Actor Name
Name: Henry McCoy
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Illinois
Age: 22
Aliases: Hank
Origin: Metahuman
Present Location: New York City
Occupation: Scientist
Team: N/A
Alignment: Hero
Significant Other(s): N/A
Powers and Abilities: Strength/Agility/Appearance
Portrayed by: Actor Name

Born in Illinois, Hank had a fairly typical midwestern upbringing: school, science fairs, football, and so on. Though even as a child, Hank was the biggest and strongest amongst his classmates. Despite his size, Hank preferred to spend his time studying in the library, feeding his voracious appetite for learning. He was eventually recruited to his high school's football team, and proved his excellence on the field.

It was this athletic ability that gained the attention of one Professor Xavier. His senior year of high school, Hank transferred to Xavier's school, serving as one of its first students. It was here that Hank honed his body and his mind through long hours of study and training.

After some years at Xavier's School, Hank set out on his own in the world. He devoted himself to study, soon becoming one of the youngest students to ever earn a Doctorate- in molecular genetics, to be specific.

As part of his studies, Hank devised a serum that he hoped to use to isolate and sequence the 'metagene-' the set of DNA he theorized that was behind the sudden development of supernatural abilities across the globe. Lacking any other test subjects, Henry injected himself with the serum with the goal of analyzing his own metagene- only to have the experiment go terribly, terribly wrong.

Instead of acting as a 'marker' for Hank's metagene, the serum instead acted as a catalyst. Every cell of Hank's body reacted violently- and at once. One painful transformation and a destroyed lab later, Hank was left with fangs, claws, and blue fur.

Instead of retreating from modern society, Hank has 'come out' as a Mutant, and currently uses his somewhat…noticeable status in order to raise awareness both for mutant rights, and to shine a spotlight on metahuman studies.


IC Events

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