Black Panther
Black Panther
Chiwetel Ejiofor
Name: T'Challa
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Wakanda
Age: 30
Aliases: N/A
Origin: Altered Human
Present Location: New York City
Occupation: Jungle King
Team: None
Alignment: Hero
Significant Other(s): N/A
Powers and Abilities: Superhuman senses/reflexes
Portrayed by: Chiwetel Ejiofor

The King is Dead

Before the Time of the Ape, the Panther ruled over Wakanda. Wakanda - a nation as powerful as it was mysterious, tucked away in the heart of Africa where none dared to tread, save by the Panther's leave - had thrived under the wisdom of her ruler, protected by his might and by the blessing of the Goddess, Bast, a trace of which (despite the Judgement of the Spectre upon all super-powers of blood, spirit and science) still flowed through the Panther's veins.

The Panther had a name.


The Panther also had enemies, none moreso than the Ape - M'Baku - whose savage people had warred against the nation of Wakanda, and not merely for the source of Wakanda's wealth and prosperity: the mineral, vibranium, but also out of the sheer bestial need to conquer and possess. Many were the times that the people of the Ape ventured into the jungles of the Panther - and few there were that ever came forth again. Yet the Ape was persistent. He was driven. As the Wise Ones would say, he was possessed - but not by demons.

By greed.

And hate.

But the Ape… was also cunning.

The year was 2004. Under flag of truce, the Ape approached the Panther in peace - no weapons, no threats, no lies. In accordance with Wakandan law, he challenged T'Chaka to single combat: for the right of rulership over all of Wakanda, her wealth, and her people. T'Chaka, bound by the laws of his ancestors (and despite knowing full well that M'Baku had some form of plan to thwart the Rite of Combat), accepted. The fight was fierce, and deadly - and throughout the course of it, M'Baku revealed his true intentions:

He cheated with trickery and poisons (using also the Judgement of the Spectre to his advantage), and slew the king of Wakanda in front of his sons: the elder (adopted) Hatut Hunter, and T'Challa - who would have been the heir to the throne, had the Rite of Combat gone differently. M'Baku claimed the throne of Wakanda and began ordering the enslavement of her people before the body of T'Chaka had even begun to cool.

In the year 2004, the Time of the Ape had come to Wakanda.

T'Challa was forced to flee, aided by a few who gave their lives that he might one day return.

A Stranger in a Strange Land

Little is known of the young man, T'Challa, during the days of suffering that followed. With his father deposed - apparently by fair combat - the Elders of his people were unable to find a means within the law for the heir to retake his throne. M'Baku had been exceedingly clever, setting up his coup over the course of years so that there would be little legal - or military - support for any Panther-loyalists to help any heir return.

Of course, M'Baku - known to the Western world as 'Man-Ape' - had not counted upon young T'Challa's escape, and every resource was devoted to finding the lost heir… and destroy him. His efforts, however, were in vain - for T'Challa also was cunning, and learned - having mastered many fields of expertise in his education to rule the Earth's most technologically-advanced nation, as well as the fighting and survival skills needed to thrive in the unforgiving jungles of Africa.

And survive he did. He continued his studies despite the fact that his enemies numbered far greater than just the People of the Ape - and they all wanted him captured or killed. His own adopted brother, Hatut Hunter - often just called 'The Hunter' or 'White Wolf' - seized upon this chance to rid himself of the one he blamed for their mother's death: T'Challa. She, N'Yami, had died giving birth to T'Challa - thus ending the blissful relationship Hatut Hunter had enjoyed since he had first been adopted. He pursued the lone T'Challa endlessly, among others who also sought the prince's demise. In the end, the young Panther's journeys in exile took him across the sea to a land vastly different from his own - and yet eerily similar at the same time.


In the United States of America, T'Challa came as no one. Not a king. Not an exile. Not even a scientist. He set his sights upon the area known as 'Hell's Kitchen', in the city of New York, and purposed to learn more of the 'criminal mind' - partly to survive in the city, and partly to prepare himself for the Westerns that M'Baku had brought into Wakanda, to plunder her precious resources. Fortunately, the Spectre's Judgement made it impossible for M'Baku to take full advantage of his stolen resources.

T'Challa - calling himself Luke Charles - found it difficult to not intervene wherever and whenever he encountered the strong preying upon the weak: even without the blessing of Bast to aid him. He found himself among certain allies - allies that helped him protect his secret. With their aid, T'Challa set up a small business - a restaurant aptly named 'Hell's Kitchen'. There, he served the community as a humble restaurateur, all the while learning of the 'dark side' of American culture.

For those next few years, Wakanda was truly without a Panther to guide or protect her.

Then, in the year 2009, the Spectre relented and lifted his Judgement upon the Earth. And soon after, another voice that had hitherto been silent, finally spoke. The Panther God - Bast - called to T'Challa in a dream, summoning him back to his homeland.

Long Live the King

Returning to the land of his birth - and birthright - T'Challa was forced to avoid most of his own people. None could know that he had returned - not before the time was right. Like a shadow in the jungle he made his way past the sentries guarding the Wakandan border - both the technological, and the spiritual - and found his way into the fabled ruins of Necropolis - City of Kings.

City of the Dead.

There, the Panther God - Bast - drew him through perils of which he would never speak to the very throne room of the Goddess herself. The avatar of Bast came to life and spoke to the Prince-in-Exile: Wakanda's suffering would no longer go ignored. She would have her Champion again. She would have the Black Panther return to his rightful place as ruler and protector…

But he would not do it alone.

The final battle was to be T'Challa's, and T'Challa's alone - but to get him there, and to protect his people from further repercussions from the allies of the Man-Ape, he would need help. On his knees before his Goddess, T'Challa swore himself to serve her, and to serve his people - with every ounce of his strength, every thought of his mind, and every beat of his heart. Bast bestowed upon the prince her blessing - as she had done for every Black Panther before him - and T'Challa rose a new man.

The Black Panther had been reborn.

There was still much to do, and so T'Challa spent the next several months setting events in motion that would lead to another coup - as bloodless as any coup could be. When ready, he returned again to the United States, and made his presence known to certain heroes he felt he could trust.

Surgical strikes were staged in perfect synchronisation all around the kingdom, as - one by one - the allies of Man-Ape were neutralised. In the end, nothing stood between T'Challa and the throne but M'Baku himself - and whatever cunning plans the Ape had in mind to defeat the Panther. Panther and Ape faced each other alone, in a re-enactment of the same Rite of Combat that had cost the Wakandan people their previous Panther in the first place. As before, the Ape attempted to cheat, but this time… the Panther proved the cleverer.

In 2010, the Panther returned to Wakanda, and by virtue of the Rite of Combat - and the blessing of Bast which had (at long last) so obviously been bestowed upon T'Challa, the young prince became a king. In the years after, T'Challa spent most of his time in his kingdom, healing the wounds inflicted upon his people by Man-Ape and his armies - but T'Challa never forgot the part that his allies in the United States of America had played in restoring him to his rightful throne.

To repay the debt - and to honour the 'hidden request' of the Panther God to be her Champion across the world - when life had once again returned to 'normal', the Black Panther returned to the US. Now he divides his time between ruling his nation, and fighting tyranny across the globe…

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