtful, which easily set him up as his parents' favorite between the two of them. By his teenage years his antics degraded from something that catches the attention of the school principal to the type of behavior that instead catches the attention of the cops. Graffiti, drug possession, taking boats or cars on joy rides, the typical nonsense that gets trust fund teens printed up in the daily tabloids. Money, lawyers and plenty of settlements out of court kept him from ending up in juvie, barely.

Around fifteen his mutant genes finally started to kick into gear. He found he could control his body chemistry to a degree, and started experimenting. He even found a way to give himself a natural high, and for a budding junkie, that sort of thing was like hitting the jackpot. On his sixteenth birthday everything went awry. Lent one of the family cars for the evening, he and his twin brother decided to go meet up with a few friends for their birthday. He managed to convince his brother to let him drive, and while intoxicated on one of his endorphin highs, ends up wrapping the car around a tree, injuring himself but killing his brother. Even as he's pulled from the wreck, his body starts stitching itself back together letting his secret out of the bag, though his father pays good money to keep that bit of information inside the family. However, the blood test reveals the high levels of endorphins and the police assume this to mean drug use. He's charged with reckless driving, and this time his father does little to protect him. He ends up serving a year in juvenile detention. Upon his release, he is rather publicly disowned and disinherited by his father. At the insistence of the Xavier Institute, full guardianship of Kiel is signed over to the institute itself, which becomes his new home.


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