The Flash
The Flash
Emma Watson
Name: Mary Maxwell
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Los Angeles
Age: 21
Aliases: Hummingbird
Origin: Metahuman
Present Location: Anywhere
Occupation: Professional Hero
Team: N/A
Alignment: Hero
Significant Other(s): N/A
Powers and Abilities: Speedster
Portrayed by: Emma Watson

There's a certain truth to this world. That truth can be summed up thusly: Rocket Car > Not Rocket Car. From an early time, Mary had been raised by her father, with her mother having passed away in childbirth. He did a pretty good job of providing for her as such things go. They had a modest house in a nice enough part of town, and she didn't really lack for anything in their little nowhere street in LA, but the simple truth was, he was so very distant. He had little time to pay attention to her. Thus it was she retreated into the life of 'Science-Geek Extraordinare', living in her comic books, anime, and studies. She was a geek and a conventiong goer, and for the most part, life was pretty good.
She came home one day, hower, to find her dad packing and ready to flee the home they'd lived so long for. An organization named AIM had been employing her father all this time, trying to find a method of safe and effective time travel. Finally unwilling to put his tech in the hands of a criminal organization, he packed up his daughter and fled. Following a harrowing car chase (where they unexpectedly escaped in her father's secret ROCKET CAR) fleeing from a super-powered thug, her father relocated them to an island on the Great Barrier Reef for a few months.
Eventually, as these stories often go, said villains found her and her father, despite the absurdly extreme lengths they went to, all to remain unfound. The house was destroyed, and they fled on speedboat. The resulting chase into a cloud of poisoned water, and her falling into it put her life in danger, even though they escaped. She was so incredibly lethargic from the poison thereafter, that it was clear to her father she would either soon die, or be killed by their pursuers. So he came up with a 100% totally logical solution to the problem. INJECT MY DAUGHTER WITH HUMMINGBIRD DNA, LOL.
Really, he only meant to give her a little bit. The three bullets that slammed into his back however, caused him to give her an entire syringe-full of the stuff. In that instant, bullets seemed to stand still for her. She got her father out of there, and listened as he told her all about STEALTH and their hunt for time travel. Using her newfound speed and cosplay talents, she whipped up a costume from ribbons and biker-clothes, and moved to take them on!
Stopping AIM was merely the first part of her journey. The bizzare mix of chemicals and DNA she had been altered with had fixed the poison, but also opened a connection to the Speed Force inside of her, exactly what AIM needed for 'safe' time travel. Assaulting AIM's secret hideout using her father's notes and papers for information on the location was relatively easy (though there were some bumps along the way). It left the giant thug who'd been bothering her the whole time dead of electrocution and the woman leading the group dead of old age from a faulty time-traveling device.
It also left her with nothing to do with her life. She wanted to know more about the father she'd lost, so... she did what any geeky high school student would do: become a geeky college student in an effort to understand him. It took a couple of years to graduate High School, of course, and staying with her aunt, nice as she was, wasn't very fun. She kept herself busy fighting crime all over LA (most of the time, literally). Eventually, though, the time to graduate came and she found herself off to university: SUNY. Looks like the east coast has a new hero!


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