El Aguila (The Eagle)
Douglas Fairbanks
Name: Alejandro Montoya
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Madrid, Spain
Age: 25
Aliases: NA
Origin: Mutant
Present Location: NYC
Occupation: Crime Fighter (Vigilante)
Team: None
Alignment: Good
Significant Other(s): NA
Powers and Abilities: Electrokinetic blast/charge
Portrayed by: Douglas Fairbanks

As long as you hire yourselves out to anyone who'll meet your price, there is a good chance that we will meet again as enemies.

The Story of El Aguila

Born in Madrid, Spain, Alejandro is the son of a well to do accountant (father) and flamenco dancer (mother). The second child of three, he had little want for anything. Certainly not a member of the upper class or dominant wealthy of society, he was afforded a much better life than the majority of citizen's in Spain. Torn between the desire to accomplish, taken from his father, and the excitement to flourish in the arts, Alejandro did well in school and took to fencing, as artistic expression, at a young age.

This expression took to competitive sportsmanship, leading to him excelling in fencing and sword fighting in secondary school which in turn lead to scholarships for college. While not required, the scholarships, on account of his parents, it did help him get into more prestigious schooling where his grades certainly did not help but where less of a hindrance because of his natural abilities.

He went through school with little impediment, a rising star in the world of fencing for Spain there was always talks of Olympic potential for Alejandro. However, during his junior year and prior to Olympic tryouts, his mutation expressed itself. This was not a traumatic experience, no one was injured, he wasn't attacked, no harm either to himself or others. During training while pushing himself it came to fruition. Thankful for himself he was alone. However, his own sense of fairness between him and those less fortunate led to the natural conclusion that with his ability, he had an unfair advantage over the competition.

Thus, instead of rising to national star and hero, he quickly faded into obscurity. Unable to tell his father why he stopped fencing, there was a rise in struggles with his family. Committed to his education, the remainder of his schooling was taken care of, but there was little more support beyond this from his family. Still, his since of right and wrong drove his since of honor and he took up the mantle of El Aguila, from the roots of his family. Based on an old Spanish Knight who fought for justice during the time of Catherine and Ferdinand and the uniting of all Spain, he donned a mask and fought crime much in the since of a Robin Hood figure.

Using what was confiscated from criminals he supported himself as much as necessary while returning what extra was taken to the poor that the criminals had preyed upon. Figuring if this were confiscated by the state, little or nothing would be returned to the community when, in fact, much of this money originated from the poor that the criminals played upon. Following a criminal trail to America eventually, this brought him to New York City.

Realizing the much greater need for a figure such as El Aguila in America, he has chosen to stay stateside and help the poor of the city.

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