Willy Cartier
Name: Armand Soleil Agdistis Pierre
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Paris, France
Age: 17
Aliases: Aggie, Mandy, Armand
Origin: Metahuman
Present Location: New York City
Occupation: Homeless Baker
Team: None
Alignment: Neutral Hero
Significant Other(s): None
Powers and Abilities: Chaetokinesis
Portrayed by: Willy Cartier

*1997 - Born Armand Soleil Agdistis Pierre in Paris to ballerina Angelique Pierre and US Marine and New Orleans Native Marcus Etienne. Almost lost the baby, made a deal with 'an angel' to save her child, experiments done to find the meta-human gene and to stimulate/experiment with it during final stages of pregnancy and through the first 6 months. Considered a 'failure'.
*1999 - Being raised in bakery with single mother and 'Aunt Grace', tried to give Armand a haircut and he screamed like being murdered. Strange affinity for picking up languages rather quickly off of the radio, thought to be side effect of neurological stimulation from infancy.

*2006 - Moved to New Orleans with mother to live with Father and children from his first marriage. Paternal family very cautious towards Armand and his Mother, but Mama Rose (mother of Marcus) being close to the two, introduced Armand to the love of baking. Attempts to toughen him up from Father, who was so pleased to finally have a son, in hunting, handfishing, shooting, lots of bullying/rough housing from older male relatives and classmates.
*2009 - Still wearing hair long, little culinary prodigy in the kitchen...then during a dinner, Marcus finally proposed to Angelique and a cruel Uncle called Angelique a gold digging, green card seeking, French whore. Armand's powers manifested for the first time, ended up strangling man with his hair without realizing it and was locked in his room for months. Father sent him to special 'military' school for 'troubled' boys.
*2010-2012 - The Academy, a special religious school, to create soldiers and discourage certain 'soft' types. Basic classes, fencing, debates, PE...mostly juveline delinquents or sociopaths...others 'gifted'. At 14, haircut became a requirement. For months was tortured by officials as they experimented with his mutation (hair), escaped with some assistance from close room mates and kitchen staff due to being haunted by his screams.
*2013 - Spending most time hiding/running/hiding from folks trying to find him, finally taken in by Father Grayson, an elderly French Baker and Priest. Faked Amnesia, lived with him under the name 'Aggie' and worked in the bakery...then after Touley's death, given one way ticket to anywhere after he turned 17, as long as he left and never came back.
*2014 - Ended up in New York, is here now and it is his future. 50 bucks, a duffel bag of clothing and toiletries, a backpack stuffed with vending machine goodies and a messenger bag with the rest of his meager belongings.


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