To become approved, Feature or Original, you will need to pass through CHARGEN and fill out all the required +traits of the character. Once you have accomplished these items, you will then +apply and will be subsequently reviewed by staff.

You're only required 2 approvals from staff to become IC-able. Expect to receive your first review within 3 days of submission (depending on weekends and holidays). If rejected, you will have 7 days to address the corrections and then expect to be re-reviewed within 24 hours of your resubmission. The turn-around from submission to approval has been as short as a few hours to several days depending on many factors.

If you have amassed 3 rejections (1 full rejection) from one particular staffer during this process, you will no longer have the ability to apply for this particular character.

  • A full rejection is defined as 3 rejections from the same staffer.

For example, Abomination is reviewed by Staffer A who gives him 1 rejection and then an approval. Staffer B rejects Abomination on a few key points, Abomination does not correct it therefore he is rejected again. Abomination corrects it properly and then application is approved by B then is handed off to Staffer C. Gets approved.

As long as Abomination does not receive 3 rejections from one staffer, he is safe.

Character rejection is also limited. If you apply for three characters, and all three are fully rejected, you will no longer be able to apply for any other character on this MUX. Consult the IDLING section for additional details about character setup.

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