Banned Types
  • Helllords/Old Ones/Elder Gods/Dimensional Rulers (Mephisto, Belasco, Neron, Lucifer, Nightmare, etc)
  • All-Fathers (Athena, Odin, etc)
  • Reality Manipulators (Proteus, Jamie Braddock, Korvak, Molecule Man, etc)
  • All Cosmic Beings (the Endless, the Spectre, Eternity, Galactus, etc)
  • Heralds of Galactus (Terrax, Nova, Silver Surfer, etc)
  • Gods not well defined by Marvel
  • Mastermind Level Baddies (Doctor Doom, Red Skull, Thanos, Darkseid, Apocolypse, Kobra, etc.)
  • Mastermind Level Goodies (Nick Fury, Doctor Strange, Charles Xavier, Phantom Stranger, Amanda Waller, etc.)
  • Animals (Lockjaw, Throg the Frog of Thunder, Ms. Lion, etc)
  • Children under 16 (Franklin and Valeria Richards, Katie and Jack Power, Molly Hayes, etc)
  • Truly Inhuman Monsters (Fing Fang Foom, Man-Thing, Spragg the Living Hill)
  • Pure Mind Controllers (Purple Man, Mandrill, Controller. Exceptions may be made for heroic characters)
  • Other dimensional characters of characters already existing on the grid.
  • OC Externals, Eternals, Deviants, Gods, New Gods, Kryptonians, Martians, and Daximites. Members of OC alien races.
  • OC Lanterns.
  • OCs w/ time travel abilities.
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