Name: Basil Karlo
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Gotham City
Age: 30-something
Aliases: Clay, Clayface
Origin: Altered Human
Present Location: Gotham City
Occupation: Criminal
Alignment: Villain
Significant Other(s):
Powers and Abilities: Shape Shifting
Portrayed by:

Basil Karlo was born in Gotham City. His childhood was spent wishing to become a celebrity of some sort. Always wanting attention and often lashing out, acting out, or being overly dramatic to get it. He joined the drama club in high school and after graduation took the first train out to Hollywood where he would train to become an actor. Over the years he would rise to B-List greatness staring in several low budget films often playing the villain.

Taking the role of Clayface, Basil became a legendary villain (if not in his own mind) that would be featured in a series of low budget movies; Such as, 'The Terror', 'The Terror Returns, 'The Mask of the Terror' and so on. The series drew a cult following. A few years later, a famous Hollywood producer decided to remake the original movie with a larger budget and better actors. The movie would be filmed in Gotham City to give it a more gothic background and better production value. However, Basil was not invited back to play the villain's role. This angered Basil so much that he followed the production company back to Gotham and began his reign of terror upon the cast and crew. Basil donned the mask of his quintessential villain, Clayface, and went on a killing spree. This would result in several murders including the actor that played the role of Clayface and the producer that would not give Basil the role.

Foiled by caped crusaders, Basil was captured and turned over to the authorities. Being deemed mentally unstable, Basil was to be transferred to Arkham Asylum. However, it was a dark and stormy night and the fates would have it another way. In route, the ambulance taking Basil to Arkham lost control, collided with a chemical truck and both careened into the Gotham sewage reservoir. Basil was thrown from the ambulance and landed in the mix of exotic chemicals. This changed his body in horrific ways, transforming him into a claylike being that was caught up in the run-off of the sewage plant. He was washed out into the Gotham Harbor and assumed dead by authorities.
This however was not the case. Basil maintained a semblance of cohesion and eventually washed upon Gotham's shore where it would take him several months to re-establish who he was and the very nature of what he was. He began to realize just what he could do and what path of revenge he would take. Basil Karlo was truly Clayface. And with a smile on his mug, he lumbered back into the Gotham Sewer where he would plot his next move.


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