Actor Name
Name: Grant L. Bogart
Gender: M
Place of Birth: Unknown
Age: 40
Aliases: None
Origin: Altered Human
Present Location: Gotham
Occupation: Private Eye
Team: None
Alignment: Mildly Evil
Significant Other(s): None
Powers and Abilities: Amplified Magical Olfaction, Magical Blood
Portrayed by: Actor Name

Grant was born in Europe and left at Hedge End's church's door, Hampshire, England. The year was 1974. He was adopted at the age of two by Herbert and Claire Bogart, two american citizens from Greenberth, Delaware, and christened Grant Lucian Bogart.

A few month after Grant began elementary school, Claire wanted to pursue an international career opportunity with Veer Industries. Herbert discovered Claire's opportunity was in fact due to an ongoing affair with a younger Veer executive, Martin Grimm. Claire was not seen much often by either Herbert or Grant after the divorce papers were filed in November 1982. A year later, Veer Industries relocated the local car plant in Mexico, forcing Herbert to sell the house and find a new job.

Grant's grandfather Patrick, who in fact was his grandfather's brother, offered Herbert to work at his pawn shop in Chinatown, Gotham City, part time. The two men had no love for each other, yet honored family as a value. 1984 was the year Grant discovered his real grandfather Lucian had been a local cop legend, the year his father got shot three times in the chest by a cash-strung lowlife junkie and also the year he got placed at the Thomas Wayne Boarding School for Young Boys.

Stuck from Day One as an inbetweener, Grant managed to toughen up an keep average grades all through his school years, at the same time keeping his father's part time job at the Jade Dragon Pawn Shop. In 1991, he signed up for the police Academy so he could join when he turned 18. And he did.

Promotions were frequent for policemen in Gotham, even more for officers. As he raised from bluemeat to deadbeat to vice detective, Grant lost contact with his grand uncle Patrick. In 1997, Patrick H. Bogart died after a massive stroke, leaving the whole Jade Dragon's building to Grant. Grant moved back in, put someone behind the Dragon's register and switched then his cocaine habit for a liquor one, to make the shadows of the past more comfortable.

As humanity entered its third Gregorian millennium, many found new faith and even long after 2001, there was still plenty of job. In 2002, Grant got lent to the Cult Division, a join force ment to put the mad back in Arkham, and in 2006 was promoted Chief Detective. On the last day of 2009, Grant was lining up his team to net Grand Priest Yom of the Primal Light before they sacrificed the virgin and awoke the Ancient Ones… and it happened.

There is a lot of confusion in Grant's memory on what really happened. Gun fire, pooling blood of a stabbed young woman, his partner calling for backup, lots of puking and passing out. Lots and lots of lost minutes and lunches for the best part of the following year, due to Grant's Hypernormal Olfaction Disorder, as diagnosed by the best quack the police union could afford in Metropolis. Grant was thanked for his brilliant job, given his pension, some seasick pills and sent home.

With the help of countless experts/crooks, Grant figured out the most obvious parts of his magical nature. Between 2011 and 2012, Grant was issued private detective liscences by the state and its neighbors, because health means debt and he needed money. He founded Jade Eye Inc., a cover just upstairs of the pawn shop for his bounty hunting, spying, conciergering and other shady-yet-almost-legal deals.

IC Events

Bogart's Logs

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