Black Widow
Black Widow
Scarlett Johansson
Name: Natalia Alianova Romanova / Natasha Romanoff
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Russia
Age: 86
Aliases: Black Widow
Origin: Altered Human
Present Location: New York
Occupation: SHIELD Shadow
Team: SHIELD / Justice League
Alignment: Hero
Significant Other(s): Hawkeye
Powers and Abilities: Accelerated Human Strength and Agility
Portrayed by: Scarlett Johansson

The truth of Natalia's origins are known only to her, and she doesn't like to share. There are various versions, and she's heard quite a few- from a peasant and orphan, farmer's girl- to the missing daughter and last of the line of the former ruling Czars of Russia- the Romanovas.

Whatever the truth may be, as a child, she lost her home in a fire. Her mother threw her from a window to a trusted family friend, a Russian Soldier. With her parents gone, he took her under his wing and kept her safe. That is, until the Hand kidnapped her and took her to Madripoor with the intention of sacrificing her and bringing their Master Assassin. Fortunately, she was saved. Unfortunately, her fate was sealed. The Russian Soldier took her to the Red Room Camp and there everything changed.

She was programmed, reprogrammed and built into the perfect assassin. Here, she received a variant of the serum used on Captain America that helps make her the 'Super Spy' she is today. Frozen in time and aging extremely slowly- she looks much today like she did the day she received it.

Several decades are spent in the service of Mother Russia, unfailingly a cold Assassin and Spy to do their bidding. She had several masters throughout the years, but always served her homeland. It was early into this service that the Spectre's Curse dampened her abilities. While her exceptional dexterity, reflexes, strength, etc, were hindered, most of her other learned skills allowed her to get by. Thankfully, her aging was still slowed, though there were subtle changes over the years.

One particular assignment however led her to drag a certain young man into her web to manipulate and use him for her goal. Surprisingly to her, however, she felt an emotion she didn't think was possible at this point.

Being compromised, and refusing to rid the asset, her Masters were none too happy. She was captured and forced into three days of torture before she was rescued. She still bears the scars on her back though they are hard to see with how she heals. Disavowed and on the run- she had to make a choice. At first, she did what she had to and disappeared from the hospital she was taken from. Only to turn up a couple of months later once the heat had died down to make a bid for SHIELD.

Here starts her often back and forth with Hawkeye- her partner. While he was accepted, she (publicly) was not. Branded a traitor and on the run, she betrayed him and went back to Russia to infiltrate for Fury. The truth that she was actually accepted and sent immediately on mission wasn't uncovered until later when she had to fight to clear her name and climb her way back into standing to return to SHIELD.

Now, she serves Nick Fury loyally, and is quite comfortable with 'anything'. Expert infiltrator and seductress, Assassin and shadow. Five years into her service with SHIELD (five years ago), the Spectre's curse was lifted. With her abilities full force once again, she is a force to be reckoned with. Now, another five years later, in more recent news, she has joined the Justice League.

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