Blue Beetle
Blue Beetle
Paul Rudd
Name: Ted Kord
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Chicago, Il
Age: 35
Aliases: Um… Blue Beetle?
Origin: He may have been bit by a radioactive beetle, he just didn't get any powers from the experience.
Present Location: Mobile
Occupation: Superheroing!
Team: None
Alignment: Hero
Significant Other(s): No such lucky lady, yet.
Powers and Abilities: Being Awesome
Portrayed by: Paul Rudd

APPROVED: BACKGROUND_1 Life Before Beetling
The man who would become the Blue Beetle was born Theodore Stephen Kord. He was raised in a wealthy household, his father owning Kord Industries, an industrial automation business. He was also fortunate enough to have developed considerable abilities as he matured. No super powers, nothing like that, but he was a gifted athlete and a genius. This led to him being bored in school, as he was loath to perform well enough to be advanced ahead of his class, due to his loyalty to and closeness with his friends. To ensure that his intelligence didn't merit consideration of such unwanted advancement, he became a practical joker and a class clown, never really applying himself, but coasting through on his raw ability.

Still, his genius did not go unnoticed. He displayed a great knack for invention, placing competitively as a lone high school entrant to a college-level robotics competition, that saw him beat the likes of team entrants from MIT and other prestigious institutions. There were some newspaper and local television attention for Kord, who naturally came across as a likeable goofball, who would not be expected to boast the level of intellect he obviously had. This attracted the attention of Dan Garrett, a.k.a. the Blue Beetle.

Garrett approached Kord in his super hero persona. What started as a motivational 'apply yourself' speech turned into Kord probing at why Garrett didn't make better use of inventions in his adventures. Soon enough, Kord fashioned some prototype equipment for Garrett, and the two became friends of a sort.

When Garrett uncovered evidence of wrong-doing on the part of Ted's uncle Jarvis, Ted helped him investigate. Garrett had been a spy, and Ted benefited from a crash course in espionage and combat training. Due to his great intellect and athleticism, Ted was a quick study, and together, the two foiled Uncle Jarvis' scheme for world domination, using androids constructed at Kord Industries… though the victory came at substantial cost.

APPROVED: BACKGROUND_2 And a Beetling We Will Go…
The defeat of Uncle Jervis had two great costs. First, Garrett was mortally wounded in the battle that led to Jervis' defeat. After the battle, before medical help could arrive, Garrett passed on the mantle of the Blue Beetle to Ted (but none of the powers). Second, in the aftermath of the revelation of what Jervis had been doing, Kord Industries was ruined. Massive penalties were paid to the government, shareholders bolted, and the thing was dismantled and sold to a more global consortium. Ted's family knew he 'chummed around' with the Blue Beetle, and Ted was disowned, cut off from the residual money left in his family.

Ted had his own funds, and decided that superheroing was a more important calling than making a fortune on his own. Not that fortunes are bad, but if you have time for only one thing… superheroing should be it. He took years to build himself a costume and some gadgetry, to say nothing of the amazing flying Beetle that would be his trademark. Then, he set out to join other superheroes like him (maybe some even with powers), moving to establish himself as a hero and do good with his peers!

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