Actor Name
Name: Brandy Marshal
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Place of Birth
Age: 25
Aliases: The Mad Wolf
Origin: Science/Mutant
Present Location: Characters present Location
Occupation: Fence
Team: Team Affiliations
Alignment: Alignment of Character
Significant Other(s): Significant Other(s)
Powers and Abilities: Powers and Abilities:
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Who isn't jealous of the canadian goverments weapon X program? Adept Co. Labs began as a privately funded research orginization that sought to recreate the sucess of the Weapon X Program. However it ran into a few major obstacles to that goal. Namely, it lacked ample funding and any sort of official government recognition. However small, it did have a budget. What it lacked, was a patient zero. A mutant with a healing factor.

Located in Sidney, Australia; Adept Co. began its search. And after many years, it struck gold. A police report of a young girl who was gunned down while attempting to rob a liquor store. Wounds that would have been fatal under normal circumstances. The girl was later identified as Brandy Marshal. She was exactly who Adept Co. was looking for. Too young to be tried as an adult, at the time, she was sentenced to a juvenile detention center.

Serving time in a minimum security center, Adept Co. had an easy time forging the right paperwork, and bribing the right people to have Marshal removed from the premises and relocated to their facility. Marshal believed she was being inducted into a reform program. Even as they began their experiments, she was always convinced she was being trained to fight for the Australian government; to be a national hero.

As the years war down on her. She was referred to as "Project Burst". Initially a joke amongst the scientist, as the experiments they were performing on her gave them concern. They tried to overcharge her healing factor, which frequently lead to her exploding due to the resulting energy overload of cellular regeneration. Eventually, it was shortned down and her codename simply became Burst.

Years of tortment and painful experimentation finally culiminated in one single breakthrough. Adept Co had finally managed to overcharge Marshals healing factor without causing her to uselessly explode. Their goal of creating a super soldier like the Americans had achieved during WW2 was getting closer. However, such as they were; lack of funding stopped them from overcharging Marshal all at once. Instead, they could only afford to do the experiment in a localized tissue sampling. Namely, her left eye. It super charged her and gave her the ability to see through nearly any material, save for lead, Zoom in like a hawk, see through various spectrums and even through magical illusions. She had effectively become 1/10 of a super human. Now they had results. Now Adept Co. was about to make the leap into the big leagues.

APPROVED: BACKGROUND_6 Sudden but Inevitible Failure
They had become a big fish in a small pond of privatly held Research companies. So they sought to move into deeper waters. This is where they met catastrophe. Suddenly, all manner of shady powerful people wanted Project Burst. With Adept Co.'s research, she was the cheap knock off of the super soldier serum. And so, after negotations broke down Adept Co. was raided by the Australian government under the guise of putting an end to their illegal experimentation. The HQ was put to the torch, and many scientist were arrested and jailed. Marshal however had been able to see them coming. And having little love for the scientist who had imprisoned her for the past several years and feeling betrayed by her government. She simply snuck out and vanished on the wind.

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