Name: Anna Marie Raven
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Meridian, MS
Age: 20
Aliases: Rogue
Origin: Metahuman
Present Location: NYC
Occupation: Drifter
Team: None
Alignment: Hero…ish
Significant Other(s): No touchy :(
Powers and Abilities: Power/energy absorption, super strength, flight
Portrayed by: Hubris

Growing up, Anna Marie was a sweet young girl. She enjoyed several friends in her sleepy Mississippi home, always outgoing and cheerful. Her life changed however when she tried for her first kiss with her boyfriend Cody. During the kiss, she suddenly found herself thinking different thoughts, remembering different things. And more distressing, she felt Cody go limp beneath her. Scared and unsure what was happening, Anna Marie ran away.

Soon it became clear how seriously Cody was suffering: when he was discovered, he was identified as being in a coma and received hospitalization. When the police started to search for her for questioning, Anne Marie was unsure what she would say. Packing some things and heading on the road, she hitchhiked her way out of her home town, trying to find somewhere she could be safe. Anywhere.

On the road, Anna Marie took up the name Rogue while she traveled down the highways. She soon discovered that if she touched anyone with her bare hand, she would absorb her victims memories, abilities and portions of their personality. Soon she met a woman who had some answers: Rogue was a metahuman, born with the strange ability to steal the very essence of other people. Still scared, but Rogue now had someone who had some answers, and seemed to be willing to help her.

The other woman quickly took Rogue under her wing. Powered herself and teaching Rogue more about the sudden explosion in metahuman activity, the pair eventually started to run jobs together, using their powers in tandem. A small heist here or there, but slowly things started to get bigger and more dangerous. But it was an exciting life, even as Rogue started to wonder if what they did was technically right. But her friend seemed to know what she was doing. So Rogue trusted, and continued to work with her new partner.

The thrillride came to a prompt stop. Another heist, and Rogue and her partner were actually met by another metahuman hoping to stop them, one of the newfangled costumed superheroines. Scared, unsure if they would get away and ordered by her partner, Rogue attempted to use her powers to subdue their opponent. What occured next was intoxicating, as she felt the other womans power flood into her own cells. The strength, the power. It was overwhelming and thrilling, but it also causes her to forget what she was doing; soon the heroine fell limp in her hands. Just like Cody. And just like Cody, the victim of Rogue's touch seemed to slip into a coma. The thing that Anna Marie all those miles ago ran away from caught up to her once again.

Scared, freaked out and flooded with new, seemingly permanent powers, Rogue became increasingly convinced she couldn't live the life of a criminal. Fleeing from her partner, uncertain of the future, Rogue continued to do what she did best: run, this time making her way to the Big Apple to disappear. Alone, scared and uncertain of the future, Rogue began to try to establish herself a new life. And she started to think of how she could make up for her past misgivings, considering her newfound fantastic strength and flight, realizing she may have one way to make it up to the heroine she stole the life: to become a hero herself.


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