Beatriz da Costa
Name: Beatriz da Costa
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Earth
Age: 27
Aliases: Fire
Origin: Mystical Origins
Present Location: NYC
Occupation: Model/Superheroine
Team: NA
Alignment: Grey
Significant Other(s): NA
Powers and Abilities: Fire Transform/Flame-ish
Portrayed by: Shakira

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Beatriz da Costa grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a wild girl in one of the wildest towns there is. She spent her childhood running barefoot in the streets, laughing and playing games, driving her protective mother crazy. She only made it worse as a teenager, spending most of her time hanging around the beach, often skipping school, toying with boys and partying. She didn't think much about a career or a future, until the day a talent scout spotted her laying out on the beach and offered her the chance to do some modelling. Sure, some of it was pretty scandalous, at first, but Beatriz' beauty and her self-determination pushed her beyond the usual exploited girl stereotypes. She started making actual money and getting real shows. She trained as a dancer and translated her modelling contacts into getting her work at stage shows, performing as an exotic dancer, twirling flaming batons, swallowing swords, anything to get attention and make money, two of her favorite things. By age 19, she was getting plenty of both.

APPROVED: BACKGROUND_2 Stoking the Flame
Getting Beatriz's first taste of intrigue came while working a club, where she found herself caught up in a sting operation to catch a drug smuggler. To the surprise of the agents, who'd meant only to use her as seductive bait, she was a natural agent, quick-witted, athletic and, if it came down to it, ruthless. Beatriz found herself recruited into Brazil's secret police, undergoing training on her off-days while maintaining her cover as a dancer and model. She was trained in martial arts, weapons and spycraft. To her, it was like living a movie - she even got a thrill from the danger, dodging gunfire, jumping out of moving cars. Plus, she actually liked doing good. She stopped bombers and drug dealers, beat up pimps and rapists, and actually managed to save people's lives. While others might only know her as the party girl, Beatriz knew that, in truth, she was something far more and she was proud of herself.

While on a mission into the Amazon jungle, tracking a polluter, Beatriz founds herself wounded and stumbling into a strange, mystic grotto, one she was never able to trace and find again. She emerged with deep green hair and an ability to transform herself into living flame of the same emerald hue. Dubbing herself Fire for her newfound abilities, she easily defeated the criminals who'd tried to kill her. She found herself a young superheroine, fighting crime and even becoming something of a celebrity. No longer useful as an undercover operative, the secret police still wanted to use her - as a guinea pig and as a weapon of mass destruction for the government. Deciding that it wasn't worth the risk of being used, Beatriz decided to relocate to the United States. Residing now in New York City, she's pursuing her modelling career again, utterly open about her identity and taking to the skies as Fire, exotic superheroine and crimebuster.

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